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Reflections on the A to Z Challenge 2018.



Well, today is the day to reflect on this year’s A to Z Challenge. I did manage to post every day, but sadly, I didn’t get to visit as many bloggers as I did last year. I did meet new ones and follow them, and had a few old ones drop by, but essentially, I was up to my a** is alligators editing and revising and barely kept my head above water.  I vow to do better next year!

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Friday’s Featured Author: Sonia Poynter

It’s Friday, and once more I am featuring a new book by an Anaiah Press author.

TheLastStoredThe Last Stored by Sonia Poynter

Surge Anaiah Press


 After the sudden death of her parents, making it through the day is a struggle for Amber Megan Peel. In the midst of her grief, an exquisite bird perches on her garden fence and shows her visions of a vivid landscape and a dark lord slouching upon a throne. She thinks the visions are tied to her sorrow. But when a boy flies through her kitchen window to tell her she’s the Last Stored, she wonders if she’s just lost her mind.

Cree of Din is tasked with one job: Bring Amber home. For seven years, Cree has trained as her protector and it is the ultimate responsibility. Failure means Amber’s certain death, and that’s not an option for Cree – especially since he’s falling in love with her.

The Returning has begun. Now all Amber and Cree have to do is enter Tali, a world of unimaginable splendor and equally unimaginable horror, and defeat Lorthis. If they can’t, not only will Tali plunge into darkness, but so will Earth.

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Cree climbs onto the railing and extends his hand to me. “Your choice, Amber, you can come or you can stay!” he yells over the roar of the water.

“This is nuts. You expect me to jump?”

“Nuts? No, merely the door.” He beams with anticipation. He seems fine. In fact, his eyes sparkle with the moon’s glow.

My heart skips. My choice. I had another choice. I grasp his hand and crawl onto the railing. My feet slip, and I waver. Cree steadies me with his hand. The water falls in torrents in front of me. Am I really about to do this?

“You can’t go back once you enter. Are you ready? You can do this.”

He looks into the raging waters, then back at me. His cloak swirls around him like Superman’s cape.

“Yes, I can do this!” My heartbeat bangs in my throat. I’m about to jump off of Lovers Leap with a boy I don’t know, along with two little old men who have vanished below my feet. This is crazy, but I’m supposed to do it. Part of me knew it every time my mother and father looked over this very railing. I’m at the door.

Cree squeezes my hand, nods, and we jump. He howls. The feeling of dropping over a roller coaster comes on fast. The water rushes by, cold and wet. I fall.

My chest tightens like I’ve had the wind knocked out of me. I choke and cough, spitting out water. I see darkness, and I feel Cree’s hand holding mine.

Then, a bright light shimmers and glows at my feet, reflecting upward. The sound of the water fades. My lungs fill with sweet air. The light expands, covering me. Wind swirls and holds me up. I no longer fall, but glide upward. A light from above warms my face, and the aroma of fragrant honey hangs on the air. We twist and turn, Cree’s cloak coils around him, my own clothing flapping in the wind.

I giggle loudly and squeal like a child.

Cree crinkles his face and laughs along. The wind continues pushing us through a tunnel. I lift my free hand and try to feel the mist forming around us; it scatters with my touch, only to form again when I retreat. We have increased our speed. Far above me, Dartlin and Fink’s feet come into focus, and they’re whooping with joy.

Then we stop.

We stand in a brick wading pool a few inches deep. Stone replaces the air, which moments before surrounded me. I take in a deep, fragrant breath.

Cree continues to hold my hand. He looks at our fingers still entwined and laughs. “You can let go.”

 Book Trailer:

 Author Bio:

Sonia-Poynter__Author PhotoSonia Poynter grew up traipsing through the thick woods of Kentucky. The magic of the forest made her want to write. Currently, she lives in the sleepy community of Pittsboro, Indiana, with the love of her life and God has blessed them both with three amazing kids.

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Cover Reveal: The Vengeance is Mine Series

Good morning. I thought today would be a great day to introduce you to the covers for some of my books currently being revised for release. While the originals are still available, these will sit on the sidelines. Many thanks to the incredible Melinda De Ross. With new scenes and in some cases a new ending, I’m chomping at the bit to release these babies back into the world.

Drum roll, please:

Stay tuned for more!

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Two Post Day: The Insecure Author’s Support Group Monthly Post

Insecure Writers Support Group BadgeGood morning. I have two posts today. If you’re looking for the Midweek Tease it’s after this one.

Thanks for stopping by. Last month’s A to Z Challenge is over and things are slowly getting back to normal, and by slowly I mean at a snail’s pace!  Today’s question:

 It’s spring! Does this season inspire you to write more than others, or not?


As I mentioned in previous posts, my publisher has closed the imprint I wrote for. That allowed me to request the rights back for the books that didn’t perform well. This month the rights to three novels were returned to me– On His Watch, Fire Angel, and In Plain Sight. That means this spring, I’m not writing so much as I’m revising and rewriting.

The books all have new covers and will come out as a series since the main trope in all of them is revenge. The Vengeance is Mine Series starts with On His Watch and then will be followed by Fire Angel and In Plain Sight since the last book has  characters in it who starred in the second one.

While I’ve added a scene or two to On His watch, I’ve literally ripped Fire Angel to shreds, and I’m recreating it as a thriller, with new scenes, new complications, and added details including the killer’s own POV. This was the way I’d originally written the book, but since my publisher wanted only two POV, with an emphasis on the romance not the suspense, thrills and chills, I had to rewrite it to suit them.

