Midweek Tease: Another Tidbit from Holiday Magic.

mwtease15Welcome to this week’s Midweek Tease. For my American friends, tomorrow is Thanksgiving and I wish you all a happy holiday. In honor of that holiday, I decided to put Holiday Magic into a Kindle Countdown deal in both the USA and the UK.

Many thanks to Angelica Dawson and the other authors who make this weekly blog hop possible.

You’ll note Holiday Magic has a gorgeous brand new cozy cover thanks to Melinda De Ross my cover artist.

Here is the blurb:

Seeing is believing, or is it?Holiday Magic New

Georgia Baxter loved everything about Christmas until she walked in on her fiancé in bed with another woman. Wounded and heart sore, she canceled her Christmas Eve fantasy wedding and fled to New York City, leaving everything and everyone, including her twin sister, Eleni, behind.

Three years later, still hurting but knowing it’s time to move on, she agrees to come home to help her sister, despite the fact she’ll be doing so at a time of year she now associates only with pain and betrayal. Discovering she’ll have to work closely with the man who shattered her dreams only makes things harder, especially when her body craves his touch.

Mark Anderson has no memory of his bachelor party other than waking up naked in the wrong woman’s bed. He clings to the hope someday he can convince Georgia to give him a second chance, but until she’s ready to listen, it won’t happen. Discovering she’s coming home to manage Holiday Magic for three months may be his lucky break.

Is there enough magic left in Christmas to help them overcome the past?

This week’s Tease:

Mark walked into the Holiday Magic showroom at eleven o’clock sharp. Georgia was at the desk with a customer, presumably Mrs. Ingram. It looked as if she wanted a seasonal display done, and Georgia was quickly drawing up ideas for her. Since she didn’t seem aware of his presence, he walked through to the back where he found Sam busily at work on inventory.

“Good morning,” he said. “I didn’t know you’d be here. Don’t you have classes?”

“Not this week. My professor has gone to some convention and won’t be back until Monday, and we have Thursday and Friday off for Thanksgiving. Meg’s gone to visit her folks, so I asked Georgia if I could help out with the year-end and pick up a little extra cash. She said I could help you count.”

He chuckled. Nicely played, babe. Game, set, and match. Instead of helping him as he’d hoped, maybe giving him the opening he needed to apologize—something she’d never let him do—she’d arranged for Sam to take her place.

Before he could comment on this dismal turn of events, the lady in question spoke over the intercom, indicating she’d seen him earlier, but had chosen to ignore him.

“Mark, can you come out front for a minute? I need your help.”

He returned to the showroom and walked over to the table where she was seated with the client. He nodded at the woman.

“How can I help?”

“Mrs. Ingram wants to have her chalet decorated for the Christmas season. It’s located in the Blue Mountain Ski Area, and she’d like to have it done next weekend.”

Mark looked at the woman and smiled. “I think we can manage that.” He turned back to Georgia. “The only other thing we have is the Gatsby wedding, so it shouldn’t be a problem. Have you got all the decorations picked out and priced?”

“Yes, but I don’t know how to calculate the time and distance costs. Can you finish it for her?” She smiled at Mrs. Ingram. “Holiday Magic belongs to Mark and my sister. I’m just minding the store while she’s out of town, so a lot of this is new to me.”

“Sure, I can do that,” he answered. “Do you want to stick around and watch, or would you prefer to help Sam with inventory?”

“I’ll help Sam, and you can explain the process to me later. Mrs. Ingram has a hair appointment at 12:30.” She turned to the client. “I’m sure we can get it done on Friday. I’m going to spend Thanksgiving with my sister, but I’ll be back on Monday to put everything together, and you can bring in the personal items you want me to use.” She said goodbye and Mark watched her leave the showroom.

Mrs. Ingram chuckled. “You’ve got it bad, haven’t you? She’s a lovely girl. I say go for it.”

“It’s a bit more complicated than that,” Mark answered, embarrassed to realize he wore his heart on his sleeve.

“It’s only complicated if you make it so. Now, what’s this special Christmas for my son going to cost me?”

Mark looked over the semi-completed invoice. Georgia had been thorough in her selections, quantities, and pricing. He quickly added the man-hours required, the driving distance and transportation costs, and the long term rental fee, and soon had Mrs. Ingram’s keys in his hand.

Everything she’d ordered, except the Christmas tree itself, since she insisted on a genuine pine, would come from the warehouse. The decorating team, which would consist of himself and Georgia since the others would be needed to decorate for the wedding, would have to leave before noon to be able to get up there, do the work, and get back that night. He wondered if Georgia had realized they’d have to do this alone because of the conflict. This was why Eleni avoided booking two events for the same day.

“I really appreciate you doing this for me on such short notice, and I’d like to thank you somehow. Will Georgia be going with you?”

He nodded. “Holiday Magic has a wedding in town that night, so she and I will handle this.”

Mrs. Ingram smiled mischievously. “Feel free to stay the weekend. The skiing is excellent, and if you’re not into that, I’m sure the two of you can find something to do. I’ll delay going up until Sunday. I’ll have the caretaker bring in wood for the fire and get groceries.”

“Thanks, for the offer, but we’ll probably decorate and dash.”

“Well, I’ll call him anyway. The weather changes suddenly up there, and you never know when Old Man Winter or Cupid might strike. It can be a very isolated and yet romantic place.”

Want more? https://www.amazon.com/Holiday-Magic-Susanne-Matthews-ebook/dp/B00NZET216

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