Getting Ready for NaNoWriMo

Well, it’s almost November. Last weekend I had a fabulous time in Lake Placid with my husband, sort of a last minutes of “us” time before the insanity of winter. Once again, I’ve chosen to participate in NaNoWriMo, National Novel Writing Month. Last year, I participated in two events. In Plain Sight coverI went to Boot Camp in April 2013 and wrote In Plain Sight  which was released in August 2013 by Crimson Romance.  Writing a 56,000 word novel in a month seemed like an impossible task on the first day, but when you break it down, it works out to less than 2,000 words a day. For a verbose person like me, that was easy. I wrote the book my way, editing as I went along, adding in the word count accordingly.  Since I worked on my own, I had no one breathing over my shoulder to hurry me on. As you may know, I’m self-chained to my computer at least eight hours a day, so sticking power isn’t an issue.

A friend suggested I participate in the Entangled Smackdown last year. Entangled provided an editor with tips to get you going. Unlike the last time, this time I was part of a team. I registered with NaNoWriMo to get my daily word count tabulated, but I also logged on to Savvy Authors each day to keep up with things there. This writing experience was different. It began with the need to complete a GMC (Goal, Motivation, Conflict) sheet and a beat sheet, a type of plot graph for the novel, as well as a one page synopsis. I almost quit at that point. I am a true blue pantser. I do not plot the books. I select a title, and let the story come to me from that. I name my characters and let them flesh themselves out for me, and I never do a GMC or Beat sheet. I seriously doubted my ability to so so because I generally have no idea where the story’s going until I get there.

EchoesofthePast_MEDIn addition to the pre-participation items and the “lessons”, I was to participate in daily group activities–answer a question, tweet encouragement to the members of my team, join in daily sprints, and post my totals for the day, calculating the points I’d earned for the team. The hardest part was not editing as I wrote, one thing I constantly do. I’d chosen to write my novel with the Ignite imprint in mind. Because I’m so pig-headed, I stuck with the task and completed the rough draft of Echoes of the Past, 88,000 plus words, a romance suspense with paranormal elements and Native American flavor.  It took me about the same amount of time to complete the edits for it, but Echoes of the Past  was published in July 2014 by Secret Cravings Publishing.

There it is. I participated in NaNo twice and wrote and sold two books. I was definitely participating again. There were things that drove me crazy about the Entangled Smackdown last year, and although all the pre-writing stuff isn’t for me, I know what it is this year and have a leg up on it. The rules for NaNo are explicit that nothing can be started until November 1, and I’m a stickler for rules, but I’ve taken the time this week to lay out my story. I’m looking at a contemporary romance this time, short by my standards at 55,000 words. I’ve targeted the Love Struck imprint. The bonus to Smackdown is that the winning team gets a shot at a contract  with Entangled, so if I win… If not, as was the case last year, I’ll submit to one of my other publishers.

So, with the rules and guidelines in mind, I’ve started planning it out. What will my NaNo book be this year? I’m looking at Yours, Mine, and Ours. 

Here’s the basic idea, but you can be sure it’ll change once the characters get involved and have their way. You can count four things though. I will set the scene as I always do with lost of description so you’ll feel as if you’re there. I will use humor to spice up the dialogue and move the story along,  I will create a love story for the ages as I’ve done before, and the happily ever after ending will be well-earned.

Temporary About the Book 

tropical IslandParadise Island, where all your dreams come true.

When MJ Summers checks into the Paradise Island Resort alone on what should have been her honeymoon, the last thing she expects in to be found naked in the shower by Paul Davis, her brother’s best friend and the bane of her teenage years. Discovering the hotel double booked the room doesn’t help, but since they practically grew up together, she agrees to share the holiday with him—one room, two beds.

Paul’s experiences in Afghanistan have changed him, convinced him that sharing your heart with someone can only lead to pain. MJ is a far cry from the girl he remembers, but he’s determined to fight the attraction if it’s the last thing he does. Unfortunately, he can’t quite tamp down the rescuer side of his personality. When  a vicious tropical storm brings back the nightmares he thought he’d left behind, MJ  already terrified of storms seeks  to comfort him and herself, but one thing leads to another and a long, stormy night neither of them will ever forget.

