Tuesday Tales: Happy New Year

New TT imageHappy New Year! Welcome to the first Tuesday Tale of 2019. Hard to believe another year has come and gone so quickly. For many, 2018 was a hard one, filled with the aftermath of one disaster after another. May 2019 be kinder, not only to the people of Earth, but to the planet itself.

I’m posting a bit early this week since I will be going out shortly. As is fitting, this week’s word is YEAR. I’m going to finish off the next three posts with more from His Christmas Family, before it goes into secrecy until I know whether or not it’s found a home.  Here is today’s post.

When Laurie opened the door to the girls’ room, the sound of muffled tears greeted her. It had been a tough year for all of them until Lee had come into their lives. The girls hadn’t meant any harm. They’d only been after a little fun, and her little empath had to be devastated by this. She and Zack were especially close.

“It’s okay, Diana,” she said softly, approaching the bed with only the light from the open door to guide her. “Mommy isn’t angry. Zack is fine, and I’m sure you won’t do that again.”

Instead of calming, the tears grew louder, but once they did, she recognized that the one weeping wasn’t Diana.

“Greta, there, there, sweetie,” she said, sitting on the first bed intent on soothing the child. “Uncle Lee isn’t mad at you. He claims he didn’t even like that silly old pot,” although she seriously doubted that. Who could possibly hate an original Ming vase?

She reached for the girl and pulled her into her arms as the dam broke, moving from sobs to wails. The child was probably missing her mother, especially now that she was upset.

“I know you miss your mom, but she’ll be back on Sunday. Now, settle down, before you make yourself sick.”

The child nodded, but the tears didn’t seem to ease. With the noise she was making, poor thing, it was amazing that Diana wasn’t awake and crying, too. That was what usually happened.

Cold filled her at the thought.

Still holding Greta in her arms, she turned toward the other bed and reached out a hand. Instead of touching a shoulder shrouded in blankets and flannel, she felt the soft body of one of Diana’s teddy bears.

“Diana?” she squeaked as fear gripped her.

“She runned away,” Greta wailed louder than before and pushed out of her arms.

Laurie blinked twice before the air whooshed out of her as if she’d been gut-punched.

“Wh … what did you say?” she asked, her voice coming from what seemed to be a million miles away.

“Diana runned away,” the child repeated, her voice clogged with tears. It was my fault.” She hiccuped. “I wanted to slide down the banister, and…” Her tears started in earnest again.

Laurie’s heart pounded and her breath came in gasps as the words sunk in. A keening cry started deep inside her and filled the room.

That’s it. Don’t forget to check out all the other posts on  Tuesday Tales

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