Friday’s Featured Author: Melinda De Ross and her new book, Celebrity



Welcome to this week’s featured author, Melinda De Ross, who’s showcasing her newest novel, Celebrity.

Melinda is no stranger to Living the Dream, but you may not realize how our association developed.

We met online back in 2013. It’s hard to believe that was only four years ago. At the time, she and I were both publishing our first novels with Front Porch Romance, a crooked publishing house, run by a scam artist, an unscrupulous woman whose lies and thefts hurt a lot of new writers.

Some gave up writing, others, like Melinda, refused to allow her to ruin her dreams.

While Melinda and I have never met, we chat regularly and support one another’s careers. In addition to being an author, Melinda is a tremendously talented cover artist. If you would like to see some of her work, check out yesterday’s post.  Here’s a little more about her:

imagesMelinda De Ross is an international author of Romanian origin. She writes in two languages, and her books combine the elegance specific to the European style with the modern appeal of the American culture. She has a Law degree and has been a professional target shooter for over a decade. Her favorite genre to read and write in is Romance, and when she has spare time,  she prefers watching a classic movie instead of going to a noisy club.

She loves hearing from her readers, and you can find her at:

I heard someone say the other day that writing was a cutthroat business, and while it may be true for some authors, I’ve been fortunate enough to meet wonderful supportive people who’ve helped me grow as a writer, just as I hope I’ve helped them. Melinda is one of those people.  I have long admired her determination and talent.  It was my honor and privilege to assist  Melinda by editing Celebrity for her.

Celebrity Teaser


Since I literally read this book cover to cover, I can honestly say it is a book of dreams– every author’s dream, in fact. I can’t think of a single writer I know who wouldn’t be thrilled to discover her or his book was going to be made into a movie.

Here’s the book blurb:

Within twenty-four hours, Kendra Kensington’s life changes drastically. She lands a million dollar contract for her latest novel, now on the road to becoming a movie, catches her boyfriend in bed with another woman, and decides to move across the country from Chicago to California. But the City of Angels harbors more demons than she had imagined.
When she meets Blake Tyler, the famous movie star she’s secretly crushed on for years, she thinks her attempt to rebuild her life may just be on the right track. However, the past and the present seem to be conspiring against her and happiness may be harder to achieve than she thinks.

I loved the plot of this book and gave it five stars.

Every author’s dream is to have a book they’ve written become a movie, and when Kendra’s offered this opportunity, she embraces it. But uprooting yourself isn’t any easier that letting go of preconceived notions and falling in love. Great story about self-discovery. Well done, Ms. De Ross.

We all know how hard it is to pack up our troubles and our broken hearts to start over. The old adage, “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me,” couldn’t be more false. Broken bones heal, but words leave scars on the heart that can destroy a person much faster. As Kendra works her way through heartbreak and hurtful words, she has to find the courage to believe in her self and her ability to love. For me, this was and is a must read book.

Celebrity Cover

A word from Melinda:

Dear Reader,

They say 7 is a magic number. Since this is my 7th novel, released on November 7th, and it took 7 months to write, I tend to agree. During this time I was engrossed in the journey of my heroine, in the glamorous Hollywood life, where the general motto is “live fast, die young”.
However, few people know this book was inspired by one of my previous novels, The Diary. To me it is such a powerful book that I would love to see it turned into a movie one day, and Celebrity includes how I imagined The Diary would come to life on screen. If you enjoy this book, I hope you will also check out The Diary and find out what inspired me so much. To entice your curiosity further, I’ve included an excerpt from The Diary on the last pages of this book.


“If you enjoy Jackie Collins, you will love CELEBRITY!” – Editorial Review 

Buying links: Available as eBook and paperback everywhere books are sold online, including AmazoniTunesBarnes&NobleKoboGoogle PlaySmashwords

Until next week, CELEBRITY is 99 cents, so be sure to get your copy before then, and don’t forget to leave a review.

Celebrity is based on Melinda’s Books, The Diary.

The Diary Cover

My five star review of The Diary:

“While I’ve enjoyed all of Melinda De Ross’s books, The Diary is in a class of its own. Set against the unusual and at times eerie history of her native land, Melinda brings a legend to life, full of twists and turns to keep you reading until the wee hours. She kept me on the edge of my chair, and for me, the Blood Countess will go down in the annals of infamy. Well done.”

THE DIARY is available in eBook and paperback format everywhere books are sold online, by  AmazoniTunesKoboSmashwordsBarnes&Noble

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