Tuesday Tales: From the Word Worn

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Welcome to another week of Tuesday Tales, the blog that takes you inside a book as it’s written. Each week we add a scene based on a word or picture prompt. This week’s prompt is WORN.

I’m continuing with The Price of Courage, Book Two of the Canadiana Series picking up the conversation between Guy and Remi from last week.

“Why would a man choose to live in a tropical paradise?” Guy asked, leaning back in the chair. “Because, above all else, it’s an incredibly rich and fertile volcanic island. It may be home to the fer-de-lance, poisonous snakes, but with good sturdy boots and vigilance, they aren’t an issue. Saint Pierre is well fortified and capable of fending off any attack from the English, Dutch, or Spanish, all vying to establish colonies there. I’m considering taking Izzy and our child to winter there once this threat of war and rebellion is over, but I would miss the beauty of the other three seasons far too much to make it my permanent home. Guyenne is also an attractive place, one that’s even warmer I understand. The ship we sailed on has taken up a post there to protect it from the Dutch and Portuguese. It’s on the mainland of South America. You might consider that, too, but I would miss you. This colony needs good men like you.”

“You have a point. Perhaps wintering there would be sufficient—as long as it controls the pain and makes life bearable.” He stood. “Would you like another drink while we wait? The others should be here soon.” He reached for the carafe on the table.

Guy crossed his feet shod in worn leather boots. “Thank you. Perhaps we should bottle this and sell it in France.” He chuckled. “The cognac and wine are readily available. All they would need is our maple syrup. Who have you invited to join us?”

Remi refilled Guy’s glass and his own then resumed his seat by the fire.

“I’ve sent runners to the eight estates around me, and all of them have agreed to come for an evening of cards. My wife and the servants have been cooking and cleaning all week, getting beds ready although, some who live nearby may opt to return home if the weather holds.”

“And how many do you think are on our side?”

Remi rubbed his chin. “I’ve no doubt the six men who were part of the regiment support our cause. One of them has already renamed his estate Trois Érables. The two who concern me are Charles de Michel and Sylvain Archambault. They were granted their seigneuries by  the company itself. They’ve been here many years, but the estates are poorly developed, their wealth dependent on the fur trade alone.”

That’s it for this week! Don’t forget to check out all the other posts on  Tuesday Tales




One thought on “Tuesday Tales: From the Word Worn

  1. Love the way you used the prompt. I could picture the worn boots of a hard working man. And I love that the estate is named Three Maples in French. Jillian

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