Tuesday Tales: From a Picture

New TT imageGood morning. It feels like late fall around here, and we’ve already seen snow showers. Welcome to this week’s edition of Tuesday tales, the blog where authors post from their work in progress based on a picture or word prompt. This is picture week, so the posts are limited to 300 words. Here’s the one I selected:



I’m continuing with The Price of Courage and Huguette’s adventure. Enjoy!

Huguette swallowed, her mug quivering in her trembling hand. “The sun filtered through the clouds into the house through the open door. The leader, shoved me to the floor and ordered his men to gather all the food we had. Then he demanded what money I had, but wasn’t satisfied with my meager amount. He grabbed me, tearing my blouse, accusing me of lying. Then he struck me and … when he was finished, he offered me to the others.” Her voice had dropped to a mere whisper as tears ran down her cheeks.

Lucien fisted his hands. The animals would pay.

She licked her lips. “One man stepped in front of me, cursing the others for what they’d done. His leader stabbed him. The others lost interest in me as they argued. I dragged myself toward the kitchen. That’s when I was grabbed from behind and tossed into the root cellar.” She raised her gaze to meet his. They took everything, even my honor. You’re arrival has only postponed our deaths.”

“You won’t die, madame, rest assured of that. Not all men are animals. On my honor, I will find them and see justice done. Did you ever see this map Urgel had? It might help me find them.”

“It wasn’t really a map as such,” she answered, raising the cup to her lips once more. “It was a pair of leather mittens on which part of the map was disguised in the beaded design on them.” She raised her hand to her swollen eye. “They wanted me to interpret it for them, but I couldn’t. Urgel claimed the other part of the map was hidden in a second pair of mittens given to a trapper from Ville-Marie. That’s where they’ll go. I pity the one who has it.”

That’s it. Don’t forget to check out all the other posts on  Tuesday Tales


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