Tuesday Tales: From a Picture

New TT imageWelcome back to this week’s Tuesday Tales, the weekly blog post where a select group of writers share their current work in progress with you.  Each week, we are given a prompt to incorporate into our work. Once a month, it’s a picture and a 300 word limit. Take a moment to examine our new page banner. Each of those book titles represents a novel that was born here and went on to be published.

Life is slowly returning to normal around here, well as normal as it can be. As far as Same Time Next Year, Michael is in makeover mode. This is picture prompt week. Enjoy!

Suit“Holy shit, Michael Morrison in my store,” a man, dressed in a blousy, turquoise silk shirt and enough gold chains at his neck to make Mr. T envious, came from behind the counter. He looked so much like Elvis that people stopped him on the street just to get selfies with him. “Who died?”

“Very funny, Pete,” he grumbled. “I need a suit. I’m going back east for a wedding and would prefer not to look twenty years out of sync with the rest of the world.”

Pete nodded. “Just twenty years? That’s being generous, old boy. Lydia’s the one who usually comes in and picks out your clothes. She gave you khakis for Christmas. Do they still fit?”

Had he gained that much weight? Maybe he’d up his workout to three times a week.

“Yeah. I didn’t even have to shorten them. So, what’s a distinguished gentleman my age wearing these days—and you’d better not say that.” He pointed to a mannequin in a purple plaid suit, the pants as tight as the leggings Lydia bought for her granddaughters.

The store owner threw back his head and laughed.

“As luscious as your body is, I don’t think your legs are cut out for the skinny look,” he agreed. “I’ve got some nice, no wrinkle stuff here. I suggest we go with black or charcoal, like the one James is wearing.” He pointed to the man slipping the business card into his pocket. “Either one will suit that silver fox look of yours, and I would go with the blue shirt, too.”

“Quit flirting with me,” Michael grumbled, rubbing the back of his neck. “I’ll tell Lucas you were hitting on me, and your husband will tear a strip off of you.”

That’s it for this week! Don’t forget to check out all the other posts on  Tuesday Tales

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