2017 A to Z Challenge: K is for Kindness

2017 BadgeThanks for dropping in to check out the eleventh letter of the A to Z blog for this year.  Each day has brought interesting new bloggers and favorite known ones into my life.  I’ve enjoyed communicating with them, and I’ve loved their comments on my posts. This morning, the sun is trying valiantly to shine, there’s no rain in the forecast, and I’m getting in gear for a busy holiday weekend.

There were only a few ideas that came to me when I thought about today’s letter, but the one that stuck was  K for kindness. Why? Because tragically, I’ve seen people do and say a lot of unkind things in recent days, not quite as bad as during the US election campaign and afterwards, but mean enough for me to take notice. So why get motivated by an antonym? Because I feel bad for others and that makes me feel guilty, and it becomes a vicious circle.  Being unkind is just another facet of bullying, and there is far too much of that everywhere these days.

So, K is for Kindness.

KEvery day, we hear more and more stories about people committing atrocities. The most recent ones of course involved what’s happening in Syria and the incident on the United airline flight. I’m not going to turn this into a political rant. Both situations appall me. Enough said. I just feel that if people put as much effort into doing nice things as they do hate mongering, this world would be a better place. We need more Mother Teresas and fewer would-be Adolf Hitlers.

A few years ago, there was a surge of something called spontaneous acts of random kindness. I think it’s time to bring those back, and here are  a few suggestions. Remember the old saying, before you judge someone, try walking in their shoes.

1. Say “Good morning” to a stranger. It might be the only kind word they’ll hear today.
2. Put a note in your child’s lunchbox reminding them that you love them or text message your special someone the same.

3. Offer to help by opening a door for an elderly person or giving them your seat on the bus or subway.

4. Give a homeless person the benefit of the doubt. Buy them a cup of coffee, or hand them your doggie bag with the leftovers from your huge lunch. They aren’t fussy, just hungry.

5. Put a coin in an expired meter. It could be a real lifesaver.

6. Help a mother with a baby stroller trying to get up those subway stairs, or hold the  door open for her.

7. Each time you buy a new item of clothing, give one away to the local charity.

8. Bring a coworker coffee.

9. Say “please” and “thank you” like you mean it and smile when you do

10. Find opportunities to say nice things to others. It”s free, takes no time, and could make someone’s entire day.
Her Christmas HeroChristmas has always been my favorite holiday because it seems to bring out the kindness toward others people often hide the rest of the year. In my short story, Her Christmas Hero, my heroine desperately needs someone’s kindness.
Widowed mother of four Laurie Wilson gets a shock when a check that was supposed to have been destroyed is cashed, leaving her in a financial lurch just days before Christmas.

Leland Ostler packed his heart in ice years ago and goes through the Christmas season paying lip service to the holiday. When he discovers Laurie Wilson is the girl he was fascinated by in high school and discovers her plight, he determines to make sure that family has the Merry Christmas it deserves.

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18 thoughts on “2017 A to Z Challenge: K is for Kindness

  1. It’s a cold, cruel world now, more than ever. A little kindness goes a long way and you’re right. It could make a big difference to someone. Your book sounds interesting, too. I love the Christmas season for the same reason. Too bad the goodwill doesn’t extend for the whole year.

    • The check cashed in bad faith actually happened to my daughter. It took months and all kinds of threats to get the woman to return the money. She even admitted she knew she was supposed to destroy the check, but ran short and needed it. As if a mother with 4 kids under 5 at the time didn’t.

  2. Love this post. It would be good if we all took it to heart. Sadly, all that makes the headlines is usually the sad, cruel or nasty things of life.

  3. Hi Susanne. So glad that you commented on my blog and that I’ve found yours. Love this post and the ideas you list. A great reminder to us all. I afternoon took an unexpected detour as I read your book “Her Christmas Hero”. Delightful. I will check out more of your books for my kindle. Happy Easter to you and your family. Enjoy the remaining days of the AtoZ challenge 🙂 Regards, Ruth

  4. Haha, it seems we had a similar thought about kindness for this post. Though the acts of kindness in my story weren’t quite ‘random’, as it turned out…

    Alas, my kinder side is locked in neverending battle with my cynical, sarcastic self…

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