Tuesday Tales From the Word GREASY.

Welcome to this week’s Tuesday Tales. I hope 2019 is treating you well. I won’t be around again until February 12th when I’ll return to The Price of Courage.

For today, I post one last time fro His Christmas Family. This week’s word is GREASY.


Diana shrugged. “I was going to try and find Dr. Everson. Mom says she takes in strays and I figured I was a stray. She went looking for Muffin’s brothers and sisters so they wouldn’t be cold, so I thought she would take me, too.”

Lee swallowed. It was a good fifty miles to Magda’s from here, and in this weather, the child wouldn’t have stood a chance.

“You are most definitely not a stray, Diana, and there’s nothing you could do that would make your mother not want you. That goes for me, too. Now, let’s get you back to her. I think she’s worried enough for one night.

Shifting into drive, Lee negotiated the fie-minute drive to the house in ten minutes, thanks to the road conditions. While the drive wasn’t an easy one, he was pleased to see he hadn’t lost his skills. He pulled up in front of the front door. He’d just turned off the truck when the door opened, and coatless, Laurie burst outside.

“Alfred, did you find her? Please tell me you found her.”

“It’s me, Laurie, and yes, I found her. She needs a bath and bed, but she’s safe.”

He opened the door and Diana climbed out. Laurie ran to her, heedless of the facet she had no coat or boots and the blizzard raged around her.

“I was so worried,” she said, enveloping her daughter in her arms.

Tears welled in Diana’s eyes again. “I’m sorry, Mommy.”

“Let’s get you both inside,” lee said, emotions filling his throat. “In case you haven’t noticed we’re having a blizzard. Are Sean and Kirstine back yet?”

“No, but Sean called and they should be here soon,” she answered, awkwardly picking up her daughter with her right arm.

Lee nodded and left her to it, knowing she needed to feel the child against her—hadn’t he done the same thing?

He followed them up the stairs closing the door behind them.

“I think you and your clothes need a bath,” she said good-naturedly. Your hair is all greasy, and I don’t think it’s because you didn’t wash it today.”

Diana laughed. “It’s ‘cause I was cuddling with Amber. She’s having her baby, Mommy, and Uncle Lee will take me to see it in the morning.”

Laurie paled, no doubt realizing that the child hadn’t just been in the stable, she’d been in the stall.

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