Driven by guilt and shame, Paul leaves the next morning before MJ awakes. Broken-hearted, ashamed of her wantonness, and mortified at being dumped again, MJ returns home only to discover she’s brought back more than the tacky souvenirs decorating her new house. Convinced, Paul doesn’t want her and wouldn’t want their baby, she prepares to go it alone, protect her teaching career by inventing a military husband currently deployed. Unfortunately, fate has other ideas in mind and sooner or later, the truth will out.

When MJ and Paul meet again, things get more complicated than ever. How is she ever going to make this right? Can she convince him and herself to give love a chance?

I’d love to know what you think of the new story idea. Post your comment for a chance to win a PDF review copy of Coming Home, Book One of the Talking a Chance on Love series from Misty Matthews, my alter ego.

Look Who Dropped By Today: Christy Newton

Christmas is in tChristmasCoverFronthe air! Welcome my friend Christy Newton who’s here to share her latest release with us. Since Christy never disappoints, I’m looking forward to reading this one.

About A Little Bit of Christmas

After a tragic accident that brought the small town of Wynter Haven to their knees, Claire Belmont and Nick Lewis went in opposite directions coping in very different ways. Three years later, Claire gets a call urging her to come back to help her friend move past his grief.

It will take more than a little hot cider, gingerbread and mistletoe to bring back Nick’s holiday spirit. He hasn’t celebrated Christmas since his twin sister died. In fact, he’s mastered locking up his feelings so he will never be hurt again.

Claire has a secret and hopes that somehow she and Nick can both get a Christmas miracle this year. After all, Nichole would want them to be happy and cherish the holiday that had been their favorite. Maybe a little bit of Christmas is just what they both need.


Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000026_00006]

Available in ebook and paperback Nov. 1!

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Look Who Dropped By Today: Beverly Ovalle

One of the best things about being an author is getting to meet and help promote other authors. My guest today is Beverly Ovalle whose novella, Triple D Dude Ranch was released October 4, 2014 by Secret Cravings Publishing. If you want a quick, hot read, this is it.

Triple D Dude Ranch Blog Tour graphic

About Triple D Dude Ranch:

Blaire is a freelance photographer on assignment. She is heading home to Texas, armed with her camera to do a photo feature for the Tribune. Taking photos of the dude ranch, she gets an eyeful of an uninhibited cowboy through her lens. The summer heat of Texas has nothing on the heat he generates in her.

Dan was expecting a photographer but not the sexy urban cowgirl that arrived. He knew it was hot out, he just hadn’t expected the hot and sexy woman to make him burn the minute he caught sight of her. One look and he had to quench this fire inside.

One touch between Dan and Blaire sparks a wildfire that burns hotter than the Texas summer and is just as hard to put out.


Heat IndexHeat IndexHeat IndexHeat Index Erotic

  • Explicit adult language
  • Offensive to some

TripleDDude Ranch_MEDExcerpt from Triple D Dude Ranch:

Graduation had her moving to Chicago. After a couple of years of living and working there, she realized that Chicago couldn’t give her the life she thought she’d wanted. What she wanted was right here in Texas, so when she got this assignment, she packed her bags, sublet her apartment, and headed home.

The GPS announced she was there. Looking around, Blaire spotted the driveway; it was hard to miss. The wrought iron arch over the drive simply proclaimed Triple D Dude Ranch. She frowned. The drive was just as dusty as the road, and there was not a hotel in sight.

Sighing, Blaire put on her signal and pulled over. She stopped and grabbed her camera. A picture of the arch, with the wrought iron words showcasing the name, would be a perfect shot. Blaire opened her door and groaned as the leather made a sucking sound as she peeled herself off. Maybe she shouldn’t have shucked her panties at that last stop. She hadn’t thought about peeling herself off the leather seats, only how infernally hot the day was. Stepping out, she looked both ways before she minced to the opposite side of the road. The heels of the unfamiliar and recently purchased cowboy boots and the long drive had made her a bit wobbly.

