Tuesday Tales: From the Word Bracelet.

Good morning and welcome to this week’s edition of Tuesday Tales, the weekly blog post where I share scenes from my current work in progress with you, the reader, based on a word or picture prompt. This week’s word is BRACELET, and I’m continuing with His Christmas Family.

Cover by Melinda De Ross


Lee stared at the tableau before him—the woman he’d fallen in love with, holding his niece whose words had probably shattered her soul.

Torn, he sat on the opposite side and reached for Greta when what he wanted was to pull Laurie into his arms.

Greta turned to him, lifting her arms to put them around his neck, the thread bracelet she and Diana had made earlier in the evening, still on her wrist.

“Now, sweetie, you have to stop crying and tell me what happened.” He ran his hand down her quivering back.

Still shaking with tears, she hiccupped twice and tried to pull herself together.

“I wanted to slide down the banister like I did at home, only this one is bigger and higher. I asked Diana to do it with me, but she was ascared, so we got pillows and piled them up. Zack seen us and he wanted a ride, too.”

Lee winced at the bad grammar, but knew this wasn’t the time to correct it.

“What happened next?”

“Diana thought we needed another cushion because he was littler than us, but he bounced really high and smashed your pot.” She started crying again.

“Shh, sweetheart. I’m not mad about the pot. Now, when did Diana run away and why?”

She said her daddy was right and she’d done a bad thing because she was a bad kid. Nobody would want a bad kid, not even you.”

Lee swallowed. What he wouldn’t give for the opportunity to wrap his hands around Frank Wilson’s throat.

“Did she say where she was going?”

Every minute the child wandered alone in the dark and cold increased the danger.

“No.” She sniffled, but then sat up. “She did say she was going to say goodbye to Amber.”

“Who’s Amber?” Laurie asked, sounding both hopeful and devastated.

“She’s a horse, Sonia’s pregnant mare.”

“Then Diana went to the stable? Would she be able to find her way in the dark?”

He nodded. “Yeah, the path’s lit at night.” He turned to Greta. “Thank you for telling the truth and helping us. Now, I want you to be a good girl and go to sleep. I’ll go and get Diana, and she’ll be right there in her bed when you wake up tomorrow.”

“You promise?” her eyes begged. “”Cross my heart,” he vowed, praying fate wouldn’t prove him a liar.

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5 thoughts on “Tuesday Tales: From the Word Bracelet.

  1. You did such a fine job with the child’s heartbreak in this one and the previous scene, as with the fear and anxiety of the adults combined with a need to take the right action. I hope he finds her while she’s still with the horse!

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