2017 A to Z Challenge H is for Horses From Heaven

2017 BadgeWelcome to week 2 of this year’s  A to Z Challenge. Week one was incredible, and I’ve met so many wonderful new bloggers. I’m enjoying dropping by their sites each morning. I even blogged yesterday because it seemed the right thing to do.

Today’s letter is the letter H. For my post I’ve decided to introduce you to a wonderful writer. I’ve read several of her books and this one, Horses From Heaven is in my TBR pile.

ElleMeet Elle Marlow. She’s a feisty, outspoken native born and raised Arizonan. She writes primarily western romances, both historical and contemporary, and often adds humor to them. She’s mom to five wonderful kids, two amazing step-kids, and a slew of grandkids. She is usually, cooking, cleaning, chasing kids, or riding her horse, JOSEY, around barrels. I envy her. I’ve only been on a horse a couple of times and when I got off, I could barely walk. So, if she can do that, wow!

Married to the perfect cowboy to inspire her, it is easy to understand where she gets her many stories and inspiration. With her Irish/Shawnee background, she puts her heart and soul into her books. Native love stories are her favorite. She’s hoping one day that Kevin Costner will add her to his team of writers.

Elle busted into the romance world with two blockbuster sellers, One Hundred Horses and Josey’s Mountain. She wrote One Hundred Horses back in 2000 where it then sat on a shelf gathering dust until she became a semi finalist in a Harlequin contest for Josey’s Mountain and found a home for both books with Solstice Publishing. Josey’s Mountain made incredible sales and inflated her ego to the point she couldn’t fit through the front door. (Her words not mine, lol) I can personally recommend her Children of the Horse trilogy. I loved it. Things have settled somewhat, but Elle is still cranking out the stories. Make sure you stop in at one of her social pages and say hello.

Visit her blog at www.ellemarlow.blogspot.com  where sometimes she shares crazy family tales, talks about her frequent trips to Tombstone where she tries to spot a ghost…or better yet, friend request her on FB at https://www.facebook.com/kelly.hyatt.1671.

Twitter https://twitter.com/ElleMarlowWrite

HH is for Horses from Heaven


After a tragic rodeo wreck leaves her a widow, Kendall barely has time to grieve. Instead, she finds herself standing between the horse and her father in-law’s rifle. He wants to even the score for the death of his son.

Horses From HeavenHer decision to protect Diablo exiles her from living at Rooster’s ranch, and makes her the target of gossip in their small town. Kendall has no choice but to take her son and Diablo to the only man who will rent her a home and work with Diablo; former bull-riding champion, Charlie Walters.

Charlie’s career made him a legend, and then gave him a body held together with nuts and bolts. The only reason he hasn’t caved into self-pity is the herd of wild horses that wandered onto his recently acquired ranch. Heaven Ranch felt more like hell until they showed up and demanded his attention. Add that to the sudden appearance of the beautiful widow, Kendall Stanley and her young son, and he finally feels a purpose again.

Tending to Diablo, and standing up to Rooster Stanley’s threats is easy. Convincing Kendall that being a cowboy isn’t a death sentence and a sin, is hard. It’s going to take a herd of wild horses to get her to change her heart and her mind, because he’s fallen in love and wants to give her more than the world, he wants to give her Heaven.

Can’t wait to read it? Elle has provided me with a PDF copy which I will give away to one lucky commenter. So Comment for your chance to win. The winner will be announced Tuesday, April 11. Remember, leave me a way to contact you!

Have a great day.

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5 thoughts on “2017 A to Z Challenge H is for Horses From Heaven

    • Elle doesn’t have too many dead bodies in this one–I’m the one who tends to have those in mine LOL But I will be showcasing some mystery suspense authors this month too! Thanks for visiting.

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