Insecure Writer’s Support Group Post for February 2019

Welcome to this month’s IWSG post. Most of you will realize I’ve been away the last few weeks. It’s always good to go on vacation, but it’s good to come back home, too, and get back to work.

Insecure Writers Support Group Badge

This month’s question is: Besides writing what other creative outlets do you have? 

The answer to that question is simple. None. I used to scrapbook, but thanks to the arthritis in my hands, I can’t cut with scissors the way I could. I used to knit–not anything particularly extravagant, but I made dishcloths, scarfs, etc. but once again, arthritis has made that difficult. So what do I do? I channel all mt creativity into my writing.

Recently, I spent two weeks cruising the Eastern  and Southern Caribbean, enjoying the sun and the heat while back home they suffered through an Arctic freeze. While I felt sorry for those suffering from the cold, I basked in the wonder of two weeks without pain. My eyes feasted on lush trees, white sand beaches, and turquoise waters, while my imagination catalogued how each of those wonders could be used in my next book. That’s right, while I vacationed, I plotted and planned out my next book. Interesting fellow travelers became potential characters, the colorful houses–both those repaired and those still showing sign of the damage inflicted by Irma and Maria in 2017– are settings to be used in the near future, along with the abandoned sugar mills, goats, cattle, sheep  and monkeys wandering wild, not to mention the iguanas masquerading as tree branches, or the stingrays hiding in the sand waiting for their prey. Everything I saw has been catalogued and stored, waiting for my imagination to turn it into a scene in my next book.

As a writer, I find it hard not to use the things around me in my novels. That’s how my creative side works–day in, day out. What’s your way of dealing with your creative side?

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It’s good to be back home.

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