Blaire lifted her camera, uncovering the lens and holding the cap in her hand. No dust on the lens, she was glad to see. It wouldn’t have surprised her at all if there were. She felt like every crevice of her body had grit in it. Her cute Western outfit might never be the same. She felt wilted from head to toe. Lining up the arch in her lens, Blaire cursed as she dropped the lens cap on the ground. One of these days she’d remember to attach it with the string to the camera itself.

“Damn it!” Bending over from the waist, she picked up the cap from the ground; after all, it was a good opportunity to do one of her daily stretches. Blaire tucked it in the pocket on the front of her cute little denim skirt as she stood, like she should have in the first place.

Lining up the arch once again, Blaire could see that the dust continued, the drive a little smoother than the road coming in. Shaking her head, she snapped a picture. Moving around, she tried to capture it from different angles. She could always delete the ones that didn’t work.

Finishing, Blaire decided she’d had enough of the arch. There had to be at least one good one. She started back to the car when she heard a noise and whirled around.

Her breath caught and she instinctively lifted the camera for a shot. Holy hotness! That was  a real cowboy. Her eyes widened as she looked through the lens, quickly snapping a picture.

Triple D Dude Ranch is available fom:

SCP:   Amazon:

About the Author:

100_1675Beverly Ovalle lives in Wisconsin with her husband Edmond of 25 years and two Chinese Water Dragons. Having her own Dragons is expected as she is dragon crazy and anyone that walks in her house can tell. Her son Nicholas visits when he is on leave from the Marines.  Her daughter Susannah visits from time to time to make sure us ‘old’ folks are alive and kicking.

Beverly has traveled around the world thanks to five years in the US Navy and has worked for the government in one capacity or another for the past 30 years. Beverly and her brothers have travelled most of the continental United States as children due to the station wagon from Hell.  Still active with veterans, she is adjutant for her local AMVETS.

Beverly has been reading romances since her Aunt introduced her to the gothic romance in the fourth grade and is still reading every chance she gets.

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Mid Week Tease: Coming Home

midweekteaseGood morning. Hard to believe we’re halfway through October. I mentioned some time ago that I not only publish books under my own name, I co-author books with an extremely talented Canadian author from Newfoundland, Misty Cail, and we write under the name Misty Matthews.

Today, Secret Cravings Publishing is releasing our book, Coming Home. It’s Book One of the Taking a Chance on Love series. This book was previously published, but has since undergone a complete makeover, one which has increased its Christmas appeal, since we’ve expanded on the holiday aspects of the story as well as on the characters and their relationship to the people of Chance and one another.  Coming Home will be available on Amazon within a few days. For now, it can be purchased from the SCP bookstore. I hope you enjoy this week’s tease.

About Coming Home:

Home is where the heart is.

Motorcycle riding, attorney Alana Stewart is a far cry from the shy, teenager who left Chance determined never to look back. Family obligations force her to return to the town that only holds bad memories for her. A stop at her former sanctuary brings an unexpected surprise…the new manager just might be what she needs to get her through the holidays.

When sexy, leather-clad Alana walks into the bookstore, Connor Tate, has a feeling he may be in for the ride of his life. Despite the fact that their lives are headed in different directions, they are drawn to one another. Connor is determined to prove to Alana that Chance isn’t the place she remembers, but will his efforts fail when she discovers he hasn’t told her the whole truth about himself? Can they trust each other enough to take a chance on love?

Click here to buy

This week’s tease:

Coming Home coverGone was the shy, skinny girl in glasses the other kids teased and the town folks ignored. If she had been recognized, no doubt one of the concerned citizens was on the phone right now setting her mother straight. Mom probably wouldn’t be impressed she’d made a familiar stop on the way home, but what else was new?

Alana smiled wryly. Well, they may not have noticed me then, but it looks like they’re seeing me now.

Those on the street craned their necks, and she felt their gazes following her as she sauntered over to Tate’s Bookstore, helmet hanging casually from her hand the way another woman’s purse might. Someone inside the bookstore looked out the front window, probably as curious as the others were, but they quickly pulled back as she approached.

