Accent on Romance: Best February Sale Ever!


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Hello. Happy Friday! Sick of winter? I certainly am, and it’s time to escape the cold, snow, and ice and disappear into some amazing books.  Although the sale officially starts on Monday,  February 18 and ends Friday, February 22, 2019, many of these books, including mine, have already been reduced in price.

And to top it off, there are two amazing giveaways that go with it. Some books are free; others are 99 cents! So what are you waiting for? Check them out!

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Get complete sale and contest details as well as more info on each book here!

Don’t waste another minute looking elsewhere. The books you want are here!




Romance for Valentine’s Day!

Good morning! After two weeks on a cruise in the warm, sunny south/eastern Caribbean, I’m back at work. Winter is never a truly fun time for me, but that two weeks of heat and sun rejuvenate me to make the rest of it tolerable. Snow, ice, and arthritic pain disappeared, and the world was good again.

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But back to work. We’re just a week away from the supposedly most romantic day of the year? How do you celebrate? My hubby of 47 years and I usually exchange cards and have dinner out. This year, we anticipated the holiday on the last night of our cruise. He bought me a silver bracelet and we had dinner at Cagney’s, one of the specialty restaurants on NCL cruises.

As my token of esteem, I’ve put two of my romance novels–Same Time Next Year and Wedding Bell Blues–on sale for only 99 cents each. These books, as well as all of my others currently available are free to read on Kindle Unlimited if that’s your preference.

Books are available from any Amazon retailer. If you don’t have a Kindle, you can download the free Kindle app and read on your phone, computer, or tablet!

I hope your Valentine’s day brings you the love and happiness you deserve!

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Have a great weekend!

Midweek Tease: Release Day for Murder & Mistletoe

MWTease15Happy Thanksgiving to my American readers. I wish you a day of family togetherness and fun.for a fun family reunion.

Welcome to this week’s Midweek Tease and Release Day for Murder & Mistletoe, my holiday romance suspense. If you’re a fan of my suspense novels, I know you’re going to love this one. What’s not to love? There’s missing treasure, murder, a spooky old mansion, and a greedy relative who just doesn’t know how to share and play nice! All the ingredients needed for a fun family reunion.

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It’s especially wonderful to see author Doris O’Connor her again.  Let’s hope her health continues to improve.

Many thanks to Angelica Dawson for making this weekly bog hop possible.

The blurb:

Going home for Christmas can be deadly.
Candy Kayne agrees to go to Black Oaks, the Georgia plantation her ancestor reluctantly left after the Civil War, to meet the family she’s never known and help Steve set a trap for his wife’s killer. Even the wildest tales have a kernel of truth in them and as she learns more about the family’s history, she realizes that coming here may have been the biggest mistake of her life.
Losing Amy almost destroyed Steve Anderson, but when Candy steps into his life, her sweetness chases the dark gloom away. But when he realizes the man who murdered his wife may have set his sights on Candy, he’ll do whatever he has to in order to keep her safe.

This week’s tease follows those of the last three weeks.

The minister stopped speaking. What had he said? Had he spoken about Amy’s kind heart? Had he mentioned how her smiles lit up the room and made him feel like the luckiest man on earth? Had he mourned the angel child who would never brighten the world around her?

Hand in hand, he and his son approached the mound and stepped close enough to each drop two red roses—red for love—into the open grave onto the oak box filled with ashes.

Their unborn daughter had needed an identity, needed to be acknowledged even if she’d never drawn a breath. So many stones in this cemetery bore the name Amelia. Giving the accursed name to a child who would never see the light of day couldn’t hurt anyone.

Scotty, auburn-haired like him but with his mother’s hazel eyes, whimpered at his side, his body trembling. He squeezed the boy’s hand. They wouldn’t forget—that was impossible—but they both had to move on. He’d never given much thought to the afterlife, but if there was one, then Amy had earned her reward, and knowing her as he did, not even death could stop her from keeping an eye on them. He wouldn’t let her down.

Dazed with grief, he stood and watched as other family members dropped roses into the hole and then came over to express their condolences.

“Hang in there,” Michael said, pulling him into a bear hug. “We’ll get through this.”

Steve nodded. “I wanted to thank you for being there that day … It meant a lot.”

“Don’t. We’re family, real family. If there’s anything you want, anything I can do, just ask. I can’t stay any longer, but you know how to reach me.” Shoulders bent as if he too carried the weight of the world, Michael moved away and headed to his car.

“I’m so sorry, Steve,” Naomi, his cousin Beau Lascelle’s wife, pulled him into a fierce hug. “I loved Amy like a sister. Harvey’s promised to keep me in the loop, and I plan to do some digging myself. When we find this bastard, I’ll prosecute him with everything in me. Then, when the time comes for justice to be served, I’ll sit right beside you when they stick the needle into his arm and send him straight to hell.”

