New Release! Forever and Always: From Short Story to Novel!

From despair to triumph. A love story that will bring tears to your eyes.

Living the Dream

Back yard 2019 gGood morning! It’s finally warm enough that we can predict summer is on its way!

This is a snapshot of one of my my flowerbeds. By the end of the month, the vine will have filled in and it will be a solid wall of green.

And while I was waiting for warm spring early summer weather, I was hard at work revising a former short story into a novel which has just been released.

After putting out as series as emotionally draining as The Harvester Fileswere, especially as they were preceded by Murder & Mistletoe, and the Vengeance Is mine Series, I wanted to do something a bit different before I tackle more books for both of those series.

A few years ago, I wrote a short story, There’s Always Tomorrow and a novella, Forever and Always which were published by Solstice Publishing. When my contract…

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Tuesday Tales: From the Word Rancid

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Only sixteen days until the first official day of summer! Do you have any vacation plans? I have a few, but the weather will determine which ones we follow through on. Welcome to another week’s Tuesday Tales. This week’s word prompt, RANCID, wasn’t an easy one to work with, and I’m really looking forward to seeing what the other authors come up with.

We continue with Murielle. Do you sit down to eat as a family? Does anyone ever talk shop? My kids used to enjoy trying to gross me out–hey! I was a teacher. If I couldn’t out-gross them, I wasn’t doing my job.  We continue with the scene from The Price of Courage, The Canadian Series, Book Two.

In the dining room once more, Murielle turned to her grand-nieces, Marie and Millie. All of the children had names starting with the same letter, honoring their grandmother.

“Help me serve the stew, please.”

Millie stood to help while Marie finished tying three-year-old Melda into her chair. The twelve-year old twins often assisted with the younger children and the meals. “Les filles, after the dishes are done, you can help Espé get the little ones ready for bed. Mathieu no longer wears dresses, but needs help removing some of his new garments. At seven, he’s become a young man. Let’s give Maman and Papa some time to themselves while I’m with mon oncle.”

“Of course, Aunt Murielle,” Marie answered, grinning as she assisted Melda with her spoon. “We’ll do our best. You’ll see.” Murielle chuckled. The little mother of the family was always happy to help, unlike Martin who felt house chores were beneath him.

Gerard smiled. The young doctor spooned the rich stew into his mouth and tore off a chunk of bread. Once he’d swallowed, he turned to Murielle.

“Delicious as always, ma tante. Before you leave us for the evening, I meant to give you both some interesting news,” he said. “While I was attending to Martin Destrin—I had to amputate the leg. The flesh was rancid. I don’t know if he’ll make it, but his chances are better without the rotten limb.”

“That’s hardly what I would call appropriate dinner conversation,” Beatrice said, dropping the spoon she’d just picked up, and pushing her bowl away.

Gerard chuckled and shook his head. “Forgive me, mon ange. I forget how sensitive your stomach is, but you must eat for the babe’s sake and yours.” He dipped his spoon into the bowl. “That wasn’t the news I meant. The wedding banns for the Chevalier d’Angrignon were posted on the Saint Jean Baptist Cathedral doors this morning. Rumor has it that his missing fiancée has returned. Apparently, Isabelle was in seclusion at a convent in Navarre where she went to mourn her father and pray for guidance. Did she not say anything to you before she left? You were her governess, the closest thing she had to a mother.”

Murielle swallowed her surprise and shook her head. The thought of her baby lying with that monster was enough to turn her stomach. “No, she didn’t confide in me.”


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Friday’s Featured Author: Holly Jody Gill

Holly Gill

As someone who’s written series books, I know the challenges faced by an author fighting to keep the reader interested, and Holly Jody Gill nails it in her Innocence Series. This morning, I’m pleased to welcome her and introduce her latest book, Return to Innocence (Book 3)

In honor of her release, the author is offering a special RELEASE DAY + SIGNED PAPERBACK’S GIVEAWAY

But; be warned. To fully appreciate the series and truly understand what’s happening,
Book 1 & 2 must be read before  Book 3

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Return To Innocence (Book 3)

#Friendship, #Romance, #Contemporary, #LoveScenes

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41SHC6KiljLPromises are meant to be kept.

Calvin’s world is in disarray once again, Uncertain what’s going on around him, His mind is not his own, and the concern of those around him, irks him. He wants to recall his love for Sophie, but nothing makes sense. His frustration at his situation makes everything so much worse. Loving this stranger proves harder each day. How can he love a woman he can barely remember.?

Sophie’s heart was shattered into a thousand pieces. Everything they had was stolen. She loves Calvin and wants to stay by his side but his reaction to her breaks her. She hopes their love is rekindled, only this time, everything has taken a nose dive. Her world was spiralling out of control and all she wanted was the Forever she was promised, which seemed to be slipping away further each day.

