Friday’s Featured Author: Me and Star Trek!

20171008_112753Welcome to Living the Dream. If it’s your first visit, I hope you’ll come back. If you’re a regular reader, nice to see you again. Since I didn’t have an author booked for this week, I decided to feature myself.  Selfish? Maybe, but if I don’t blow my own horn, who will?

This month is an important one for me. I’m halfway through Nano month. Not sure the book will actually finish he entire book in time, but I’ll make the 50 K word count without a problem. As of yesterday, I was over 41 K. Once done, Finding Eloisia will sit on my desktop until I get back from my vacation in January before I begin its edits.  Finding Eloisia is a sci-fi novel, but it’s also a parable about our current lives and situations as so many of them are. Gene Roddenberry started that with his vision that became Star Trek.

20171008_094314Back in October, our Thanksgiving weekend to be exact, John and I went to Ticonderoga to see the Star Trek original set exhibit. Do I hear a Geek cry? Watching the original series with William Shatner was a ritual in our home. My dad never missed an episode, and when I went to university, it was neat to discover that the guy who’d stolen my heart was a fan, too.  We plan to return next May and actually see Shatner there.

When I conceived of the idea of Eloisia, I thought I would write it like a serial with an episode, like a television show, coming out each month. I managed three, but since people didn’t really read the blubs, I got comments like –part of the book is missing. LOL Yes, it definitely was. I’d intended ten episodes, like a series year, but that proved to be way too ambitious a project, so, this year, I opted to start where episode four would’ve been and finish the story as Nano. The visit to the set of the Enterprise, was a great way to accomplish that. Have a look at the pictures and see for yourself!

What amazed me most was realizing how so much of it was smoke and mirrors. That corridor is only maybe thirty feet long and they just kept changing the plaques on the wall to make you think you were elsewhere.  Sickbay’s beds and scanners actually made noise, as did the transporter.  All the screens on the bridge lit up, too.  They had one set for quarters and just changed the items in it depending whose room it was supposed to be.

It was interesting to see what was used a fancy futuristic equipment. Look here. This is an oven rack, crinkled tin foil, and PVC piping.  Who knew? The other, the circuit board, contained plug adapters to go from AC to DC current.

Probably the most interesting thing to see was Engineering and the Warp core. 20171008_105742

Would you believe those are balls spray painted gold? And that chamber is only three feet deep. When you think about it, this was probably the best magic show on Earth.

So a lot of the ideas for Eloisia were born on Star Trek.  If you’re looking for something irreverent to watch that will bring back memories of the original Star Trek episodes, try The Orville. I love it.






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