Tuesday Tales: From the Word Tragic

New TT imageWelcome to this week’s edition of Tuesday Tales. This week, the word prompt is TRAGIC and i continue with The Price of Courage, my historical romance. Enjoy.

“Can you draw this map?”

She shook her head. “I saw it only for a second. I do know there was a lot of blue in the design. Have you found my husband and the others?”

“We’ve found six bodies. Some were thrown into the barn and have been partially destroyed. I’m sorry. We will have to finish the cremation tomorrow.

“What will become of us?”

“The snow may keep us here for a day or so, but when we leave, we’ll take you with us to the Montagnais village. In the spring, I can arrange for someone to return you to your tribe.

“Thank you. I have lost two husbands. No man will want to tie himself to such an unlucky wife.”

“You’re wrong, madame. Under French law, you now own this fine property. That will make you highly attractive to many men, especially as you’ve proven to be so fertile.”

As tragic as this situation was, Lucien could only hope her lot in life would improve. What must this show of courage cost her? The price was steep, steeper than most could afford. Perhaps what they said about aboriginal fortitude was true. He couldn’t see his sister-in-law handling this disaster without collapsing, especially with another baby on the way.

She rose. “Monsieur, I will bid you goodnight. Despite the events of the day, the children will be up early on the morrow. I can only hope they did not kill my animals and that they’ve simply run off. I will consider your offer, but if truth be told, I do not wish to remain here. This place will forever be tainted in my mind. Thank you for rescuing me. What happens next is in the Lord’s hands.”

Lucien watched her climb the ladder to the loft. Any man who chose this woman as a wife would be fortunate, but even as he thought of doing so, the image of another woman in Ville-Marie sprang suddenly into his mind.

“But that one is not for me and I would be well to remember it.”

Footsteps on the veranda announced someone’s approach. He knocked three times as they’d decided, and Lucien rose to unbar the door.

“If I could get my hands on those men,” Yves said, removing his snow-covered hat and jacket, “I would tear them limb from limb. Leaving a pregnant woman and children to die like that is the act of a coward.”

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