Tuesday Tales: From a Picture

Welcome to this week’s Tuesday Tales, the weekly blog where a select group of authors share their on-going work with you.  Each week, we add a scene to our work-in-progress using a word or picture prompt. The length of the scene depends on that, too. This week, we have a choice of pictures and a 300 word post. Here’s the image I’ve chosen.


What? Another winter scene? I know, most of you are sick of winter and wishing for summer, as am I, but the weather keeps reminding me that I don’t always get what I want.

The characters in my historical romance, The Price of Courage, Book Two of the Canadiana Series,  are stuck in the seventeenth century and their first Canadian winter, so maybe knowing summer is around the corner for me is good enough. We pick up where we left off last week.


“Izzy, we both know that I own none of this. It was all Pierre’s, and that he was your husband, not mine.”

Izzy frowned. “Never say that. We may be thousands of miles from France, but until I know that the chevalier accepted the report of Isabelle de Caan’s death, I won’t let down my guard. To everyone, including the governor-general, you are Sophie Gaudier, widow of the colony’s here, Pierre Gaudier. The truth can never be spoken.”

A noise in the hall startled them all and they heaved a collective sigh of relief  when Minou, their newly acquired mouser who had yet to catch a mouse, nosed her way into the kitchen.

Izzy smiled at the cat who went straight to her mother-in-law and started rubbing herself against her skirts in hopes of being given a treat. She chuckled.

“The fact that you’re a wealthy widow makes you even more attractive than your comely face and form. What man wouldn’t like to marry a wife who will provide him not only with a family but with money and the means to enter the colony’s aristocracy? Don’t settle for anything less than love.”

Sophie nodded. “Let me light the lanterns and then I’ll set the tables for our guests. Roger should be here around six. I may not love him, but I like him, and that’s the crux of my dilemma.”

Izzy smiled. “Sometimes friendship grows into love. Look at Maman and Henri. They were friends first as were Guy and I.”

“Do you think the woman on the ship have all been fortunate enough to fall in love with their husbands?” she asked.

Izzy sat down and began to peel the potatoes for the stew.

“I don’t know. Those we left at Canso seemed happy enough.”

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