Mid Week Tease: More from On His Watch

MWTease15Good morning! Yesterday, I had a lovely surprise when I opened my copy of the April issue of  InD’Tale magazine. On page 107-108, there was a Review of On His Watch that absolutely thrilled me. Not only did the book get 5 starts, it also got Crowned Heart for Excellence.  So, in honor of that lovely tribute, i decided to give you my tease from there this week.

On His Watch is a romantic suspense novel heavily weighed on the suspense side.  Here’s the blurb!

On leave from the FBI, Special Agent Jason Spark is enjoying some welcome peace and quiet when he’s called on to help the local sheriff’s department check out a 911 call. Expecting a prank or misdial, he unwittingly steps into a horrifying bloodbath straight out of a Hollywood slasher movie, complete with clues scrawled on the wall.

Nikki Hart’s husband and son are killed, but she survives, badly beaten and barely clinging to life in a coma. When she awakens, she doesn’t know her name, recognize her face, or remember anything about herself and her past. Terrified, and unsure of whom to trust, she clings to the memory of the angel who comforted her in her darkest moments.

The investigation turns up a prime suspect: The Butcher, an elusive hired assassin for the Sicilian mob. As the news of Nikki’s recovery spreads, putting her in this ruthless killer’s sights again, Jason will do whatever it takes to protect the woman he’s learning to love.

Nikki’s beginning to believe Jason might be the angel who protected her in her dreams. But when she learns about the secret role he played in the worst day of her life, can she ever forgive him?

Sensuality Level: Sensual

On His WatchThis week’s Tease from On His Watch: 

Jason hung up the phone and headed out of the lounge. My God, what an arrogant prick.

Were all rich men like that? He hoped not.

He crossed the hall to Nikki’s room and stared at the closed door. He took a deep breath and pushed it open. The room had changed since his last visit. Most of the equipment surrounding the bed was gone. He grabbed the straight chair by the door and carried it over to the right side of the bed. He straddled it, leaning his arms on its back.

She was pale, but time in the hospital bleached color out of everyone. Her copper hair was short, with soft, baby-fine curls framing her face. There were small, slightly red scars along her left side of her jaw where they’d had to rebuild it. He was amazed at how well the doctor had repaired the damage. While the smaller nose and finely sculpted jaw did change her appearance, he could see the similarities Irene had mentioned. He reached into the drawer and pulled out the wedding picture Nadia Lincoln had placed there.

In the past few weeks he’d seen hundreds of pictures of Nikki Lincoln Hart. He examined the bride in the photograph. She looked happy and carefree. The groom looked stern and possessive. He’d learned a lot about the doctor over the course of the investigation. Life at the Hart house probably hadn’t been all sunshine and roses. He thought of the flowers on the kitchen floor—a peace offering?

There was no doubt Nikki had been a beautiful woman, and she still was in spite of what that monster had done to her. Her sculpted cheekbones might be more pronounced, but weight loss could account for that. Her eyes were closed, but those pleading hazel orbs haunted his sleep each night. What would it be like to see them clear and reflecting the happiness she’d shown on her wedding day? His eyes were drawn to her lips—perfect soft, pink lips begging to be kissed. Suddenly he wanted to kiss her so badly he ached.

Maybe if he did, she’d wake up like Sleeping Beauty.

Now that thought would have Rick rolling on the floor laughing his ass off. Fairy tales are for children, not men like me.

He examined her face again. She’d almost lost the use of her left eye, but it had been repaired and other than a slight swelling and minor bruising still, the difference was unnoticeable. Irene had said the vision was impaired, but millions of people wore glasses. It was no big deal. She didn’t look any older now than the woman in the photograph. Hell of a way to get a facelift.

She moaned, and he moved closer to her.

“It’s okay, Mrs. Hart.”

He reached out his right hand, intending only to offer her comfort, but her hand coiled around his, as it often had, and she seemed to relax. The tension marring her face disappeared. He sat in the chair and started talking as he did most Saturdays.

You can pick up a copy of On His Watch from  Amazon

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It’s April and That Means: Blogging A to Z

a-to-z HEADER [2015] - aprilHappy April Fool’s Day!

