Tuesday Tales:From the word UNHAPPY

New TT imageWelcome back to Tuesday Tales., the weekly blog that lets you inside our creative process. This week, our word is UNHAPPY, and the scenes are 400 words long. I’m a touch over because this is the last scene with Murielle and the children as next week, we return to New France and those we left behind while we were with Murielle, catching up on her part in this story. Don’t despair, Murielle and the children will be back soon.


Today is a special day for my husband and me. It’s our 48th wedding anniversary. We met 50 years ago at university. So hard to believe so many years have passed.

Someone once asked me what the difference is between a romance and a love story. Romance I believe can be the start of a love story, but it isn’t everything, just as sex can’t be. Both are important, but if yours is a love story, life happens. As you age, your relationship changes and grows into something wonderful that carries you along for a whirlwind ride through life. Children, careers, happy days, sad days, all impact your lives. You learn the value of listening and compromise. In the end, that love perseveres and overcomes all obstacles.  My husband is my best friend. I cherish each and every day we have together and pray God grants us many more.

Now, for the reason you’re here. Back to the story. Enjoy.

“Will ‘Tin and Mama be there?” Melda asked.

“I’m sorry, bébé,” she said, forcing the tears back, trying to hide how heartbroken and unhappy she was for their sakes. “Mama and Martin have gone to heaven with the others to be with Baby Jesus, remember? They left you here with me so that I wouldn’t be sad.”

“Is Pepère coming?” she asked, looking over at him, her dimpled smile teasing at her face.

“Not right now, crotte, but maybe in a few years. I have to take care of things here a while longer. Mamie will take good care of you, and I know you’ll be good children for her. Now, I want you all to use the privy before you get dressed. Cosette has some sweets for you to take on your journey, and the carriage is waiting. You’re going on a great, wonderful adventure. I’ll miss you, but when I see you again, you can tell me all about it.”

Melda stood, held up her little arms, and puckered her lips. Marc did the same.

Nicholas picked up the siblings, kissed their cheeks, and then set them down.

Murielle fought not to cry, not to let her broken heart show.

He turned to the servant girl now a cherished member of the small family. “Espé, I know you’ll be the big sister they all need and a help to Murielle. You’ll miss your own family here in France, one you can never mention to others, but perhaps, this one will replace it for you. God willing, someday we’ll all be together again.”

The young girl nodded, collected her drawing materials and then turned to help the other two get ready as if she’d done it every day. She didn’t speak but the younger two understood what she wanted. Each putting a small hand in hers, they followed her to the lavatory.

“We’ll be fine,” Murielle said, placing the small leather pouch Talon had given her inside the satchel her uncle had provided. Inside the pouch were her letters of introduction one—for the governor of Martinique, one that would pave the way fro her trip to new France next spring, another for the current intendant of New France, and a third for Guy, one which she promised to deliver as soon as she got to the colony. All three letters bore Talon’s seal.

After relieving herself, she joined her children in the enclosed carriage.

That’s it. See you next week. Don’t forget to check out all the other posts on  Tuesday Tales


8 thoughts on “Tuesday Tales:From the word UNHAPPY

  1. Beautiful distinction between love story and romance. We are both blessed to have had a love story. Great scene, too. I am struck by Espe’s situation and response, sad in one way and fortunate in another for a station with little control over where the winds blow.

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