Tuesday Tales: From the Word Tragic

New TT imageWelcome to this week’s edition of Tuesday Tales. This week, the word prompt is TRAGIC and i continue with The Price of Courage, my historical romance. Enjoy.

“Can you draw this map?”

She shook her head. “I saw it only for a second. I do know there was a lot of blue in the design. Have you found my husband and the others?”

“We’ve found six bodies. Some were thrown into the barn and have been partially destroyed. I’m sorry. We will have to finish the cremation tomorrow.

“What will become of us?”

“The snow may keep us here for a day or so, but when we leave, we’ll take you with us to the Montagnais village. In the spring, I can arrange for someone to return you to your tribe.

“Thank you. I have lost two husbands. No man will want to tie himself to such an unlucky wife.”

“You’re wrong, madame. Under French law, you now own this fine property. That will make you highly attractive to many men, especially as you’ve proven to be so fertile.”

As tragic as this situation was, Lucien could only hope her lot in life would improve. What must this show of courage cost her? The price was steep, steeper than most could afford. Perhaps what they said about aboriginal fortitude was true. He couldn’t see his sister-in-law handling this disaster without collapsing, especially with another baby on the way.

She rose. “Monsieur, I will bid you goodnight. Despite the events of the day, the children will be up early on the morrow. I can only hope they did not kill my animals and that they’ve simply run off. I will consider your offer, but if truth be told, I do not wish to remain here. This place will forever be tainted in my mind. Thank you for rescuing me. What happens next is in the Lord’s hands.”

Lucien watched her climb the ladder to the loft. Any man who chose this woman as a wife would be fortunate, but even as he thought of doing so, the image of another woman in Ville-Marie sprang suddenly into his mind.

“But that one is not for me and I would be well to remember it.”

Footsteps on the veranda announced someone’s approach. He knocked three times as they’d decided, and Lucien rose to unbar the door.

“If I could get my hands on those men,” Yves said, removing his snow-covered hat and jacket, “I would tear them limb from limb. Leaving a pregnant woman and children to die like that is the act of a coward.”

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New Release: Crimson Horizon from Heather Renee and Lela Grayce

Two in a row! Always a pleasure to help out with new releases!


Title: Crimson Horizon

Series Title: Blood of the Sea

Genre: Historical PNR


When Lavinia Maycott’s home is attacked by villainous pirates, she doesn’t know how to find peace being a survivor. With her family murdered, she only has one place to go. However, her betrothed’s estate isn’t the safe haven she was expecting. Instead, she learns that monsters can have human faces.
Alone and running for her life she finds acceptance with a small group of survivors intent on fleeing the island in search of safer territories. When that proves more difficult than any of them realize, Lavinia must chose between letting harm come to her new friends or sacrificing herself to save them.
It will take all of the courage Lavinia didn’t know she had to make it off the island alive, but even then, vampires and pirates roam the seas, making nowhere safe.

Now Available for Pre-Order: 

Author Bio


Heather Renee is a USA Today Bestselling author who lives in Oregon. She writes Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romance novels with a mixture of adventure, humor, and sass. Her love of reading eventually led to her passion of writing and giving the gift of escapism.

When Heather’s not writing, she is spending time with her loving husband and beautiful daughter, going on their own adventures.


Lela Grayce lives in rural Wyoming in a small college town. She works for a non-profit organization and loves what she does for the company. She is married to her best friend and hero. By day she is a working mom and wife but by night she is lost in dreams, moonlight, and delusions that she is, in fact, Batman.



Crimson Horizon Pre-Order Giveaway!

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New Release: Love on the Rocks, from Debbie De Louise

Good morning. It’s always a pleasure to welcome back a fellow author with a new book.  This morning, say hello to Love on the Rocks from Solstice author, Debbie De Louise. Best wishes for many sales!