Today is Day 1 of the Blogging A to Z Challenge. Jump aboard. There are more than 1700 bloggers participating! Badage linked

A[1]Today is brought to you by the letter A, as in April! 

“April showers bring May flowers.” How many of you remember that adage? Do you still think it’s true? These past few years, I’ve found that April brings a mixed bag of weather, and by the time May gets here, we still have cold and snow. Case in point, the weatherman is calling for a total of 18 cm of snow (about 7 inches) over the next seven days. How much fun is that? And no, it isn’t an April Fool’s Day joke. I wish it were. I’m convinced that Mother nature has gone crazy, and I’m not so sure Global Warming has anything to do with it. Last winter and the one before saw the coldest temperatures ever, and we didn’t get very many hot summer days. It was the coldest summer of all. Heck, last July, I sat out by the campfire with my winter hoodie on and could see my breath! So, as April begins, let’s hope the weather will change, and we will indeed have flowers in May!

Now, please follow the link to find the names of other bloggers and see what they have to say about the letter A .


Nominated for a Liebster Award: WOW!

Liebster Award!

Liebster AwardI am touched and amazed to have received the Liebster (a German word in origin which means beloved, sweetheart, lover, darling) Award nomination! The Liebster Award, is an award given to new bloggers among the blogger community to get to know each other and highlight a newbie.

Gina Calanni Henning from Next Door Painting’s Blog nominated me for this award. I’m a reasonably new blogger featuring the work of fellow authors as well as my own. I like to participate in cover reveals and blog hops, and help out others in any way I can. On Sundays, I post Reviews by Sue, which are my opinions of books written by new authors like myself. On Wednesdays, I participate in a Mid-Week Tease, showcasing snippets from other authors as well as my own writing. In April, I’ll be part of the A to Z blog hop. Please make sure to come back and visit often. You never know who will be visiting and when there might be another giveaway.

Thanks to those of you who have been following me faithfully and to those who are new to Living the Dream. I hope you enjoy learning about me and my writer friends.

After receiving the award, I’ve been asked to answer a series of questions asked by my fellow blogger/nominator Gina:

What time of day do you blog?

I generally blog first thing in the morning before I start my work day. That way I can catch up on all the latest news and views, and if I’m posting a cover reveal or blog visit, the information gets out early in the day.

How often do you read other blogs?

I make a point of checking out all of the participants in the Mid-Week Tease on Wednesdays, and try to read at least another dozen a week.

Salty or sweet?

Salty. I love my potato chips.

IMG_0275Your favorite Blog entry (include link).

That’s a tough one, but I’ll go with last year’s Thanksgiving blog.


 What city would you love to get lost in?

Maybe not get “lost” in, but I’d love to visit Paris and see the Eiffel Tower, The Arch de Triomphe, and the cathedrals and cafes.  I’d like to take a cruise in a bateau-mouche on the Seine and visit Versailles. I can trace my family ancestry to Paris in the 1660’s so walking those streets would be a real thrill for me.

What do you find most interesting about blogs?

I find it interesting to read people’s opinions on a variety of topics as well as read snippets of their wip’s.

Last song you listened to.

Don’t Stop by Fleetwood Mac. I love the oldies.

Last book you read.

The Siren’s Realm by Megan O’Russell. I was given an ARC. The book is YA fantasy and very good. I’d recommend it to anyone.

Have you ever read something you wrote to a group?

Yes, but not recently. I used to write short stories written for children..

Do you like interviewing people?

That’s a two-edged sword. Some people like being interviewed. Others don’t. If the person enjoys answering personal questions it’s a lot more interesting than if they just want to talk about their career or occupation.

Share an exciting experience

I really lead a pretty boring life. I think the most exciting thing I’ve ever done was taking my first overseas flight to Europe to visit my son. We left Toronto in the evening on a direct flight to Finland. We arrived in Helsinki mid-morning their time, and when we left the plane, we followed the passengers into the terminal. There were two doors. One was marked, in English “Something to declare,” the other said “Nothing to declare.” Everyone was going through the nothing door. We had to hunt around the airport to find someone to stamp our passports.

