It’s May! Forever and Always FREE May 2-6, 2020

crocusesWell, the longest April on record is over, but very few things are changing in my neck of the woods.  Usually, May brings with it flowers and nesting birds. It’s a time of renewal, yard work, and planning summer vacations, but not this year.

While green stuff is poking its nose out of the ground, the birds nested and are now madly feeding hungry mouths, I don’t have that sense of renewal. Nothing is really going to change. Yard work is slowly getting done, but I lack the enthusiasm of the past when I went to garden centers and selected my flowers, I’m grateful that nurseries will be opening soon, but only for curb service, which means someone else will do the picking for me. But on the plus side, there will be some color in the yard this summer since that’s the only place I’ll be going since stay in place and social distancing continue here as elsewhere.

So to celebrate May, I’m giving away Forever and Always  from May 2 to May 6, 2020. For Star Wars fans, consider this my May the Fourth be with You and Beware the Sith of May gift. For the party people unable to party, Happy Cinco de Mayo, and finally for all the mothers out there, human and fur babies included, Happy Mother’s Day. I hope my book will make whatever you are going through these days less dismal!

Book Blurb

The dance is everything, or is it?
Brandi Alexandra Jameson’s entire life has been dedicated to ballet. When an accident she believes was caused by a crazed stalker fan leaves her close friend and dance partner dead and herself barely able to walk, she’s lost, adrift without a future.
Jarrett Sullivan has spent most of his life in love with the petite red-headed brunette he met when he was in first grade, acting as her protector throughout school, but just as he was ready to make his move, she left Victoria for the National Ballet in Toronto. He’s followed her career, and now that she’s back home, he jumps at the chance to get to know her the way he always wanted to.
Brandi remembers Jarrett, the boy she idolized, and when the man wants to have a relationship with her, she’s thrilled. But that joy turns to horror when she learns the truth about a poster, and believes he’s just another fan and that it’s Alexandra, the dancer, he wants, not Brandi, the broken woman. Fleeing her family and Victoria, she runs to the only friend she has hoping to heal her broken heart.
Discovering Brandi may have misunderstood the situation, Jarrett is frantic to find her and straighten out the mess, but will she be willing to listen and give him a second chance?


Enjoy the book, stay safe and positive If you enjoy the book, feel free to leave a review. I love hearing how my readers enjoy my work.

One last thing before I go this morning, here’s your chance to have a book dedicated to you!



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