Tuesday Tales: From the Word SUDDENLY

New TT imageWelcome to November’s first Tuesday Tales. It’s hard to believe how quickly time flies.  Now that we’ve returned to Eastern Standard time, the days seem shorter than ever.

For those of you visiting for the first time, Tuesday Tales are a collection of scenes from works in progress post by select authors in this group. Each post is based on a word or picture prompt and limited to a specific number of words. Today, our word prompt is SUDDENLY, and the word limit is 400.

I’m continuing with The Price of Courage, Book Two of my Canadiana series. Enjoy.

“You’ll get no argument from me,” Lucien agreed, suddenly angrier than he’d ever been. “I want to go after them and make them pay for what they’ve done, but is vigilante justice what New France deserves?”

“I wouldn’t lose any sleep over it, and I’m sure Okwaho wouldn’t either,” Yves said, moving closer to the fire. “He’s out there mumbling in his own language. I’ve never seen him like that.”

“But if we take the law into our own hands, we fall to their level.” Lucien ground his teeth. “Sometimes, doing the right thing is the hardest of all. They won’t get away with their crimes, but for now, we must be patient, even if it chafes. Did you take care of the bodies?”

“Yes, I wrapped them tightly in the sailcloth I found in the outbuilding where they must’ve stored their furs. I suspended the corpses from the rafters in the loft. The animals won’t get them there. Tomorrow, if the snow allows, we can build a pyre and give the men a proper burial—it may not be the Christian way, but it’s better than covering them with snow and letting the animals have them.” Yves lowered his voice. “Did she tell you what happened?”

“She did.” Lucien recounted Huguette’s story, including the details about the mittens. “The men we caught when we helped find Isidore Poirier and my sister-in-law, tried to bribe us with the same tall tales as these. They claimed the secret map was already in Ville-Marie. I wish there was some way I could get a message to Guy. This conspiracy we’re chasing may be far greater than he suspects, and since it presumes there are traitors in Ville-Marie, he should watch his back. There will be a special place in hell for the men who’ve done this, although the one who tried to save her may have earned himself a time in purgatory instead. How does it look out there?”

Yves pursed his lips. “The snow’s coming down hard. I can’t see those fools coming after us in this. Let me warm up a bit and add wood to the fire, then I’ll make another perimeter sweep before settling on the veranda behind the woodpile. You’d better get some rest. If I need you, I’ll call.”

A log popped in the fireplace,momentarily upstaging the howling North wind.

That’s it. Don’t forget to check out all the other posts on  Tuesday Tales

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