Thursday Thrills: Out with the Old, and in with the New.

Do you like surprises?  Normally, I’m kind of reluctant about them. Sometimes, surprises can be fun, but at others, as MJ the heroine in my latest romance novel, Wedding Bell Blues, currently in a Kindle Scout Campaign,  sometimes they aren’t so nice.

WBB final coverWell this week, I got some wonderful surprises.  What are they? Covers for some of my older books. With a huge amount of help from Melinda De Ross, I have gorgeous new covers for my Christmas books and cleaned up titles for two others. You can check out her website for some of her other awesome designs.

Melinda designed the cover for Wedding Bell Blues. If you have time to nominate it, please do.

Have a look at my lovely new covers!

Sworn to Protect NEW

Captain's Promise_Ebook Cover

Holiday Magic New













Holiday Magic will be in a Kindle Countdown deal from November 20 until November 27th.

The Perfect Choice, the companion book to Holiday Magic, will be in a Kindle Countdown Deal from December 7 until December 14th. Treat yourself to great holiday reads. Love and Christmas? What could be more perfect?

The perfect choice New

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