Tuesday Tales: From the Word FISH

NEW TT BADGEWelcome to the first May post for Tuesday Tales. Here’s another scene from The Blue Dragon.

Phil rolled his eyes. “You would’ve been fine. Eldest child could do no wrong. That was the same day I picked up a bad case of poison oak. Come to think of it, you picked that fishing spot.” He winced at the memory.

Harry guffawed and slapped his knee. “Hey, you were almost six, smart enough to recognize poison oak when you saw it and choose not to take a leak in the middle of it.”

The words brought back the agony of those days, something Phil preferred not to recall.

“Not my smartest move. What about the place?”

“There are still ten acres that go with the house. There’s a wood lot and apparently the pond and stream are still hers. That’s where we went for those picnics you remember; in fact, we were on her land that day fishing.”

Phil drank more of his coffee and let the words sink in. He recalled how beautiful the area was with its small knolls and trees. Fish used to bite like crazy in that stream, but man, the water had always been cold. Maybe, even as coldblooded as they were, they’d been desperate for a way out.

“Which is why I stopped by,” Harry continued. “Dad and I are interested in the nine acres we need for that housing development I told you about. He wants to use your designs. We could buy it all, and if you think the house suits your plans, I’m sure we could work something out.”

“Damn it, Harry. It’s not that simple.” Phil ran his hand through his hair in exasperation. “Remember when Ryan told you the place was packed? He wasn’t exaggerating. It’ll take weeks to go through all of Esther’s things. I’ve offered to help her do it.”

“So? She can still go through them after the land is ours. We wouldn’t need her out of the house right away. Hell, she could take her time, stay there rent-free for all I care, as long as the deed was done, and it was ours. Think about it. If we offer to purchase as is, it wouldn’t cost her a cent, and she’d have the cold hard cash in hand, so to speak, and could be on her merry way as soon as she finished with Esther’s things.”

“But that’s the other problem, Harry. I don’t want her to go,” he admitted.

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4 thoughts on “Tuesday Tales: From the Word FISH

  1. Nice use of the word prompt. And I love that last line that he doesn’t want her to leave. And that leaves me wanting to know more and does she know he feels that way about her? I guess I’ll have to be patient and find out. Great story!

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