Eventually, we found a cab who took us to the harbor and we spent the day looking around the area. It was incredibly beautiful. At suppertime, we boarded a cruise ship that crossed the Baltic Sea and took us into Stockholm. It was amazing. It didn’t get dark until almost midnight, and the sun was up, and us, by 4.  Coming into Stockholm that way was a real experience, made even more unusual for us because, once again, there wasn’t a custom’s officer to be seen. Such an usual thing when you consider the cross examination we got from our customs when we came home. Live and learn!

Here are my nominees:

  1. The Silent Pen http://vickiannbush.blogspot.ca/
  2. Danielle Doolittle http://danielledoolittle.weebly.com/blog

 Here are the questions they’ll answer. 

  1. How often do you blog?
  2. What’s your favorite kind of post?
  1. Where do you get the inspiration for your blog posts?
  1. Beer, wine, or mixed drinks?
  2. What is your ideal vacation getaway?
  3. If you had a thousand dollars to spend on anything you wanted, what would you buy?
  4. What’s your favorite dessert?
  5. Name and rate the last movie you watched.
  6. If you could sit down and interview someone, who would you choose?
  7. City or countryside?
  8. What was the most romantic gift anyone ever gave you?

I look forward to reading their answers!

Reviews by Sue: The Tethering by Megan O’Russell

Welcome to another booksSunday book review. Although it’s Palm Sunday and 9 days into spring, It’s  -8 C outside which feels like -14 C with the wind–that’s  7 F for my American friends. You know, its sounds so much colder in Celsius! This morning, I’d like to talk about a great new series that captured my interest when I read it last year.

As a high school teacher, I taught several YA novels–books like The Giver, Holes, The Chrysalids, Island of the Blue Dolphin, Lord of the Flies, Z for Zachariah, A Separate Peace, The Pigman–all chosen for study because they had teenage heroes and heroines, but most of those books didn’t have happy endings. In fact, if you’ve read them, you know that many are set in a world where I’d rather not live. While The Pigman is humorous at times, I’m not sure it’s the best book for rebellious grade ten boys, and don’t even get me started on Lord of the Flies for role models.

Have you ever wondered why some books are chosen for schools and others aren’t? I used to think it was because someone in Toronto, (where curriculum decisions are made in Ontario) really hated teachers and wanted to see them suffer by taking what was a good book, totally ripping it apart to suck every last drop of entertainment our of it fro the students by making them analyze the thing to death. As an author, I now know that all of that served no purpose. Am I a critical reader–for sure, but I don’t have to do plot graphs, character sketches, plot analysis to enjoy a book. I read it!

If I could go back in time and had complete control over what I did in a classroom, I can guarantee my study of English literature would be very different. I’d teach reading appreciation. Read the book, now tell me what you remember about it, what made it memorable fro you and why’d you’d recommend it to a friend, why you’d read it again. That’s the way i feel about The Tethering, by Megan O’Russell. This is the first book in a series, and no, everything is not resolved at the end, and that’s a good thing, because you know there’s more coming.

TheTethering Book CoverThe Premise of the Book:

All sixteen-year-old Jacob Evans wants is to win the heart of Emilia Gray, but with order in the magical world crumbling, war threatening, and Emilia’s boyfriend living across the hall, he may never have the chance. Jacob Evans loses everything he has ever known and is tossed into a world of magic. The Dragons, a group of rebel wizards, are threatening to expose the existence of magic to humans. Jacob is determined to find a way to fit into Emilia’s family, but as his powers grow, so does the danger. With the death toll mounting, Jacob is accused of acts of rebel terrorism and must fight to stay in a world he’s only just beginning to discover. When Emilia’s life is threatened, Jacob must risk everything to save her. Does he have the power to rescue her in time? And what could their survival cost?

My Review of The Tethering5 stars

When I first started to read the book, I wasn’t sure what to expect. beyond what I’d read in the blurb, but I was in for a pleasant surprise.  It didn’t take long for to to realize this was a story while similar to Harry Potter books, was written in a darker, more dangerous world where wizards and other magical creatures play for keeps.  Jacob’s life hasn’t been a pleasant one, with an absentee father, no mother, and his only friend, a girl who vanished from his life years ago. When he learns of his father’s death, Jacob loses it–but he doesn’t realize he’s the reason all the windows in his school are broken. Frightened and alone, he goes home and is surprised when his one friend, Emilia, the girl’s he’s always cared for comes for him and what was a bad day turns into a living nightmare.

