Tuesday Tales: From the Word FIRED

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Hello, and welcome to this week’s Tuesday Tales. Tuesday Tales is a weekly blog where a small group of authors share their work in progress with you. Each week, we use a word or picture prompt to inspire us. This week, the word prompt is FIRED. Here is my 400 word post.

I was going to return to my historical romance, but I know some of you have fallen in love with His Christmas Family, and since it isn’t quite finished, I thought I would give you a bit more.. Please note, I have changed the name of the heroine from Laurie to Jennifer–Jenn–in honour of a close friend who fell and broke her left wrist this week. No, she didn’t slip on wet ceramic. Ice got her, and since there seems to be so much of it this winter, well, I figured she deserved something to laugh about. So, Jennifer, this one’s for you!


His Christmas FamilyStepping out of the shower, Jenn yanked the plastic wrapping off her cast. She couldn’t wait to get the darn thing off. Hopefully, the doctor would remove it in early January, and she could have her life back.

She rubbed the towel over her head. Why had she waited so long to cut her hair? The short style framed her face and made her look five years younger. Taking care of it was a breeze. A little mousse, drying, fluffing, and she was good to go. Adding her usual tinted moisturizer, she applied lip gloss and left the bathroom to get dressed.

They were leaving for Moon Valley after breakfast. Alfred had taken them there yesterday to decorate the place for the company Christmas party, and the children had helped trim yet another tree. Since this was home for Greta and Hans, the twins had taken the children on a full tour, showing off not only the resort and their ponies, but their rooms and toys.

Against her better judgment, at Lee’s request—more like a begging Cocker Spaniel with six pups beside him adding to his pleas—she’d allowed Heinz and Kate to outfit her four for the slopes. Since Lee insisted on only the best, she was grateful he refused to let her see the price tag, his only comment that she would get her gear after the cast was off and not before. That suited Jenn fine. She hadn’t been on skis in more than twenty years and would probably fall flat on her face the first time she went out on the slopes. The kids had been all fired up for their first lesson, and after seeing those happy faces, she realized that there was no way she could deny them this activity. Money wasn’t going to be quite as tight in the future, so maybe she could handle this.

She’d become adept at dressing herself one-handed although she’d figure out an effective way to use the fingers of her left hand to make some things easier—that didn’t include pulling on long johns. After contortions worthy of a Cirque du Soleil acrobat, she pulled on her jeans and  added the new wide sleeved sweater she’d purchased on Tuesday. Adding the gold hoop earrings Cassie had given her for her birthday, Jenn deemed herself ready to face the curious people and their questions.

That’s it. Don’t forget to check out all the other posts on  Tuesday Tales

11 thoughts on “Tuesday Tales: From the Word FIRED

  1. Love the way she likes her new hairstyle and that it makes her look younger. Been there on the one handed dressing thing too many times to count. I relate to her. Best wishes to your friend for her recovery. Jillian

    • I was in much the same boat before Christmas when I jammed the ring finger on my left hand. So many things I couldn’t do and it was only splinted. At least I could remove the splint to shower, but I ended up having to cut my hair short, too.

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