Contest with a grand prize!!

We may be in the midst of summer’s first heatwave, but here’s something to cool you down!

The Authors’ Billboard’s 2020 Christmas Box Collection, “Dear Santa”, is going to be filled with stories about characters who all have special wishes for Christmas.
On your entry, please send us a special wish you’ve made in the past. We will choose the same number of winners as the number of authors in the set (20) and we will pair you together.
The author you’re paired with will dedicate her new Christmas story to you… or whoever you choose. She will also send you a free e-copy of whichever Christmas collection you wish from our website page.

Those of you who know our authors will understand us striving to be the best and reaching for the stars. We challenge ourselves with every book we write, giving you the best entertainment we can produce. Now it’s time for us to give you a treat.
All entries will have their name entered for a $50 Amazon Gift certificate prize.


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