Discovering he’s a wizard isn’t an easy thing for Jacob to appreciate, especially when he can’t “do” magic.T make matters worse, Emilia has a rich boyfriend who happens to be good at magic and lives across the hall. Bummer, right? But when the magic world finds itself embroiled in a war with the Dragons, a group of wizards led by a very powerful sorcerer, and Emilia disappears, Jacob will do anything to find her and save her from a fate worse than death. Even if it means binding himself to her forever.

I loved the story. The characters are well described and the plot flows smoothly. I would encourage you to buy the Tethering. The second book, The Siren’s Realm is out next month, so you have time to read this one in time for the next installment. I’ve had the pleasure, and let me tell you it’s a real treat, but that’s another book review.

You can get The Tethering at:




The Next Best Thing Blog Tour: Let’s Try This Again

the-next-best1Hello again! I’m probably still not doing this right, but I’m trying. Thank you to Lois W. Stern

for starting all this. and to Vicki Ann Bush for inviting me along. When you get a chance, please  drop by and visit ,www.tales2inspire.com/blog

Good morning. I hope it’s spring wherever you are and that  Mother Nature is treating you well.

Earlier this week, I tried to post this and I guess I messed it up, but Lois kindly set me straight.

Here were the directions I was supposed to follow:

I want to thank Vicki Ann Bush  for this neat marketing idea and pass it along to all of you. Here is a way to help market yourself while helping your fellow authors. The basic idea is to respond to ten questions about something you’re currently writing, a book or story you just published or are about to publish.

1. Post your responses to the interview questions about your book on your own blog page.      (see my example below)

2. Add my name, Lois W. Stern and my book cover montage (image) to your blog page and link them both back to this page.

3. Send me the URL of your completed blog page after completing steps 1 and 2, above, along with an attachment image of your newest book or book montage.

4. Send this blog to five or more other writers.

5. Each time you forward this message to someone, start with: “I want to thank  . . .” sentence as seen above, substituting my name, Lois W. Stern, for the one currently appearing in that first sentence.

4. Ask them to substitute your name for mine as they send out notices to their circle.

5. Tell them to post this same content on their website or blog, adding their book image and URL link, and to answer the questions below about their book.

6. Ask the writers you invite to answer the questions on their blog, substitute your name in the “I want to thank” sentence at the beginning of this posting and include a link to your blog.

7. They, in turn, link to five other writers, and the cycle continues.

I will add the first ten authors who complete my AUTHORS’ HALL OF FAME instructions above and e-mail me

@ tales2Inspire@optimum.net with the information listed in step 3 above.

So that’s what I should’ve done. 

Apologies to Lois and Vicki Ann for messing up.


Interview with Lois W. Stern

So what did I learn?

First, I have no idea how to hyperlink and image.

Secondly, I don’t know how to link a URL to another

In short, I still don’t know how to do this, but I’ll learn. In the meantime, I’ve posted links to Lois’s interview and her tales to inspire blog. Maybe, in time, I’ll know how to do this right!

Susanne Matthews’ Responses: 

  1. The White LilyWhat is your working title of your book (or story)?

I’m currently working on The White Lily, Book 2 of the Harvester Series.

  1. Where did the idea come from for these books?

The basic idea for my stories all come from my imagination, but they’re based on news items that I tend to exaggerate and mesh together, as well as an article I read on the way terrorist recruit members and brainwash them.

  1. What genre do your books fall under?

I guess the overall umbrella group is romance, but I write in several sub-genres: contemporary, historical, but primarily suspense, which I’d say is my particular favorite.

  1. Which actors would you choose to play your characters in a movie rendition?

Since the first book in the series, The White Carnation, is finished and due to be released soon, I’d probably pick Nathan Filion, best known for his role as Richard Castle to be Rob and Evangeline Lily, as Faye. She has the perfect eyes.

5. What is the short synopsis of your book?

Beware the false prophet. Beauty and power often cover ugliness and corruption. Joshua knows the truth, but convincing others the’s right will be harder than he imagines, and with the lives of the  children and Lilith in balance, he can’t afford to fail.