Alana stood on the sidewalk admiring her old hangout, letting the past claim her before pushing the brass handle to open the door. The antique bell tinkled, announcing her arrival just as it had years ago. Memories of the hours spent in this place washed over her. The familiar aroma of old books, a scent she loved, surrounded her. Eagerly, she stepped forward, anxious to see Mr. Tate again. They’d spent hours together discussing her favorite books.

Sadness filled her. Things had changed. No matter what he’d been doing, Mr. Tate had always come at the sound of the bell. Another thought struck her. Perhaps he didn’t own the bookstore anymore. It was common practice for new owners to keep a business’s original name. Goodwill was a marketable commodity these days.

“Hello, is anyone here?” Her voice echoed in the emptiness of the shop.

A touch nervous—the insecurity of the past catching up with her—she moved deeper into the store, and started when a man cleared his throat. Looking in the direction of the sound, she was pleasantly surprised when a stranger stepped out from between two rows of shelves. The man was most definitely not the one she’d expected.

Dressed in jeans that hugged him in all the right places, a white T-shirt, and a gray and black striped sweater vest, he took her breath away. Clean shaven with striking green eyes peering at her from behind large black framed glasses, he was gorgeous.  His look was totally geek-chic and it drew her as no other did. Even though she never acted on the yearning guys like that sometimes evoked in her, she could appreciate a masterpiece when she saw it. His expensive, spicy, tantalizing cologne aroused a sudden desire that pulsed through her.

Usually shy around males, a holdover from her teen years, she stared at him openly. The man was pure eye candy, and she loved candy! From the way he stood, she could tell there was a toned and fit body hidden under his clothes. Finding herself wishing she could see more of it, she felt her cheeks grow hot at the implication of her thoughts.

The man seemed vaguely familiar, and she rattled her brain trying to place him, but try as she might, she couldn’t imagine anyone she knew back then looking like this today. Had she seen this god before, she’d certainly have remembered him.

“Can I help you?” His bold gaze took in every inch of her. The look on his face said he liked what he saw.

“I was looking for Mr. Tate. Is he around?” she asked, amazed her voice sounded normal when her heart was beating so fast he must surely hear it.

“I’m sorry. Dad isn’t here right now. Is there something I can do for you?”

Lots! Her brain screamed as her raging hormones threatened to take over and destroy what little common sense she had left. Peering at him closely, she tried to zone in on the familiarity she’d sensed. Dad? It hit her.

Holy crap! Connor Tate.

He’d changed so much she hadn’t recognized him, which was crazy since she’d had a huge crush on him in high school. While she’d never been the girl who ogled the captain of the football team, she’d liked the smart guy—the one who carried books around and wanted to learn things the way she did. Mesmerized, her eyes searched his face for a sign of recognition. Gone was his acne and hundred-pound weakling scrawny frame. Instead, she stared at perfection. Her brain screamed at her to say something—anything.

“It’s Connor, right?” she asked as if seeing him again wasn’t flooding her with memories, not all of them pleasant. “I’m sorry I missed him. Where is he?”

“My parents are visiting my sister in Florida. They travel a lot these days.”

“That’s wonderful. I’ll bet he’s having a grand time. He always wanted to travel.”

Mr. Tate had spoken about all the places in the world he’d like to visit, and since she’d assumed she’d never get out of Chance, she’d traveled in her books while the shop had kept her friend’s feet firmly planted in Chance.

“You know my father?” His voice was tinged with curiosity and confusion.

“I do.” Alana smiled. “We were really good friends when I was growing up in Chance. This place was like my second home.”

“Alana Stewart?”

Surprised he knew her name, she nodded. “Guilty as charged, your honor.”

“I heard through the rumor mill you were coming home; you’re a lawyer now, right?” Connor looked her up and down again.

“Corporate, specializing in litigation,” she added. “Nothing gets by the small-town gossips, does it?” Her voice was laced with sarcasm, and she was unable to keep her disdain from coming through clearly. She was sure he noticed her tone, but to his credit, he didn’t comment.

“Did you want something? Or did you stop by just to see my father?”

“Well, I did, but I might as well pick up a new novel or two to read while I’m home. I feel naked without a book on the go.”

