Highway Cafe Christmas Blog Tour

Highway cafe blog tour

Welcome to this years’s Christmas Blog Tour. My name is Sparkles Silver Heels, and I’m hiding under Santa’s bed, listening to “White Christmas,” by Bing Crosby. I know it’s an oldie, but then so am I. In fact, I’m so old I have elf grandchildren.  Aren’t they sweet? Elf day 2016

Father Christmas Saint Nick 2016Santa’s sure busy at this time of year. Why all those elves on the shelves are reporting back to the North Pole nightly, and we’ve even moved a few kids from the naughty to the nice list already.  Santa’s opted for a more traditional suit this year

At this time of year, it’s time to put up the decorations in our own homes. We always have a tree, usually a traditional one, and it’s filled with ornaments some of which are almost 100 years old, while others have been acquired over the 47 years I’ve been married.



Well, there’s only one thing left to do. I need to give you a recipe for one of Santa’s favorite desserts. Christmas Rice Pudding!

Santa’s Rice Pudding 


4 eggs

3/4 cup   sugar

3 cups  milk

1 cup heavy cream

2 tsp vanilla

1 1/2 tsp cinnamon

3 cups cooked, cooled, rice (leftover rice works great!)

1 cup dried cranberries


Preheat oven to 350 degrees F.

Beat the eggs and sugar together. Slowly pour in the milk and cream and mix well. Add the vanilla and cinnamon and mix well. Add the rice and raisins and stir to combine. Pour mixture into a greased casserole dish.

Place the filled casserole dish inside a larger, oven-proof dish. Add about 2 inches of water to the larger pan (or enough to fill about halfway up the side of the rice pudding dish). This method will help the pudding to have a custard texture.

Bake for 30 minutes. Gently stir. Bake for an additional 30 minutes or until a knife inserted comes out clean. Serve warm.

Almost forgot! Since it’s  Christmas, it’s also giveaway time. I will be drawing three names from the comments list for copies of my Christmas novella, Come Home for Christmas at the end of the week. Make it easier on me by including an email or Facebook addy!


Here’s the schedule for the rest of the posts. Do drop in.


December 4

Holland Rae – https://hollandrae.com/

Susanne Matthews – https://mhsusannematthews.wordpress.com/

Sorchia DuBois – www.sorchiadubois.com

Mariah Lynne –

December 5

Tena Stetler – http://www.tenastetler.com/category/my-say-what-blog/

Maureen Bonatch – http://www.maureenbonatch.com/blog/

Peggy Jaeger – https://peggyjaeger.com/

Barbara Burke – https://barbaraburkeauthor.wordpress.com/

December 6

Kelly Kalmanson – http://kkweil.blogspot.com

M.S. Spencer – http://msspencertalespinner.blogspot.com

Hywela Lyn – www.hywelalyn.blogspot.com

Reggi Allder – https://reggiallder.blogspot.com/

December 7

Denyse Bridger – http://www.fantasypages.ca

Clair de Lune – https://clairdelunebooks.co.uk/

Karen Blake-Hall – https://kaydenclaremont.wordpress.com/

Casi McLean – http://casimclean.com/a-christmas-to-remember/

December 8

Darlene Fredette – http://findingthewritewords.blogspot.com

Daryl Devore – http://daryldevore.blogspot.ca

Gini Rifkin – http://ginirifkin.blogspot.com

Linda Carroll-Bradd – http://blog.lindacarroll-bradd.com




About mhsusannematthews

Finally retired after more than 30 years as a teacher! Now, I get to spend my time gardening, enjoying my grandchildren, and writing. I finally completed the number one item in my bucket list and Crimson Romance published my first novel, Fire Angel, in April 2013. Since then I have sold 24 other manuscripts to date and don't plan to quit writing for a long time yet.
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14 Responses to Highway Cafe Christmas Blog Tour

  1. Sorchia D says:

    MMM, Tasty sounding pudding! We love cranberry sauce at my house, but this sounds like a very viable alternative. And the elf grandchildren are adorable!

  2. Darlene says:

    Nice photos, Susanne, especially of your grand-elf children! I love rice pudding and will definitely try your recipe.

  3. Hi Susanne Matthews. enjoyed getting to know you. 🙂 Thanks for the rice pudding recipe. I can’t wait to try it.

  4. tenajean says:

    LOved your elf photos. Hiding under the bed isn’t any fun, come on out and join the fun!

  5. Hywela Lyn says:

    Your elf grandchildren look so cute! Thanks for the recipe, it sounds delicious. I’m lookng forward to trying it;

  6. Love the elf-grandkids. That’s so awesome that you have ornaments over 100 years old. I love adding a special ornament each year.

  7. Casi McLean says:

    What awesome pictures and a great recipe!! Merry Christmas!

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