Love on the rocks-001 (1)

eBook & Kindle Unlimited: https://www.amazon.com/Love-Rocks-Cobble-Cove-Mystery-ebook/dp/B07JHV9FJC
Paperback: https://www.amazon.com/Love-Rocks-Cobble-Cove-Mystery/dp/1625268505

It’s February in the small town of Cobble Cove. Love is in the air . . . but so is murder!

When Alicia helps plan a Valentine’s Day Party at the Cobble Cove library that also includes a surprise for her newlywed friend, Gilly, things go wrong when a mysterious box of chocolates addressed to the director turns out laced with poison.

Clues Lead to A Dead Suspect

 Although Alicia promised John she’ll no longer meddle in crime investigations, she and Gilly set out to find the person threatening Sheila who murdered the courier of the deadly candy. The three people they suspect include the professor from California who’s been romancing Sheila while she assists him with research for his book; the obnoxious patron Rhonda Kleisman who threw coffee at the director after refusing to pay for a damaged book; and a visiting widow staying at Gilly’s inn who’s unnaturally curious about Sheila and earns the nickname of Madame DeFarge for her interest in knitting.

New Cat in Town

 While Alicia and Gilly are trying to solve this new Cobble Cove mystery, Sneaky is introduced to Gilly’s new kitten, Kittykai, a calico she brought home from her honeymoon in Hawaii. It’s not like at first sight, but the two cats eventually become friends. They also both play a part in foiling the killer’s murder attempts, but will Alicia and Sheila survive unscathed?loveontherocksteaser


“Alicia, come with me to the Reference Desk. I left a few more decorations there and can use a hand putting them up.”

Alicia followed Sheila back to the desk admiring the paper hearts and flowers hanging from the library’s ceilings and the red streamers that lay across the stacks. Two huge red hearts graced a banner strung across the entrance way over the turnstiles. In the center of each, handwritten in glittery purple script were the names of her best friend and new husband – Gilly and Ron. She knew Gilly would be glad they used her nickname but wasn’t sure the sheriff would approve of the use of his first name. Most of the town resident’s knew him as Ramsay.

Sheila ran around the desk pulling out drawers. She reminded Alicia of a hen tending her chickens. “Gilly and Ramsay are going to be so surprised.”

Alicia agreed. The idea for a combination wedding and Valentine’s Day party was hatched up by Sheila, and it was a great thought. The rest of the staff was busy upstairs where the party would be held arranging more decorations there and putting out all the home-cooked dishes they’d prepared along with the red, pink, and white sheet cake that would be served for dessert.

“What’s this?” Sheila paused in her tossing of decorations atop the desk.

Alicia came over to see what had grabbed the director’s attention. A velvet shaped heart box sat by one of the computer stations. As Alicia came closer, she could see a post-it attached to it with the words, “To Sheila from your secret admirer.”

Sheila smiled. “That Ryan. He knows I have a sweet tooth and am particularly fond of chocolates.” She opened the lid. “My favorites. I know I should wait for the party, but these are just too appealing.”

Alicia watched as Sheila took a few pieces and bit into them. Only a few seconds after she swallowed, her smile faded. She began to choke and clutched her throat.

“Sheila, are you okay?” Alicia rushed over afraid she wouldn’t recall how to do the Heimlich maneuver, but Sheila had already passed out on the floor. “Help!” Alicia called racing to the stairs. The romantic music playing above her drowned out her voice. Just as she grabbed her cell phone to dial 911, Ryan Anderson walked through the door, a huge bouquet of roses in his arms. He stopped short seeing Sheila on the ground. “What happened. Oh, My God!”

“I’m dialing 911 right now,” Alicia said. “She ate some of your chocolates and then passed out. I’m not sure if she choked on a piece.”

“My chocolates? I didn’t get her any chocolates. I was bringing her these flowers.” He dropped them on the desk and then knelt down and started administering CPR to Sheila’s unmoving body.

