Tuesday Tales: From a Picture

New TT imageSeason’s Greetings to one and all.

Welcome to this week’s Tuesday Tales.  With less than a week to go until Santa Claus comes, I’m almost ready. My wonderful daughter is hosting this year, so it will be a more relaxing Christmas day for me.

Many thanks to Jean Joachim for hosting this weekly blog throughout the year and to all of the participating authors who make me feel worthy of participating. May each of you find your Christmas miracle this year.

Since this is picture week, with a 300 word maximum, I’m going to bring you another tidbit from His Christmas Family.

Here is the picture. Tuesday Tales picture

And your scene.

Keitha laughed. “The next thing you’ll tell me is that you’ll be decorating the place for Christmas this year.”

He laughed. “I already have. In fact, I’ll be hosting the staff Christmas party on the 21st. It’ll be an all day affair with activities for the kids and a visit from St. Nick. Why don’t you drop over.”

Keitha shook her head. “Maybe I will. I’ve always believed in Christmas miracles. This sounds like one. Merry Christmas, Lee.”

“Merry Christmas, Keitha.”

“Uncle Lee,” Greta shouted running over with Diana and Fiona on her heels. “Look at what we made.”

Each girl held a small, round platter. The outside row was covered in artificial pine, with six shiny round  red, green, or blue  ornaments placed equidistant in the branches. In the center sat a miniature red, green, or blue house decorated with snowflake stencils. A string of miniature  lights completed the scene.

“These are gorgeous, ladies,” he said. “We’ll have to find a place of honor for them.”

“Mine will be going to Mom when she comes home, and Diana’s going to give hers to her mother,” Greta said. “She likes green.”

“That’s a wonderful idea. What will you do with yours, Fiona?”

The little girls pink cheeks reddened. “It’s for you so you’ll ‘member us,” she whispered. “The blue house matches your eyes.” She giggled.

Lee grinned, unexpected emotion clogging his throat. “I can see that. Thank you,” he answered. “I will cherish it forever.” He glanced around and saw Laurie, Zack, and Ben headed his way. “Here comes your mother. I’ll go put these in the car.”

He grinned and waved to Laurie before filling his hands with decorated platters. This was shaping up to be one of the best days ever.

That’s it. Don’t forget to check out all the other posts on  Tuesday Tales

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