Tuesday Tales: Merry Christmas and a tease from the word CHRISTMAS


Four of my grandchildren, the inspiration for Laurie’s children in His Christmas Family,  join me this morning in wishing you all the merriest of Christmases. From our home to yours, may this day with family be one of the best ever.

New TT imageWelcome to Tuesday Tales on this special Tuesday. Each week, a group of authors share a scene from their work in progress with you, based on a picture or word prompt. This week, our prompt is the word Christmas. I’ve learned a lot from the wonderful writers in this group and hope you’ve enjoyed their posts as much as I have. I’ll presenting you with another scene from His Christmas Family which I hope will be available next year.

His Christmas FamilyLee stepped out of the stable.

“Good morning! How’s everyone today? Ready to go sledding?”

“Yes!” the children cried loudly, the youngest two bouncing up and down and dancing around.

“I love sledding almost as much as skiing, but what’s the other surprise?” Greta asked, getting right to the point.

“I thought you might like to help me pick out our Christmas tree.”

“A real tree?” Diana asked, her eyes wide. The child had been wanting a real tree to decorate for years. The artificial one they had was on its last leg and would have to be replaced.

“Yes, sweetie,” Lee said. “A real tree—two actually. We’ll cut them down before we go sledding, and Alfred, and Sean will have them all set up and ready for us to decorate when we get back, although we’ll have to fit lunch in between. Your mother brought over her decorations and I have some that used to belong to my parents. Mrs. Forbes said something about popcorn chains and cookie ornaments, too. While we’re in the bush, we can collect pine cones. She has a book full of different ways to make ornaments out of them.”

“Not Mrs. Forbes,” Zack piped up. “She’s Aunt Kirstine now.”

Lee laughed. “Yes, she is. And Aunt Kirstine has glitter and spray paint for you to use. She and Sean have made a space for you at the back of the garage. If these ornaments are as lovely as those you made yesterday, then we will definitely have the most beautiful trees in town.”

Her children stood in a row mouths agape. Frank had never been a fan of Christmas since his accident had happened only days after it. He’d allowed them to have a tree, but it had been sparsely decorated with only a few store bought ornaments. He refused to let it stay up for more than a couple of days. He hadn’t had a tree nor presents at his place the only year the children had visited him at Christmas.

“Daddy never let us have a real tree and he said we couldn’t decorate the one we did have,” Fiona added. “According to him, a real tree was a messy, waste of money and homemade ornaments were garbage.”

Shock flashed across his face, quickly hidden.

“Well, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but I prefer handmade ornaments.”

That’s it. Don’t forget to check out all the other posts on  Tuesday Tales

9 thoughts on “Tuesday Tales: Merry Christmas and a tease from the word CHRISTMAS

  1. Great, vivid post. I like it and how they are trying to do something fun with the kids. One note-I got thrown off as you said the word this week was Dance. I thought it was Christmas. 🙂 Either way, well done. Jillian

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