Can they return to innocence?

Innocence (Book 1)

Book 1 must be read before reading Book 2!

41uglGvL0lL‘Don’t make promises you cannot keep!’

Calvin Edwards has everything he could dream of running the family real-estate company back in London. But what was just a holiday up north, visiting his parents, turns into him talking a young pregnant woman from taking her life. Wishing desperately to help, Calvin befriends her, only he fears he may be out of his depth. Just when he thinks he has it all under control, his past resurfaces, sending his life crashing.

Kacey is pregnant and her life has spiralled out of control. With nowhere left to go, she returns home in one last attempt to get help, only to have the door slammed in her face. At her wit’s end, she’ alone, scared, and helpless, until Calvin comes along. He becomes the only friend she’s had in years, offering her his kindness, something she thought no longer existed in the world. Only her past is knocking at her door, mistakes she’d made and pain she’d buried, have all come back to life!

Would either of them survive a truth lost with innocence?

Innocence of Love (Book 2)

Book 1 must be read before book 2

Warning ends in Cliffhanger!

41bdtij0cgL._SY346_‘Promises are made to be broken!’

Calvin’s world has been thrown into disarray. He has no idea which direction to go. He hated her. He loved her. He longed to keep her safe, and be the man she always deserved. His life had spiralled out of control. His heart said one thing, and his mind said something else. Can his heart heal and forgive all the pain?

Sophie was lost, confused and had no idea what her heart desired. Or did she? Unfortunately, the timing was off. Fate brought them together. Calvin was the sweetest, most caring man she’d ever met. But could she expect him to give up all he knew for her. She had to take a step back, and allow nature to take its course. Only conflicting emotions controlled her. She wanted Calvin. She needed him more than anything. But she was about to understand that destiny had other plans. Would forgiveness and love see them through?

Will they recover for innocence of love?

Best of luck Holly, Wishing you many sales!


Tuesday Tales: From the Word Pick

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Welcome to this week’s edition of Tuesday Tales, the weekly blog where myself and a group of talented authors give you a peek at our on-going works.

Juggling three plot lines and multiple POV is something new to me, but I realized it was the only way to pull the three threads of the story into a cohesive tale. Today, we stay in France with Murielle, whose thread is vital to the unfolding drama in New France.

So, from The Price of Courage, The Canadiana Series, Book Two, I give you today’s post based on the word prompt, PICK!


“Supper,” Murielle called after setting the table, pleased when she heard the sound of footsteps thundering above. Returning to the kitchen, she picked up the ladle and gave the stew one last stir before reaching for the bowls.

Living at home again after so many years in Caen wasn’t easy, accustomed as she’d been to giving orders rather than taking them, but her niece and uncle had welcomed her with open arms, and as the poor relative with no other family, where could she go?

Beatrice wasn’t feeling well, this pregnancy harder on her than the previous ones had been, so Murielle had agreed to take over the young woman’s duties as hostess at her father’s table tonight. Once the early family supper here was over, she would pack her valise for a few days’ stay, change into her best gown and heaviest cloak, cross the orchard, and walk the hundred yards to the dowager house. Since there was an early-rising full moon and it had yet to snow, the short walk would be a cool but pleasant one.

Strange how fate worked. Within weeks of her mother’s passing, Beatrice had announced the pending birth of a sixth child. Her father had insisted on switching homes with his daughter, giving her the larger of the two houses on the small estate, asking only that she serve as his hostess when necessary, stepping in to replace his beloved Marigot, something Beatrice had willingly done until now. Murielle was pleased to have been asked to take on her aunt’s role.

After ladling the thick pork stew into the bowls, Murielle set them on the tray. She enjoyed helping with the children and the meals, assisting her uncle when he entertained like tonight, but she missed her girls. Sophie had sailed for the colonies in April, and if God was on their side, Isabelle had stolen aboard the same ship.

If she’d failed to do so, she’d still managed to elude the Chevalier d’Angrignon. Come spring, after the birth of this child, Murielle would buy passage on a bride ship bound for New France as she and Isabelle had planned, hoping she could be reunited with the only children she’d ever mothered. In the meantime, she would stay here with her family and enjoy their company one last time.

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Come What May Book Promotion Is Live!

Gif for May promo (1)I know. It’s spring, you’re busy gardening, but at the end of the day, when you don’t want to deal with reruns, it’s time to pull out a book and read!

This is a great time to pick up quality books and  possibly win one of three $50.00 Amazon gift cards. There are many books in the promo, something for everyone, priced  from free to 99 cents. Do yourself a favor and check out the wonderful deals available.  If you’re looking to load your Kindle for summer, here’s your chance to do it!