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Thanksgiving: A Lot To Be Grateful For This Year

IMG_0275Well, today is Friday, and the start of the 2014 Thanksgiving weekend in Canada–Columbus Day for my American friends. I know you celebrate Thanksgiving late in November, a prelude to Christmas and shopping madness, but for us up here in the Great White North, it comes  amidst all of nature’s glory and bounty. This image is of a wall hanging from Upper Canada Village and made of plants, seeds, and flowers. Isn’t it gorgeous?

This year, I have a lot for which to be grateful. I’m still on the right side of the grass, as they say, feeling better than ever. My mom and dad are doing well considering they’re both in their mid-eighties. My children are currently happy, enjoying success in their lives and occupations, and my husband is looking forward to curling season. God’s been good to us.

When I decided to become a writer, I knew I wouldn’t be making the New York Bestseller list, but I think I’ve done well for myself. This year, thanks to marketing from Crimson Romance, my publisher, Fire Angel has sold over one thousand copies. It’s a far cry from the millions of copies of Fifty Shades sold, but it’s a beginning.

As I take time to sit back and reflect on the events in my life this year, I realize the disappointments have been countered by positive change, some that saw me kicking and screaming to avoid, but in the end, everything seems to have unfolded as it should. While I lost two publishers because of their less than honest business practices, I’ve gained three I can count on and kept the two I had who’ve worked well for me. I’ve revised and republished the books that I had to remove from publication, and I sold others who might have died in limbo. My writing partnership with Misty continues to flourish, and we’re committed to three more books in our Taking a Chance on Love Series. How great is that?

One of the highlights of my year was going to Toledo and meeting two of my fellow authors. It was so great to actually put a face to them and talk to them in person rather than in an online chat. I hope someday to meet all of those who’ve become part of my life that way.

If Thanksgiving is my year end, then, as I close the door on this year, I can look forward to the next. I have two books almost ready to send to publishers and four books to be released between now and May, 2015. In November, I start NaNoWriMo with the Entangled Smackdown again–this time writing another contemporary romance since Just For The Weekend and Grand Slam have done well for me. And then, it’ll be Christmas with all the bells and whistles associated with it.

There are so many adventures out there waiting for me in 2015. In June, I’ll be taking the Alaskan cruise–watch for a book set there. I’ll be camping again in July, hoping for a better summer than we had, and who knows where else life will take me.

Happy Thanksgiving to all my friends. May God be as good to you as He’s been to me.

Mid Week Tease: Another Taste of Fire Angel

midweekteaseGood morning. It’s a typical autumn day–raining, dreary and cold. UGH! Thanks to the lovely Sandra Bunino, I can share a taste of my first published novel with you today. Fire Angel was the Bookbub selection on Friday, October 3, 2014, and is still available for 98 cents from, just over a dollar from until October 10th. It was a hell of a thrill to watch it climb all the way to # 152 in overall sales and #13 in the suspense category. I won’t see much money from this, but I’m hoping it will get me new readers who’ll be interested in buying my other books.

About Fire Angel:

A malicious serial killer is out for revenge, and he doesn’t care how many people have to die before he gets it. Using fire as a weapon, he strikes at random, and the bodies are piling up, leaving the citizens of Paradise wondering who is next.

Fire AngelBetrayed by the one closest to him, criminal profiler Jake McKenzie has returned from Afghanistan minus a leg and afraid to trust his instincts. When the police chief asks for his expertise in identifying the killer, he agrees knowing this is his chance to prove he can still do the job.

Sixteen years ago, fiercely independent Alexis Michaels escaped an abusive uncle and a deadly fire, to become one of the country’s top fire and arson investigators.  She reluctantly accepts the assignment and returns home to lead the hunt for the killer, knowing she will have to confront the memories she has repressed all these years. Her uncanny ability to put herself in the arsonist’s place is the skill they need to find this maniac.

When Jake discovers that his new partner is the girl who has haunted his dreams all these years, he finds himself enthralled, but memories of his dead wife make him doubt his emotions. Alexis has few pleasant memories of Paradise, but Jake is one of them. Undeniably drawn to him, she longs for a deeper relationship, but won’t compete with a ghost.

Until they catch the killer, they must set aside their conflicted emotions and work together. The clock is ticking, and the killer has made it clear: Alexis is next.

