Tuesday Tales: From the Word Green

New TT imageWelcome to this week’s edition of Tuesday Tales, the weekly blog hop that lets you follow authors as they create new books for your enjoyment. Each post is 300-400 words long. I’ve been working slowly on The Price of Courage, Book Two of the Canadiana Series.


Lucien retrieved his coat and stopped, knowing his abruptness had probably scared her.

“As soon as Okwaho returns, he’ll start a meal for you and then we can settled the children. Are all the beds in the loft?”

“No.” She licked her lips. “My husband and I slept over there, under the overhang. When his cousins were here, they slept in their cabin behind the house or in the loft across from the children.”

“How many cousins were there?”

“Four—Antoine Lanoie, and Urgel Marion, who trapped with Méderic, and his younger brothers Seraphim, and Laurian, who tended the farm and looked after us when the men were gone.”

Lucien scowled, wishing he could curse a blue streak. Those were the names the men had given as their own. Like Bouchard, he doubted they had any right to them.

“I won’t be long.”

Yves had finished repairing the door and was opening and shutting it to make sure the make-shift hinges would hold. He’d lit a second fire in the other hearth and the house had warmed up nicely.

“I need to get out of here before I vent my anger on the wrong person,” he whispered. “Follow me.”

Yves nodded and stepped out of the house. The body was gone, a bloody trail leading to the partially destroyed barn.

“Where’s Okwaho?” He slipped on his coat, the air more frigid than earlier.

“He’s cleaning the partridges and the rabbits and digging roots to go with them. He’s moved the bodies as you can see. From what he said, there are four more in the barn, probably killed or tossed there before the place was set afire. Those bastards are fools. That barn was newly constructed, and wet, green lumber doesn’t burn well. Those bodies will need to be cremated since the grounds too hard to dig graves. Leaving them will only attract the animals.”

“I agree. Six bodies, and I’m convinced the false Bouchard is to blame. We need information from Huguette, but we’ll have to wait until the children are in bed.” He sighed. “The woman and children couldn’t stay here alone, but the village was a day’s travel away. “I’ll get water and bring in more wood. We’ll stay here until I figure out how to get them to Atika’s village. Tonight, we’ll keep watch in case those monsters backtracked and followed our trail.”

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8 thoughts on “Tuesday Tales: From the Word Green

  1. Wow. Times were hard and the land was fierce and unforgiving. And the creeps who keep killing people don’t seem to be far behind. Tension growing here. I hope they make it though.

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