  1. The White CarnationWill your book(s) be self-published or represented by an agency?

Crimson Romance has purchased The Harvester Series. Book One, The White Carnation is being released on April 20.  Book 2, The White Lily will be available in the fall and Book 3, The White Iris comes out in December, 2015

  1. How long does it take you to write the first draft of your manuscript?

It takes me roughly a month to six weeks, give or take a few days for a draft that can be sent in to the publisher.

  1. What other books would you compare this story to within your genre?

I like to think my writing style is unique. In many ways, this book is similar to my own book, On His Watch. But, if you like suspense novels with a touch of romance in them, then you should enjoy this one.

  1. Who or what inspired you to write this book?

All of my books come from me. The story lines create themselves in my brain, but the characters themselves are inspired by people I know. In this case, the main characters were based on two of my oldest and dearest friends.

Thanks for playing! Watch for posts from the following:

Please watch for blog posts by the following people:

Danielle Doolittle http://danielledoolittle.weebly.com/blog

Gina Colanni Henning http://www.ginahenning.com/blog/

Christy Newton:


Mid Week Tease: The Price of Honor

MWTease15Good morning. The sun is shining, the sky is blue, and it’s 12 F. Dang. I knew it was too good to be true! Spring has yet to arrive.

Well, it’s been one of those weeks. Too many things to do and nor enough time to do them in. This morning, I thought I’d share a snippet from my historical romance, The Price of Honor. The book has 5 reviews now, all of them good, and the one constant comment is that the reader is looking forward to the next book. I just have to find the time to write it.

Thank you to Sandra Bunino and the other talented teasers for allowing me to read their work and share mine this way. Hope the weather’s better where you are.

This Week’s tease:Susanne Ebook cover

Isabelle came out of the cabin, her emerald eyes bright with tears, and her cheeks damp, but she still took his breath away. Her eyes had haunted him for years and would continue to do so for the rest of his life. He reached for her to comfort her, gave her a quick hug, and then led the way up to the weather deck.

Just as Sophie was obligated to marry within a year of her arrival in New France, so was he, especially if he wanted to keep his land and acquire more. Children to populate the colony was the price the king exacted for his generosity. No doubt, with is mother’s help, he could find a woman who would be a suitable companion, bear his children, and maybe in time he would come to care for her deeply, but it would never be the gut-wrenching, soul torturing love he had for  Isabelle. Would such a relationship be fair to Sophie? After all she’d lost, she deserved to be loved for herself, not because she resembled a woman who could never be his.

Isabelle would never return his affection. Pierre had had her love, and any other she had to give would go to her children. Would she grow to love the chevalier? He hoped the man would treat her with the care she deserved. The memories of their brief time together would warm his heart on cold winter nights. Silently, he led tearful Isabelle from the ship.

She stopped to thank Monsieur Martin and wished him a safe voyage. “When you return to France, if your ship sails into Le Havre, be sure to come and see us at Caen. I’m sure that if you ever decide to visit New France, Sophie will be pleased to welcome you too.”

Isabelle walked a few paces ahead of him as she went towards the carriage, but instead of getting in on the side she’d gotten out, he watched her step around to the far side. Guy followed her, indicated to the waiting driver he’d help her in, and opened the carriage door. Isabelle stopped in front of the door and turned to Guy. “I don’t have the words to thank you properly for everything you’re doing for Sophie. Half of my heart is buried at Caen. The other half sails on that ship. You’re a good man, Guy Poirier. I wish you’d come back to Caen years ago. I’ll never forget you.” She stepped closer and raised her lips to him.

Acting on instinct, Guy took her into his arms, bent his head, and claimed a prize beyond price. The kiss began tenderly, but soon the longing driving him deepened it.

Isabelle didn’t resist his onslaught. Instead, she returned his ardor. This wasn’t a chaste kiss, but a kiss full of passion and longing for what could never be. He hardened as he pulled her more tightly to him. Suddenly, she pulled away. Her eyes brimmed with tears.

Without a word, she climbed into the carriage, and he closed the door. At its sound, the driver shook the reins, and the horses pulled away from the pier. She didn’t look back, but he stood on the dock beside Monsieur Martin until the carriage was no longer in sight. He turned and limped back to the ship. The memory of that kiss would have to last him forever.

