2016 A to Z Challenge, J is for JJ or Jean Jacques

2017 BadgeThank you fro dropping by my post today as I continue to explore the ins and outs of this year’s A to Z Challenge. I was a little iffy about not having a linky list, but now that I’ve mastered creating a link, I’m having lots of fun visiting both new and old blogging acquaintances.  This year, my blog has a semi-official theme. I hope to introduce you to new authors.

Today, J is for Jean Jacques, one of the many fascinating authors who writes for Solstice Publishing, one of my publishers as well.

JWhen I thought about today’s blog, I was going to write about JJ a character from Good Times, a late Seventies sitcom about a nouveau -riche black family moving to an affluent neighborhood. The Character I loved was JJ Evans.  JJHere’s one of his quotes:

“Good Times: The Evans Get Involved: Part 2 (#5.2)” (1977)

James ‘J.J.’ Evans, Jr.: …my name is J.J. Evans, M.D.
Nurse: Doctor of Medicine?
James ‘J.J.’ Evans, Jr.: Dazzler of Mademoiselles!

Here’s another:

Michael Evans: One question asked “a mother, father and two children live in a residence with 5 bedrooms. The mother and father sleep in one bed and the two children each have their own bedroom. How many guest bedrooms are there?” How many kids in the ghetto are going to know what a guest bedroom is?
James ‘J.J.’ Evans, Jr.: Yeah, the only time we get a guest room around here is when somebody puts a sleeping bag in the bathtub.
Florida Evans: And a lot of kids in the ghetto don’t have their own bedrooms either.

So what does JJ have in common with my guest author, other than shared initials? They are both hilariously funny characters.


Meet Jean Jacques.

When people ask him where he comes from, he tells them that he comes from his mother, and that she happened to be in Quebec City at the time, he loves the spontaneous response he gets from that statement. As you can tell Jean Jacques is a joker and a prankster. He spent thirty five years working as an animation director in Hollywood. He is just a kid at heart, maintaining that’s what you really need to work in the animation world. Being a Monty Python aficionado, he loves to write parodies. He travelled twice around the world. He is presently living in Shanghai with his new wife of twenty six years, happily writing his autobiography, ‘Thirty Five Phoquing Years In Hollywood’.

This funny guy has two exceptional books for you today:

The Baby Factory Revised Cover PNG 9-22-15The first one is The Baby Factory:

Heinrich Himmler started a program called ‘Lebensborn’ in a little village near Munich, where Aryan women went to be impregnated by a selected group of SS officers. They would then give the Aryan babies to designated German families. To reach their goal, they kidnaped thousands of blond blue-eyed Polish children, Germanized them, gave them German names, and assigned the children to elite German household. ‘The Baby Factory’ is inspired in part by Himmler’s Lebensborn program.

The story is about the discovery of and attack on a Los Angeles based, secret and demonic organization, ‘The Genesis Society’. Their goal, like Himmler’s, is the attempt to resurrect the Aryan race on a grand scale in America.

Stevie, an African-American investigative journalist, is writing an exposé on Hollywood prostitutes. Genesis Society agents kidnap Margie, a young, blond, blue-eyed prostitute who happens to be the star of Stevie’s story. With the help of his buddy Eric, an LAPD officer, they go to her rescue. Will they make it in time to save her?

THE BABY FACTORY http://bookgoodies.com/a/B0153P7D24

Bad Day Cover - Final - Sept -16 - 16The second book is Bad Day For Harry Day.

You might fall prey to an insidious blackmail scam, but can you ever bail yourself out of the mess?

Senator Harry Day lies to his wife, telling her that he has business to attend to, and blows off an important family reunion dinner. Instead, he attends his best friend’s bachelor party at the Wild Irish Rose Pub. The party gets out of hand when Patricia, a stunning lady, accidently trips and spills her red wine on Harry’s shirt. Harry is fuming. She offers to take him to her home and clean his shirt. After throwing his shirt in the washing machine Patricia begins to seduce him, dragging him into her bedroom and setting him up for one of the most insidious scam ever conceived.

BAD DAY FOR HARRY DAY http://bookgoodies.com/a/B01LYZZH7H 

Will he be able to save his reputation? 

Don’t forget to visit the rest of today’s bloggers. A to Z Challenge Blog




8 thoughts on “2016 A to Z Challenge, J is for JJ or Jean Jacques

  1. JJ of Good Times was hysterically funny.

    When my Sweetie or i show up at a time the other is not expecting, we have a standard line — “Where did you come from, and don’t say, ‘from my mommy!'”

  2. I used to watch Good Times all the time growing up, and JJ was my favorite, especially his “Dy-no-mite!” line. 😀 Did you know Janet Jackson was on the show for a while? She played a neighbor girl who the family found out was being abused by her mother, and they took her in. Don’t remember if they wound up adopting her or not, but I think she was around for more than just an episode or two. That was a loooong time ago! 😛

  3. I remember ‘Good Times’ and the JJ character. 🙂 Thanks for the introduction to Jean Jacques and his books. The first one reminds me of ‘The Boys From Brazil’, another neo-Nazi thriller. Jean certainly has led an interesting life. I’m sure his autobiography will be fascinating. Love the title!

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