Tuesday Tales: From a Picture

New TT imageWelcome to September’s last post. It’s autumn, and while the cool weather won’t stay at the moment, it dropped by with a vengeance yesterday morning. We’ve had frost the last two nights and have to start getting the yard ready for winter. I’m missing summer all ready, but not the crazy weather!

This week’s Tuesday Tale is a shorter one, based on a picture and limited to 300 words. This is the image I chose, but I’ll own up to using it with a lot of poetic license. I’m continuing with The Price of Courage, my historical romance.


The woman pulled the blanket more tightly to her.

“I am Nugoomee of the Mi’kmaq, but my Christian name is Huguette … Huguette Bouchard.” She stood taller, gaining power from her identity. “Those are my children, Yvette, five, and Jean-Michel, three.”

Lucien picked her up, tucking the green quilt under her, and handed her to Okwaho.

The woman recoiled momentarily at the sight of him.

“Okwaho is not the enemy,” he said, placing her on the bench near her children before leaving the cabin.

Lucien climbed the ladder and closed the root cellar door behind him. Bouchard! Had that bastard left his wife and children here to die?

“May I look at your ankle?” he asked, kneeling beside her.

The woman’s  cheeks pinked. She nodded, turned to face him, and raised her skirt, revealing feet shod in intricately beaded leather moccasins.  Slowly unlacing the boot, he slipped her foot out of it.

“I do not believe it is broken,” she offered.

Using as delicate a touch as he could manage, Lucien felt along the discolored flesh. While it was swollen, it didn’t feel broken, but it would need to be immobilized if it was going to heal properly.

“It needs to be bandaged,” he said, looking around at the mess. “Do you have strips of cloth for the purpose?”

“I used what I had … Yvette,” she called the girl over to her.

Oui, maman,” the child answered.

“Go up to the loft and bring down a sheet. We can tear strips from it.”

Before the child returned, Okwaho opened the door and motioned to him.

“I’ll be right back.”

“What is it?” he asked.

“There’s another body, next to the split log fence. Much blood will bring the wolves tonight. That fence will not help.”

That’s it. Don’t forget to check out all the other posts on  Tuesday Tales

8 thoughts on “Tuesday Tales: From a Picture

  1. I’m glad the men found them but now that they found another body I have a feeling things will get worse before they get better. Great job!

  2. We think life is so rough in today’s times, but I believe I’ll keep what we have compared to the hardships our ancestors had in taming the rugged country. Another great scene with tension and good characters.

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