“And I’ll be there, too, right next to my lovely bride, getting justice for Amy,” Beau slurred, the smell of alcohol wafting off of him even though it wasn’t yet ten in the morning.

Naomi sighed. “Beau, for heaven’s sake, try to get hold of yourself.”

“For you, my dear, anything.” He turned to him, and reached for his hand, gripping it with both of his.  “Steve, whatever I can do.” He pursed his lips, nodded, and walked away.

“I’m sorry,” Naomi shook her head. “Losing the baby was hard on us, and now Amy … They were so close … she introduced us.” Tears shimmered in her eyes. “If he doesn’t stop drinking, his grave will be the next one dug here.”

A vicious gust of wind swirled, tossing up dirt into their faces, shrouding them in a fine red mist, forcing them to close their eyes. When the dust settled, he looked down at the petite attorney once more.

“They were closer than he is to his own sister,” he agreed. “Give him time.”

But time won’t help me. Nothing will.

Murder & Mistletoe is available from all Amazon dealers and is free to read on KU! 


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MidWeekTease November 21, 2018

Book Fair! New Releases

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Good morning and welcome to November’s book fair, sponsored by Australian author, Iris Blobel. As always, I’m thrilled to have been invited to participate with my new, soon to be released novel, Murder & Mistletoe, due out November 21st, but available for pre-order today.  And as pumped as I am about my release, there are many great books and anthologies available to you.


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You’ll find mystery, romance, history, comedy, and more, so take a few minutes to pop over to

and find a new book to read or even a new author to follow. Remember, some of the books will be free to read on KU.

Lastly, heads up,  Amazon has been working in the background and it seems many international readers are currently unable to view some kdp books on the The problems vary from the book not even being there to messages like “This title is not currently available for purchase”. If that happens, please check the Amazon. that you are expected to use for purchasing. This won’t affect US  readers or those of you with an American IP address. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause. 

Have a wonderful weekend!


Falling Leaves Giveaway!

Accent on Romance - September Giveaway Graphic

Days are slowly getting shorter and cooler. It’s time to relax  and enjoy your quiet evenings. Why not take the time to find some new books and authors for those long nights in the not too distant future?
Accent on Romance has just the thing! Welcome to Day 1 of the Falling Leaves Giveaway, sponsored by eBookbetty! This is your chance to pick up some great books for 99 cents or less and possibly win one of three fantastic prize in the process. Check it all out here for your chance to win!
Have a look at these great deals:
Mystery, Paranormal, Romance from Carmen De Sousa

Homicide detectives Gino Canale and Mark Waters don’t believe in ghosts. Not yet anyway.

But when a murder and attempted homicide mimic cold-case murders, and it appears entities are working from beyond the grave to right a wrong, they start to wonder if life and death can cross tracks… FREE!


Contemporary romance, romantic suspense from Jackie Weger

No Perfect Destiny by [Weger, Jackie]Leah Spenser is hiding all she holds dear in plain sight. Detective Leo Garvey can wreck her life and hovers like a spy drone on a target. Worse, he wears pheromones like most men wear aftershave. Resisting in not easy. Leo is charming, witty, soft spoken and seems to have her best interests at heart. Or maybe not…  FREE!

Contemporary Romance, Multicultural Romance, Native American Hero from Donna Fasano

Utter desperation is the only reason Tyne Whitlock would ever seek the help of high-powered attorney Lucas Silver Hawk. Sixteen years ago, Lucas fathered her son-a fact he is unaware of-and now their son has landed on the wrong side of the law. But reaching out to Lucas will tear open the past in ways Tyne never imagined. Only 99 cents! 



Romantic Suspense from Mimi Barbour

Cass won’t rest until her brother’s murderers are jailed or dead. She goes after them one at a time until she gets her revenge. Detective McGuire takes a bullet for her and now the annoying good-looker feels responsible and won’t leave her alone. FREE!



Romantic Suspense/Mystery/Suspense From Colleen Connally

Fragmented: A Serial Killer Thriller (Boston's Crimes of Passion Book 1) by [Connally, Colleen]A psychological thriller~ FRAGMENTED by Colleen Connally Behind the mask of unthinkable obsession, nothing is how it appears! Boston’s Crimes of Passion Series, Book 1    FREE!

Paranormal Romance from Mia Fox

Malibu Angel (Guardian Angel Book 1) by [Fox, Mia]Every girl could use a guardian angel, and if that angel happens to be a hot Malibu lifeguard, all the better.

But the laws of Angels clearly state that they can’t get involved with their assignment.

But maybe…they can bend the rules a bit. Only 99 cents!