Here’s one of its reviews:

“Fire Angel” tears us from our complacency to view a quiet town scorched by a homicidal maniac.  With superb mastery of her craft, Susanne Matthews drags us screaming into the horror of a forensic mystery. “Fire Angel” unravels the journey of her gorgeous but damaged hero, criminal profiler Jake and his arson expert partner Alexis. As they search to uncover the identity of the murderer and fire-starter, they begin to reveal the issues that their mutual past has dogged their lives.

Susanne’s “Fire Angel” weaves the various threads of suspicion and romance together so exquisitely with her descriptions that you can follow close behind, trying to warn her characters to beware. Alexis is so easy to relate to, a strong woman who has rebuilt her life from a broken childhood and her growing feelings for the emotionally and physically broken Jake, flowers naturally. As they seek the twisted mind behind the growing body count, dismissing suspects as their alibis hold up against examination, they are drawn closer together.  A fast and exciting read which never lets the reader come up for air. I could find no faults whatsoever in Fire Angel. I thoroughly enjoyed reading “Fire Angel” and would unreservedly recommend it to other readers.

This Week’s Tease:

Alexis stared at the escarpment that edged the gorge. The first fire had been located in the forest just upriver. It was lucky that the fire had not spread to the trees—forest fires were as dangerous in Canada as they were in California. The locals said it was arson, but until she saw the scene herself, she would not know for sure. Accidental fires had been mistaken for arson in the past by inexperienced fire inspectors, and innocent men and women had been jailed because of misinterpreted evidence. Dismissing the idea from her mind, she walked towards the reception office of the motor inn.

She opened the door and entered. She wanted a drink, a meal and hot shower—in that order. The desk clerk, a handsome man in his early thirties, looked over his shoulder at the sound of the bell. There was something familiar about him that tickled her memory; she wondered fleetingly if they had met years ago. Even though she had sworn off men after her last disastrous relationship, she felt a flicker of interest for this one, a familiar coil of heat teasing her, as if her body remembered something her mind had forgotten. She chose to spend most of her time alone, but she could be flexible for this guy. He stood, limped over to the counter, and smiled at her.

He was gorgeous, tall, topping her five foot nine inches by at least six inches. He was muscled, but not in that overblown bodybuilder way. His short chestnut hair spiked gently on top. He was clean-shaven with a Kirk Douglas dimple in his chin under sensuous full lips. What struck her most about him were his eyes, familiar eyes that she couldn’t place, deep blue like Moraine Lake, the popular glacier-fed lake in the Rockies, the kind of eyes in which a person could drown.

“Hi,” she said surprised by the catch in her voice. “Alexis Michaels; I have a reservation. I’m a little late.” She winced—three hours was more than a little late.

He stared at her a few moments as if he’d lost the ability to speak. She tilted her head, giving him a quizzical look.

“Sorry,” he stammered. “We’ve been expecting you; not to worry, your reservation was guaranteed.” His voice, once he’d found it, was as smooth as fine whiskey.

“Welcome to Paradise. Everything is ready; if I could just have your credit card?” He had an incredible smile. His eyes crinkled at the corners involving his whole face in the gesture of warmth and welcome. Why was it that a man’s wrinkles were sexy, character building, while a woman’s just made her look old and frumpy? Crow’s feet—isn’t that what they’re called? Another example of the inequality of the sexes, she thought. They never advertise wrinkle cream for men!

Alexis handed over her agency credit card, signed the paper authorizing the expense, and pocketed the large brass key he had given her.

“Generally, we can’t use the electronic locks on the cabin doors at this time of year; there’s too much moisture from the ice and snow.”

“That’s okay.” She smiled. “I don’t know how long I’ll be here, and if the weather changes. . .”

He offered to help with her luggage, but she thanked him, and said she could manage. She usually traveled light; besides, she didn’t plan on taking everything out of the car tonight. Her duffel bag, camera, and computer would do; the rest she’d unload in the morning.

She inquired about the hours for the restaurant attached to the motor inn.

“We stop serving dinner at nine, but snacks are available until eleven,” he said. “We open for breakfast at six.”