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Here’s a scene from The White Carnation, The Harvester Files, Book One.

Every hair on Faye’s body stood on end as she approached the oak door. It was open. Mrs. Green never left the door open. The woman double- and triple-locked everything. The last time she’d been here—was it really two years ago?—it had taken forever for the woman to undo the locks and let her in.

“Mrs. Green, are you there? It’s Faye.” She pushed open the door and the unmistakable scent of blood—that slightly sour, coppery scent she’d never forget—greeted her. She swallowed a scream. The place was a disaster: furniture overturned, papers, books, CDs, and DVDs littering the floor. There, amidst the chaos, lay Mary’s mother, the jagged red line along her throat testifying to her fate.

Faye dropped the flower and damaged purse, some of the contents spilling out and landing in the pool of blood—a tube of lipstick, a pack of gum, a roll of breath mints—strange sprinkles on the deep red surface. The pristine white petals of the carnation soaked up the redness, adding to the eeriness. She ran to the powder room and threw herself on her knees barely in time to spew what was left of her cucumber and watercress sandwiches into the toilet. The pungent, sour aroma of vomit filled the room. Tears tracked down her cheeks. The gut wrenching heaves that followed brought up bile and left her exhausted. She sat back on her heels, trying to control her anguish. With a shaking hand, she pulled her cell phone out of her jacket pocket and dialed a familiar number.

“Homicide, Rob Halliday.” The voice was tired, bored, resigned.

“Rob, it’s Faye. She’s dead. Lucy Green’s dead. There’s so much blood. Someone killed Mary’s mother.”

“Where are you?” Rob was all business, as if there were no painful history between them. Deep down, she knew this no-nonsense, professional side of him was what she needed, why she’d called him and not 9 1 1.

“Third floor, seventeen thirty-seven Marlborough. It’s in Beacon Hill.”

“I know where the damn street is, Faye. Stay there, and don’t touch anything. I’m on my way.”

Faye leaned back on her heels, tears coursing down her cheeks.

That’s it!

So, check it out now!

Have a fantastic week!

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Tuesday Tales: Picture Prompt Week

New TT imageHello. For those who celebrated, I hope you had a lovely Mother’s Day. I certainly did. This week’s Tuesday tale is one based on a picture prompt. Here’s the one I chose. Today, I’m reintroducing a character from The Price of Honor, The Canadiana Series, Book One. Murielle was a key figure, instrumental into assisting Isabelle in her flight from Caen.



Murielle Leroux adjusted the mob cap on her graying hair, walked into the dining room, and lit the candles in the ornate candelabra, one of the few wedding gifts she’d kept all these years. She’d been a widow more than half her life, her Gaël dying weeks after the wedding, thrown by one of the Count de Caen’s horses. The countess, newly pregnant, had opened her home to the young widow, offering her a position in the household.

When Isabelle was born, twenty-year-old Murielle had become her governess. Two years later, when Fiona’s sister had died in childbirth, the countess had assumed responsibility for the child her own father shunned, and Sophie had joined the nursery. Her charges, her girls. For twenty-five years, she’d cared for them, nursed them through colds and heartbreak when the countess had died, and then later when the count had remarried, and finally when Isabelle’s beloved Pierre had died. But they were both gone now, and other than her niece’s family and her uncle, she was alone in the world.

Once the girls had gone—Sophie unwillingly to New France to be some stranger’s wife and Isabelle running away from her fiancé, hoping to hide aboard the same vessel, determined to discover the truth about poor Pierre, her murdered husband—Murielle had left Caen, returning to what was left of her family.

She didn’t know what had happened to her girls, but the answer, like the one Isabelle sought, was in the colony. Poor Isabelle’s escape had been a dangerous one. The girl had defied not only the Chevalier d’Angrignon and her step-mother, she’d refused a command from King Louis himself. Such behavior was an act of treason. She could never return to France, not if she wanted to keep her head attached to her shoulders.

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Come What May: Accent on Romance Great Book Deals

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Living the Dream

Gif for May promo (1)

I know. It’s spring but it doesn’t really feel like it. In most of Canada, the weather is colder and wetter than normal, leaving people like myself craving the heat and the sun. On the plus side, the trees don’t seem to notice since the buds are out, and from what I can see, when my lilac blooms, there will be more flowers than ever,  Thanks to the rain, the grass here is green, but so many around me–within a hundred miles–are battling flooding that may well cost them their homes.

What can you do when there’s nothing you can do? I escape into books, either by writing them, as is the case with my Harvester Files books, or by reading them.

This is a great time to pick up quality books and while the promo itself isn’t until May 20, many of the books are available now. Prices vary…

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