Author Bio

debDebbie De Louise is an award-winning author and a reference librarian at a public library on Long Island. She is a member of International Thriller Writers, Sisters-in-Crime, the Long Island Authors Group, and the Cat Writer’s Association. She has a BA in English and an MLS in Library Science from Long Island University. Her novels include the three books of the Cobble Cove cozy mystery series published by Solstice Publishing: A Stone’s Throw, Between a Rock and a Hard Place, and Written in Stone. Debbie has also published a romantic comedy novella featuring a jewel heist caper, When Jack Trumps Ace, a paranormal romance, Cloudy Rainbow, and has written articles and short stories for several anthologies of various genres. She lives on Long Island with her husband Anthony, daughter Holly, and Cat Stripey.

Social Media Links

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/debbie.delouise.author/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Deblibrarian

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/2750133.Debbie_De_Louise

Amazon Author Page: Author.to/DebbieDeLouise

Website/Blog/Newsletter Sign-Up: https://debbiedelouise.wordpress.com

Sneaky the Library Cat’s blog: https://sneakylibrarycat.wordpress.com

Debbie’s Characters Chat Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/748912598599469/

Midweek Tease: In Plain Sight, Book Three of the Revenge Is Mine Series

MWTease15Welcome to this week’s Midweek Tease.  Fall is definitely here with  winter flexing his muscles in the background, so I thought it fitting to bring you all into my world for this week’s tease.

Midweek Tease, is a blog hop made possible by the lovely and talented Angelica Dawson. The number of teasers is small this week, but as always, the quality exceeds expectations.

Today, I bring you a scene from the third book in my Revenge Is Mine Series, In Plain Sight. Like On His Watch and Fire Angel, there is a killer out there intent on getting his or her revenge regardless of the costs involved.

In Plain SightThe Blurb:

You pay a price for everything you do.

Widowed, her dream of starring on Broadway in ashes at her feet, Misty Starr yearns for a happy, healthy, normal life for herself and her four-year-old daughter, Debbie. Settled in Pine Falls, New York, a sleepy little town filled with friendly people, she believes she’s found it and feels safe enough to sing in an amateur theater revival of Jesus Christ Superstar. She’ll do anything to keep this life even if it is built on lies, because revealing her secret is impossible. When Nick Anthony joins the cast as music director, Misty is attracted to the man who stirs up feelings she thought long dead, but can love grow on a bed of deceit?

A former concert pianist and secret CIA courier, Nick lives in darkness ever since the accident that killed his wife. The doctors say there’s nothing wrong with his vision, so why can’t he see? Hiding from his former life, he reluctantly agrees to help with the musical and is drawn to the young singer with the voice of an angel. When a mysterious fire destroys her home, Nick vows to keep her and her daughter safe. After one suspicious event leads to another, Nick is determined to protect them from an unknown assassin, but in order to do that, he needs to know her secrets. With his money and connections, he’ll do whatever it takes to save the woman he loves, but does she love him enough to reveal the truth?

This week’s tease:

… the payment will be life for life, eye for eye, tooth for tooth,

 hand for hand, foot for foot, burn for burn, cut for cut,

 and bruise for bruise.


Exodus 21:23

 Chapter One

“What the hell’s taking so long?” Ryan Spencer mumbled, shivering in the front seat of the limo. November was one of those months when either Lady Autumn was in charge or Old Man Winter flexed his muscles. Today was the latter, and his joints reminded him that while he was no Methuselah, he was no longer a spring chicken either. At least it hadn’t snowed yet, something for which he was grateful.

The diamond motif streetlights came on, and he clenched his teeth. How long before that police cruiser he’d seen fifteen minutes ago made another pass? If it did, they were bound to stop and ask questions. He glanced at the glove compartment knowing the gun inside it would be a problem if someone got nosy. It wasn’t his, but would that matter?

He’d been Kerry Doherty’s driver for more than twenty-five years, taking the old man and now his son—and whoever else he was told to—wherever they wanted to go, waiting patiently in the vehicle until he was needed to drive away again. He knew some of those activities, like today’s, were illegal, but he was well-paid to keep his head down and his mouth shut. He also knew when something wasn’t going according to plan.