He walked along the wharf and climbed the gangplank. He went to the forecastle to see if Sophie would like to join him for a noonday meal. He stopped at her closed door but the sounds of her sobbing tore at his heart. He’d leave her to mourn alone. Food was probably the last thing she wanted now.

If you want to read more, you can find buy links to The Price of Honor and all my books on my website:


And, if you like jigsaw puzzles, here’s one to try. It’s the book cover!


Now, please take a few minutes to check out the other teasers. See you next week!

Mid Week Tease; Coming Home

MWTease15I’m a little late today, but I hope you’ll bear with me. Thank you Sandra Bunino for the opportunity to share again like this. Today, here’s a snippet from Coming Home, one of my Misty Matthews releases.

Home is where the heart is.

Motorcycle riding, attorney Alana Stewart is a far cry from the shy, teenager who left Chance determined never to look back. Family obligations force her to return to the town that only holds bad memories for her. A stop at her former sanctuary brings an unexpected surprise…the new manager just might be what she needs to get her through the holidays. When sexy, leather-clad Alana walks into the bookstore, Connor Tate, has a feeling he may be in for the ride of his life. Despite the fact that their lives are headed in different directions, they are drawn to one another. Connor is determined to prove to Alana that Chance isn’t the place she remembers, but will his efforts fail when she discovers he hasn’t told her the whole truth about himself? Can they trust each other enough to take a chance on love?

 Buy links: 

Secret Cravings Publishing: http://store.secretcravingspublishing.com/index.php?main_page=book_info&cPath=4&products_id=958&zenid=mu4d2g4flmnn2km498t707p5s5


Barnes and Nobles  http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/coming-home-misty-matthews/1120510008?ean=2940046218053

Smashwords: http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/482954

Coming Home coverHere’s the tease: 

The soft brush of her lips surprised him, but like food offered to a starving man, he wasn’t going to refuse it. Connor groaned deep in his throat, entwined his fingers in her silky hair, and dragged her closer, pressing her body into his.

When she didn’t pull away, he deepened the kiss, giving free rein to the urgency within him. She moaned into his mouth fueling the fire burning through him. He shut his eyes blocking out everything but the sensation of her lips on his.

The taste of Alana was intoxicating and definitely the most wonderful thing he’d ever savored. He feasted on the flavor of his favorite coffee mixed with the tang that was hers alone, supped from the sweetness of her mouth, absorbing her very essence, and knew no other kiss had ever matched this one, and none probably ever would.

Her mouth was made for kissing—lush full lips, pulsing and throbbing with life beneath his—lips he suckled and sipped leaving them swollen and trembling, something he’d dreamed of doing from the second she’d sauntered into his store. He ran the tip of his tongue along them, and when she opened to him, he slipped into her mouth, intensifying the kiss, moving the encounter up a level and feeding from her sweetness.

Swallowing her moans, he took them deeply into himself and wrapped his arms tightly around her. When she placed her leg across his body, positioning her body to fit with his, he hardened to the point of discomfort, but he wasn’t going to do anything to end this moment until he had to, and he continued to kiss her trying to convey his need without putting it into words.

He made love to her mouth, nibbling and teasing her lips, taking pleasure from the soft, shy caresses of her tongue. His hands began to explore the softness of her body, moving up under the smooth cotton of her shirt to skim the silkiness of her skin. His hands roamed the side of her torso, feeling the edges of her breasts. He wanted to capture the mounds, taste the delicate flesh, but to do so, he’d have to turn her onto her back under him, and the rock was not the most comfortable bed in the world.

Being here with her like this had him on sensory overload. They continued to explore one another’s mouths, Alana suddenly taking and giving with an energy that matched his. His libido screamed for more, but his common sense warned him that if he didn’t stop now there would be no turning back. This wasn’t what he’d been expecting, and he wasn’t prepared for it. He wasn’t a randy teenager intent on getting laid on the first date. She deserved more than a quickie on a rock in the desert.

Gently, he untangled one hand from her hair, leaving his other hand where it was cradling her amazing derriere. Much as he hated to do it, the gentleman in him insisted he slow things down.

“I know I’m going to regret this, and it may very well kill me to do so, but we need to stop.” Contrary to what his words said, he continued to feather her face with gentle kisses. Every time his lips moved away from her, he could feel the air stealing away the taste and warmth of her. He didn’t like it.


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