The books did well for me, and with the reversion of rights I could simply have slapped a new cover on them and voila! But I wanted more. For better or worse, I’ll follow through on this plan.  Wish me luck! This spring it’s the 3 R’s for me Revise, Rewrite, and Recreate.

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Two-Post Day: Midweek Tease: By Popular Demand, More from The Price of Honor

MWTease15Good morning. Welcome to the Midweek tease. I’d hoped to begin posting from my revised thrillers this week, but due to technical issues, that’s still on hold. Instead, here’s another scene from The Price of Honor.

“Tell me something, Izzy,” Guy said, setting his cup aside, his voice still filled with skepticism. “If marriage wasn’t the only reason you left Caen, what was? You’ve gone to a lot of trouble for this. Disobeying the king’s edict is treason. Tell me it wasn’t just to get to the bottom of Pierre’s death because I did promise to do that for you.”

Isabelle hung her head. Where to begin?

“While I want to clear Pierre’s name, in the end, that didn’t really factor in my decision. Lives, real lives, did.”

She sipped her chocolate, gathering her thoughts. If Guy didn’t understand, he could still turn her over to the authorities in New France.

Price of Honor2“As a woman of royal blood, I was the king’s to use as he saw fit, but I’m not convinced his majesty realized what he was doing. I’m sure the chevalier and my step-mother are in cahoots somehow. With my father’s death, she becomes a rich woman and gets to return to court as one of the queen’s ladies. The countess told me the marriage was the chevalier’s idea. He persuaded the king to give him my hand supposedly to separate my name from Pierre’s treason. That’s why Sophie became Pierre’s widow and got sent to New France, too. It’s not that the chevalier is besotted with me but because of my bloodline. He may lust after me, but what he really craves is the power I can give him. Allied through royal blood, my blood and the blood of our children, his family would become one of the most powerful in France, with the throne itself within reach. I believe he would happily make certain my claim or our children’s claim would advance more quickly than nature intended.”

“Of course,” Guy nodded, rubbing his forehead, his face grim.

“I should’ve realized you would have a valid reason. My apologies for questioning your actions. The chevalier’s always been a power-hungry, greedy old goat.”

Isabelle nodded, grateful he seemed inclined to hear her out now.

“In Solange’s words, everything is about power. D’Angrignon may be the Governor of Normandy, but it was marriage to me that would make him Count de Caen and d’Angrignon. Incidentally, Solange remains countess until a new one is in place. She won’t be happy about this either. She’s in Marseille on business for the chevalier, something my father should’ve handled.”

Guy whistled. “Your disappearance has snatched a precious prize from them both. When they can’t find you, they’ll be furious, and an enraged man, like an enraged animal, is dangerous. Is it possible to find another cousin to fill your shoes?”

Isabelle shook her head. “I do have female cousins, but they’re on Sophie’s side of the family, without royal blood. Since Sophie and I look alike, I suppose it’s possible another Navarre cousin could resemble us, but it wouldn’t do him any good. He couldn’t just say she was Isabelle de Caen.”

“Why not?”

“People know me,” she shrugged and frowned.

“Do they? The chevalier mentioned that you and Sophie could easily pass for one another dressed alike. It was why he tore her chemise.” His face reddened.

Isabelle grew cold at the memory of how Sophie’s appearance had been manipulated. Even people who’d known her reasonably well, like the duchess, had been fooled.

“How many members of the court would recognize you?”

“None,” she admitted. “Papa didn’t take me to court, and once I married Pierre…”

“And how many at Caen?”

“Very few, now. Other than a few short visits, I’ve lived away from the lodge since my marriage. Papa’s dead, Sophie’s here, most of the servants I knew are gone. Even Murielle will leave as soon as she can. Pierre’s mother and Anne know me, as does Cedric, but she’s in isolation at her sister’s, and Cedric would do and say whatever was to his own advantage.”

“So, it could be done,” Guy stated.

Isabelle shivered. “I suppose it could, but such a thing would far outweigh my crime.”

“Only if it could be proven.”

Guy reached for her hand, its warmth infusing her with courage.

“I wouldn’t put anything beyond him.”

Isabelle shivered. Neither would she.

Susanne Historical Romances (1)

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#MidWeekTease May 2, 2018

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A to Z Challenge 2018: Z is for Zenith



ZWhoopee! We did it. We made it to the end of the month and the end of the alphabet. Welcome to the last post in the A to Z Challenge 2018. Today’s letter is Z, and I’m talking about Zenith.

According to the Merriam-Webster online dictionary, the zenith is  the point of the celestial sphere that is directly opposite the nadir and vertically above the observer . 


 1 horizon, 2 zenith, 3 star, 4 meridian, 5 vertical circle, 6 azimuth, 7 observer

It’s also the highest point reached in the heavens by a celestial body, such as the sun.
Finally, it means the culminating point, the high point if you will of anything, making it the perfect word to finish off the challenge.
I’ve enjoyed participating in this year’s challenge. I hope you have enjoyed reading my posts, and now, it’s onto May and back to normalcy! Don’t forget to take a minute to sign up for my newsletter by clicking on the pretty blue picture at the boom of the sidebar. Take a few moments to follow my blog if you aren’t already doing so. I post from my work every Tuesday in Tuesday Tales and every Wednesday in the Midweek Tease. The other days, I’ll keep you updated on my life and career and introduce you to other authors and their works.
Have a wonderful year. May the rest of 2018 be the zenith of your activities.

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