She nodded, thanked him again, and went out to the car. Having that piece of eye candy around to admire and drool over might help her deal with the stress that she was sure would surface while she was here; in fact, just seeing him made her feel better. The headache she had anticipated thanks to the horrendous drive seemed to have disappeared, and she felt more relaxed than she had all day. Who says candy isn’t good for you? Maybe once she had dinner, she might look up her so-called partner.

She pulled the key out of her pocket and checked the number.

“Great,” she sighed. As luck would have it, her assigned cabin was the one furthest from the motor inn itself. It looked ominous outlined as it was against the trees, with the low fog hovering above the stone walkway—a setting straight out of a gothic novel.

The only light visible was the multicolored glow from the neon sign. Swallowing a mouthful of discomfort, she got into the car and drove across the parking lot until she was as close as she could get to her door. She grabbed her stuff from the back seat, and locked the vehicle. The headlights would stay on for sixty seconds, giving her ample time to get the key in the lock, open the door, and turn on the light.

She walked up the fieldstone sidewalk to the cabin door. She wasn’t sure whether the iron grillwork over the cabin’s windows made her feel safe or imprisoned. The vision of being trapped in a burning cabin came vividly to mind. She couldn’t help but wonder if they were trying to keep someone in or something out.

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Look Who Dropped By Today: Rori Shay! It’s Cover Reveal Time.

Today, I’d like to welcome Rori Shay. This morning, she wants to share her latest book with you, and to make it special, she’s hosting a giveaway with three great prizes. In addition, to celebrate the upcoming 2015 release of Suspected, Book 2 of the Elected Series, Book 1, Elected, is available at a reduced price.

All about Elected:

It’s the year 2185, andElected-cover-web in two weeks, Aloy will turn eighteen and take her father’s place as president of the country. But to do so, she must masquerade as a boy to avoid violating the Eco-Accords, four treaties designed to bring the world back from the effects of climate change. Aloy hopes to govern like her father, but she is inheriting a different country where long-concealed political enemies are stepping out of the shadows. 

As she struggles to lead, Aloy maintains her cover by marrying a woman, meanwhile battling feelings for the boy who knows her secret – the boy who is somehow connected to her country’s recent upheaval. When assassination attempts add to the turmoil, Aloy doesn’t know whom to trust. She understood leadership required sacrifice. She just didn’t realize the sacrifice might be her life.

ELECTED is a coming of age story, mixing the themes of gender, politics, environmentalism, and above all – love.

Buy links for ELECTED (special sale price of 99 cents for book 2’s cover reveal):

  1. Amazon:
  2. Barnes & Noble:
  3. Silence in the Library Publishing:

And without further ado, A drum roll please for the cover reveal for Book 2 of the Elected series, Suspected.

All About Suspected:

suspected-1-revised 8-24-14-large-2East Country upheld the laws. Mid destroyed them.

In the year 2185 Earth is rebuilding after climate change created a global eco-crisis. Countries maintain complete isolation so there is no warfare over scarce resources. One Elected family is chosen to lead each country for 100 years to ensure stability. Women aren’t allowed to take office and must reproduce at all costs. Technology use of any kind is banned to preserve what’s left of the environment.

And yet, I’m my country’s Elected. I’ve just sanctioned technology use to ready us for war. I’m about to cross the border to spy on our neighbor.  And…I’m a girl.


Put SUSPECTED on your goodreads “want to read” list:

Check this out and mark your calendars:

The Pendant, a prequel short story to ELECTED coming out through Silence in the Library Publishing in December 2014!  Watch Silence in the Library’s website for that news!

About the author:

roriRori Shay is a strategic management consultant living in the Seattle area with her family, black lab, and cat.  In the writing world, Rori is primarily known for her science fiction trilogy, The Elected Series.  She received a BS from the University of Maryland and an MBA from George Washington University.  She enjoys running, reading, snow-shoeing, and pumpkin-picking!  Rori is a member of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI).

Now, Here’s your chance to win.

Rafflecopter contest:

Winner receives:

  1. A signed paperback copy of ELECTED
  2. An ebook ARC of SUSPECTED
  3. Aloy’s key necklace from ELECTED

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