Contemporary romance, chick-lit from Melinda De Ross

CELEBRITY: (A Bookish&Sexy novel) by [De Ross, Melinda]The journey of a young writer who trades her simple existence in Chicago for the glamorous Hollywood life, full of luxury and scandal. And where the general motto seems to be “live fast, die young”. FREE!

Superhero; Urban Fantasy; SciFi Romance From Aurora Springer

Super Starrella (Secret Supers Book 1) by [Springer, Aurora]After Estelle Wright gains superpowers in an accident, she juggles college classes with fighting alien menaces on the city streets. She is aided by a sarcastic flying horse and a good-looking biker with a ton of secrets.
Fun, action-packed adventure and romance set in a fictional version of Atlanta.  Only 99 cents!

Romance, Women’s Fiction from Rebecca Talley

Imperfect Love: A Sweet Romance by [Talley, Rebecca]A rocky marriage, a baby on the way, and a devastating diagnosis that changes everything. Amidst her shattered life, will Lauren Wilson still find the happily-ever-after she so desperately seeks?  Only 99 cents!

Women’s Fiction from Julie Frayn

It Isn't Cheating if He's Dead by [Frayn, Julie]After four long years, Jemima Stone’s missing fiancé is found dead. Hot detective Finn Wight is on the case – and in Jemima’s bed. Then she meets a homeless man whose secrets could change everything. Can feeding the downtrodden and finding new love mend a broken heart? Only 99 cents!

Romance/Women’s Fiction from Susanne Matthews

Same Time Next Year by [Matthews, Susanne]Twyla’s life changed dramatically when the boy she loved didn’t return her desperate call. Now, fifty years later, she returns to the scene of her heartbreak to write her memoirs and find out what went so terribly wrong. Will discovering the answer heal her broken heart or make things worse?  Only 99 cents!

Cozy Mystery, Sweet Romance from Debra Burroughs

The Betrayal of Lies, Mystery with a Romantic Twist (Paradise Valley Mystery Series Book 5) by [Burroughs, Debra]Sassy private-eye Emily Parker has a sexy police detective fiancé and a near-perfect life in quaint Paradise Valley…that is, until the wedding planner goes missing, sending the lovebirds on a dangerous investigation. Can they uncover the truth before someone winds up dead? Only 99 cents!


Throwback Thursday!

Hello! I’m posting a blast from the past–the recent past. We went out to beautiful British Columbia for a family wedding and took in a few sights while we were there. If you get a chance to visit Canada’s westernmost province, make sure you see the highlights which include Stanley Park, the Capilano Suspension Bridge, Grouse Mountain–all in Vancouver, and the Sea to Sky Gondola at Squamish, as well as the beach at White Rock.

My special treat, worthy of the day, was meeting Chad Kroeger from Nickelback.  My very own up and personal with a rock star! What an incredible guy!Me and Chad.

Have you got a special memory to share? Let me know for a chance to win a free digital copy of my latest novel, Same Time Next Year.

Monday Musings: Return to Gilligan’s Island

Mitch and IvanGood morning. Well, summer is definitely here and this weekend we had the pleasure of spending time with my sister and brother-in-law at their riverside home.  Thanks to the glorious weather, we went out on their pontoon boat and enjoyed the cool breezes off the St. Lawrence River.  Food and company were awesome.

On Saturday night, we joined them at a neighborhood themed costume party. Mitch and I spent the morning scouring dollar stores and Value village for the right accoutrements to match our costumes.

Gilligan's Island originalWho remembers Gilligan’s Island? The show ran in the early sixties, but was popular in syndication for years afterwards.  The characters included the skipper, Gilligan, his first mate,  the millionaire and his wife, Thurston Howell III and Lovey, a movie star, Ginger, a farm girl  Maryann, and the high school teacher known as the professor. Each week, the cast dealt with issues, many of which involved other people washing up on their island or crash landing there. Funny thing was, at the end of the episodes, the newest castaways always managed to escape the island leaving our bumbling group behind. The professor could create all manner of living conveniences from bamboo, but couldn’t build a decent raft.

The theme of the party was Gilligan’s island. People were encouraged to come costumed and bring a “drinking vessel.” Our little group of six decided to go as the skipper, Gilligan, the Howells, Maryann, and a “handsome stranger” washed up on the beach. We had a great time. In the foreground, you can see my wooden bowl and pitcher,and the top of my can of coconut milk–Maryann did look after the food preparation. Gilligan's island party.

Best of thanks to those who hosted the party and to my sister for housing and feeding us all weekend. Another great summer memory.

Do you enjoy role play parties? What’s the most unusual role you’ve ever taken on?

Looking for something to read this summer? Check out my books.