A to Z Blog 2019 T is for Twins


Hello again. Eventually, yesterday was a gorgeous spring day with warmth and sunshine. I even managed to open the windows and let in some fresh air. The day promises to be similar but the cool rains return tomorrow.

AtoZ2019TToday is Day 20 and belongs to the letter T, which I’ve decided should be for twins. My novels, Holiday Magic and The Perfect Choice are about a set of twins, Georgia and Eleni, named after my granddaughters. At the moment, Eleni is 12 and Georgia is 11, but I love the names and decided they would be prefect for my heroines. The two novels are set in concurrent times, but one tells the story from Georgia’s point of view while the other is written from Eleni’s. While each book has several scenes unique to it, there are also a few where you see the same event through different eyes. Imagine a phone conversation for example, or an argument. Wouldn’t it be nice to know what the other is thinking and not only saying?

Have a look at these scene clips.

From Holiday Magic

Holiday Magic NewGeorgia entered the brownstone and cursed. Who the hell is calling at this hour? They’d probably tried to call her cell number, first, but she’d dropped the damn thing and it hadn’t worked properly since. Hurrying as fast as she could in her four inch heels, she raced up the stairs, and quickly unlocked the door.

“I’m coming, damn it, I’m coming,” she yelled at the phone, fully aware of the fact whoever was on the end of the line wouldn’t hear her. She tossed her beret and purse on the table in the foyer and hurried into the living room and over to the end table where the phone sat. She checked the call display and picked up the receiver.

“Hello, Eleni, what’s wrong?”

Her twin never called on Monday nights. She usually knew when something was wrong, so this was probably one of  Eleni’s other emergencies.

“Finally!” Georgia heard the relief and excitement in her voice. “Your cell phone kept going to message, and then wouldn’t let me leave one. I must have called a dozen times. Why are you out of breath?”

Georgia shook her head before plopping down on the leather sofa and kicking off her Christian Louboutin shoes.

“Because I heard the phone ringing and ran up the stairs to answer it,” she said reigning in her impatience. “I dropped my damn cell phone Saturday, and I haven’t had time to get another one. I’ll do it in the morning. So, what’s the emergency?” As much as she loved her sister, Eleni was impulsive and had a habit of exaggerating. She could turn a molehill into a mountain in no time.

Eleni harrumphed loudly. “Yes, you’d better, and get with the times. You need a Smartphone. I can’t imagine how you manage without one. Texting is the way to go.”

While Georgia used Facebook and her Internet website to conduct business, she rarely did so with her personal life—not that she had much of one.

“Yes, boss,” she answered and laughed. Eleni had embraced recent technology with a vengeance. She was constantly texting both friends and suppliers. It was amazing she got any work done. “I’ll consider it, but even if I get one, I doubt I’ll be as comfortable with it as you are.”

“I was worried when I couldn’t reach you,” Eleni accused, and Georgia felt a twinge of guilt.

“I’m sorry. I know you’re concerned about me, Len, just as I worry about you, but I’m fine, really I am.”

“So you say, but if you were fine, you’d come home. You’d come back where you belong.” She stopped talking and Georgia sighed heavily.


From The Perfect Choice:

The perfect choice NewEleni was eager to tell her sister the good news. Georgia would understand how much this meant to her, a chance to be recognized on a grand scale.

Reaching once more for the portable phone beside the bed, she pressed speed dial one. The phone rang once, twice, three times. Disappointed, she got ready to leave a message on Georgia’s voice mail when someone picked up.

“Hello?” She heard Georgia’s breathy answer.

“Hey you! I was going to hang up. It’s late. I was worried. You didn’t answer your cell,” she scolded.

“Eleni, I’m fine. I dropped the damn thing on the weekend and need to replace it.”

“Well, you should get something modern, with a decent texting package. I don’t know how you manage without one.”

“I don’t have as many callers as you do,” Georgia laughed, and blew out a breath.

“Why are you breathing heavy? Are you sick?”

“I’m breathing heavy because I just got in and had to run up the stairs to answer the phone. You’ve seen me twice in the last six weeks. Relax. I’m getting better.”

“Well, I hope you weren’t walking the streets of New York alone at night again.”

That’s it. Come back tomorrow for the letter U!

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Have a great day!


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