At the moment, the acid in his stomach burned a hole in his gut. He needed a cigarette in the worst way, but since the old man had been diagnosed with lung cancer, smoking inside the vehicle was strictly forbidden. He should quit—he’d tried, but…

Flexing his cold fingers, he waited, afraid to run the engine. He kept his head down low, trying not to attract attention, but a car double parked on Diamond and Jewelry Way at six o’clock on a Friday evening—even if it was a chauffeur-driven Rolls—was bound to be noticed.

Money flowed down this street like a damn river of gold, but not everyone got their fair share, and that included Samuel Hershel, the disgruntled nephew of Abraham Hershel, the richest of the diamond merchants, and the one responsible for making him freeze his ass off here watching and waiting. As the youngest nephew, Samuel got the leavings, the dregs of his great uncle’s attention and business, the lion’s share going to Isaac, his eldest brother, something he didn’t think was fair.

Hand shaking, Ryan popped a piece of nicotine gum into his mouth, hoping it might assuage the gnawing inside him, knowing it probably wouldn’t. What kind of idiot had invented leather gloves that didn’t even attempt to keep your hands warm?

Damn kids with their sense of entitlement. Liam, the boss’s son, was the same. No brains, no patience. Get rich quick and be done with it. He didn’t give a damn about how he did it, or who might get hurt in the process. No, he needed to make his own mark on the bloody world, just like his new friend who’d dragged them into this mess.

In Plain Sight is available from all Amazon retailers and free to read with Kindle Unlimited.


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#MidWeekTease October 24, 2018

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Tuesday Tales: From a Picture

New TT imageGood morning. It feels like late fall around here, and we’ve already seen snow showers. Welcome to this week’s edition of Tuesday tales, the blog where authors post from their work in progress based on a picture or word prompt. This is picture week, so the posts are limited to 300 words. Here’s the one I selected:



I’m continuing with The Price of Courage and Huguette’s adventure. Enjoy!

Huguette swallowed, her mug quivering in her trembling hand. “The sun filtered through the clouds into the house through the open door. The leader, shoved me to the floor and ordered his men to gather all the food we had. Then he demanded what money I had, but wasn’t satisfied with my meager amount. He grabbed me, tearing my blouse, accusing me of lying. Then he struck me and … when he was finished, he offered me to the others.” Her voice had dropped to a mere whisper as tears ran down her cheeks.

Lucien fisted his hands. The animals would pay.

She licked her lips. “One man stepped in front of me, cursing the others for what they’d done. His leader stabbed him. The others lost interest in me as they argued. I dragged myself toward the kitchen. That’s when I was grabbed from behind and tossed into the root cellar.” She raised her gaze to meet his. They took everything, even my honor. You’re arrival has only postponed our deaths.”

“You won’t die, madame, rest assured of that. Not all men are animals. On my honor, I will find them and see justice done. Did you ever see this map Urgel had? It might help me find them.”

“It wasn’t really a map as such,” she answered, raising the cup to her lips once more. “It was a pair of leather mittens on which part of the map was disguised in the beaded design on them.” She raised her hand to her swollen eye. “They wanted me to interpret it for them, but I couldn’t. Urgel claimed the other part of the map was hidden in a second pair of mittens given to a trapper from Ville-Marie. That’s where they’ll go. I pity the one who has it.”

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A Look at Boyfriend Wanted for Christmas, one of the stories in Love, Christmas 2, Movies You Love, Boxed Set

LC2Good morning. Despite the fact that decorations in my neighborhood are set on the macabre with Halloween looming large on the calendar,  I’m looking beyond them to my favorite season of the year, Christmas.

On Tuesday, Love, Christmas 2 was released and while I haven’t had time to read the entire collection, I’ve scanned a few stories. There’s one that is a rewrite of It’s A Wonderful life that i plan to get to soon, but today, I’m going to focus on one that I have read and absolutely adored.

Boyfriend Wanted for ChristmasThe premise: 

Thirty-three-year-old librarian Andrea Sachse doesn’t have the time or skills to date. No man can ever live up to her dreamy book boyfriends, so why bother? But with her parents looking more desperate each time she shows up solo for their annual Christmas party, this year she’s determined to find herself a boyfriend by any means—fair or foul.

My Review:

I loved the idea of this story the moment I read it. Who among us hasn’t gone to extraordinary lengths to try and please our parents? With the help of her best friend, Angie, Andrea reluctantly agrees to try to find herself a date for her parents’ party by using an online dating site. With only a week to accomplish the deed, she doesn’t have time to be too picky.

And that’s when the fun starts. While i imagine there are probably a lot of decent lonely people who successfully using online dating, I can also imagine there are a lot of less that ideal people on them as well and the ones Andrea meets made me laugh out loud. As they say, out of the frying pan into the fire, but don’t despair. She does find Mr. Right at the end, and in the last place she would’ve thought to look.

This is a light-hearted, feel-good romance that will leave a smile on your face long after you’ve finished it.

Love, Christmas – Movies You Love (The Holiday Series Book 2)


Sprinkle a little Christmas magic into your life with 26 ALL-NEW, never before released romances. Each title – exclusive to this set – is inspired by a favorite holiday movie, spun into a fantastic love story by a NY Times, USA Today, and/or award-winning, bestselling author and delivered to you in this wonderful collection full of cheer for the coming season.

Mimi Barbour – A Wonderful Life – Though Mary works with troubled teens, can she and an angel help a man living a nightmare?
Leanne Banks – A Royal White Christmas – Can a secret prince be a Christmas wish-come-true for a small-town girl?
Joan Reeves – Brianna’s Season For Miracles – Her seductive persona hides what she’s ashamed of… What will happen if the man she’s fallen for discovers her secret?
Mona Risk – Jingle With My Princess – The doc and the princess… He saves lives, but she may save his heart.
Rebecca York – Can She Get Home for Christmas? – Will a killer stop her from getting home for Christmas?
Jacquie Biggar – Mistletoe Inn – A grieving man finds the greatest gift is love.
Alicia Street – Miracle on Christmas Tree Street – A single mom discovers her business partner is more than he seems.
Nancy Radke – The Holiday (Christmas) – Jodi’s house-swap to Maui came with a small dog and a shipwrecked sailor.
Katy Walters –Letters from the Snowman – The snow revealed a precious love.
Stephanie Queen – Holiday Affair – Melissa goes from riches to rags but will she find gold in a holiday affair?
Aileen Fish – Christmas in Connecticut – Can a wounded warrior learn to trust her celebrity chef crush after discovering his secret?
Rachelle Ayala – A Christmas Creek Carol – A reclusive writer is given a one-star review on her life by characters from her past, present, and future.
Dani Haviland – The Polar Xpress – She prefers dogs to men…until she rescues the doctor.
Traci Hall – Love, Actually (By the Sea) – Two strangers. One intimate night. Reunited a year later, can it actually be love?
Taylor Lee – The Ref-er-ee – With a family this discombobulated, it will take a referee to save their Christmas.
Donna Fasano – Her Mr. Miracle – It’s Christmas Eve and Veronica is stuck in a nearly deserted seaside town… She needs a miracle.
Cynthia Cooke – A Christmas to Remember – A Christmas storm. Wedding plans in peril. Has a lost love been found?
Susan Jean Ricci – A Joyous Holiday Inn – Can Twigg restore the joy of Christmas to Chloe’s indifferent heart?
Tamara Ferguson – Two Hearts Home for Christmas – Can a long ago promise of love bring two lonely wounded warriors home for Christmas?
Suzanne Jenkins – Christmas with the Clouds – Tracy isn’t interested in love until an unexpected Christmas visitor changes her heart.
Natalie Ann – How Gavin Stole Christmas – Can Jolene help Gavin find the Christmas spirit when he’s the epitome of Mr. Bah Humbug?
Ev Bishop – A Sharla Brown Christmas – For single parents Sharla and Jake, Christmas is the loneliest time of the year…until it’s not.
Alyssa Bailey – In the Spirit of Christmas – Chase can protect Tara from danger, but can he protect his heart?
Stacy Eaton – Finding Love on Christmas Vacation – Christmas isn’t the same for Lucy without her father…until she meets his friend Maverick.
Jen Talty – The Christmas Getaway – A mix-up in reservations leaves a mother and her son to share a cabin with a broken-hearted stranger.
Melinda De Ross – Boyfriend Wanted for Christmas – A thirty-something singleton’s desperate yet humorous quest to find a boyfriend in the seven days before Christmas.









My story in this set is called Boyfriend Wanted For Christmas

Thirty-three-year-old librarian Andrea Sachse doesn’t have the time or skills to date. No man can ever live up to her dreamy book boyfriends, so why bother? But with her parents looking more desperate each time she shows up solo for their annual Christmas party, this year she’s determined to find herself a boyfriend by any means—fair or foul.

Midweek Tease: Hello Again Continued

MWTease15Good morning. Welcome to the Midweek tease. Thanks Angelica Dawson for making this blog post possible. I’d planned to start teasing from another book today, but for personal reasons, I will give you once more from Hello Again. Enjoy.

As they neared the spot Shirley mentioned, tornado damage was obvious. Two wide band of ripped up earth crisscrossed the field, dead animals in crumpled heaps scattered along the edges. He swallowed awkwardly. Were there people lying like that somewhere, too? Up ahead on the road, he saw a large tree blocking the road. From here, he’d guess it was an Assiniboine poplar, but there weren’t any of those for miles around. Stopping the car, he turned to the woman beside him.

“Stay here.”

He hurried across the road. As soon as he stepped to the edge of the soft shoulder, he saw the bruised and bleeding hands holding the pillow over her head.

“Miss?” he asked, but got no response.

Jumping into the ditch, he noted the water came up over his feet. He reached down, and lifted the pillow from her head. He felt as if he’d been sucker punched. How was this possible? He struggled to breathe again and blinked twice. This was the woman from his coma, the one he’d caressed and made love to.

But that woman was a figment of his imagination and this one was real—very, very real.

On her stomach, she’d turned her head to the right, no doubt to make it easier to breathe. Her long brown hair hid part of her familiar face. Reaching down, he touched her throat, letting out a whoosh of the air he hadn’t realized he’d been holding when a strong, steady pulse beat beneath his fingers.

“Well, don’t just stand there,” Shirley said. “Get her out of that ditch.”

“I thought I told you to stay in the car.”

“You did, but you’re going to need these.” She reached into the voluminous pockets on the dress she wore and handed him a pair of garden sheers. “Now, get that off her so we can get out of here. And before you say something stupid about not moving her, nothing’s broken. The cut on her leg will heal, and she’ll be fine—as long as we get back to the house before the next twister.”

Bill reached for the sheers and moved to the woman’s feet, snipped away the branches and lifted the surprisingly heavy log off her legs, moving it far enough aside to be able to lift her out of the ditch. Turning her onto her side, he scooped her out of the mud and water.

Her eyes fluttered open. Glazed with shock and pain, the beautiful sapphire blue orbs he’d recognize anywhere widened.

“Mike?” she whispered and smiled. “You came.”

Her lids closed, and she was unconscious again.

Carrying her back to the vehicle, surprised to see Shirley seated there already, he gently placed his new passenger on the backseat and then got behind the wheel once more.

“Quickly,” Shirley said. “We’ve got no time to lose. The tornado’s going to cross the road a quarter-mile from here. We don’t want to be too close when it does.”

Making a three-point turn, Bill stepped on the gas, hoping to outrun this leg of the storm.

You can get a copy of Hello Again from any Amazon distributor. It’s free to read with KU!


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