Tuesday Tales: From the Word Truck

Badge for TT - very smallWelcome back to another edition of Tuesday Tales, the weekly blog where books are born!  Each week, a small group of authors share their current work in progress with you, This work is unedited and based on a prompt–either a picture or a word. This week, the word is TRUCK

I’m continuing with what I guess should be considered women’s fiction rather than a contemporary romance. Sometimes it’s hard to put a story in a box. Enjoy!

Mike had jumped into the lake, swimming out to her, and when he reached her, he’d pulled her into his arms. They’d stayed like that, a strange, four-legged creature treading water, keeping the loons at bay, watching the sun dip lower and lower on the horizon. Tears had tracked silently down her cheeks. He’d felt helpless, but he’d been convinced everything would work out. Why was it hindsight was twenty-twenty, but love was blind?

“T, it’ll be alright,” he’d said, pulling her naked body closer to his. “I know it isn’t what either of us want, but does another week really make that big a difference? We’ll write, I’ll call when I can, and before I have to report to Petawawa, I’ll come and see you. You’ll have started school, and I looked it up on the map. Vassar’s in Poughkeepsie, New York. That’s not so far away. I’ll rent a car and drive down there for the weekend. I’ll get a motel room, and we’ll make love in a bed instead of on a blanket.”

She shivered in his arms.

“Come on. You’re cold, and it’ll be dark soon. We need to get back to the resort. That road can be tricky in the dark.”

She hadn’t said a word about his plans, but instead had pushed herself out of his arms and had swum to shore.

They’d dried themselves with the old towel he’d stuffed into his backpack, and had picked up the evidence of their tryst. Twyla hadn’t spoken, but her tears had dried, and she’d seemed content, the silence between them comfortable. By the time they got back to the resort, the stars were out.

catch a falling star“Look! There’s a falling star,” she pointed to the eastern sky. “Have you ever wished upon a star?”

She’d parked her bike in the rack, across from the resort’s old, beat up, pickup truck.

“Not since I was a kid. Lydia and I used to argue about who would get the wish if we saw the falling star and both wished at the same time. She claimed stars only granted one wish, and whoever wished first would be the only one to get anything.”

“That doesn’t seem fair. What if a hundred people see the star and wish at the exact same moment? How can the star choose the one to grant?”

He chuckled. “T, I think stars can hand out as many wishes as they want to. What about you?”

“This is the first time I’ve seen one,” she admitted. “There’s another. Quick! Make a wish.” She closed her eyes and crossed her fingers. “Did you do it?” she asked.

He shook his head. “Didn’t get time. I was too busy looking at you. I’ll get the next one. If Lydia’s right, you’ll get yours. Besides, I have you, the girl I love more than anything. What else could I possibly wish for?” He’d dropped a quick kiss on her nose.

“I love you, Michael Morrison. I love you so much, it hurts.”

He’d kissed her again and winked. “Love you more.”

The sun dipped lower, a sudden flash of light making him blink, bringing him back to the present and his empty office. Michael turned away from the window.

There hadn’t been another star that night, but every time he’d seen one since, he stubbornly refused to make a wish. That night, they’d stolen one last kiss in the dark, and she’d promised to come say goodbye before they left, but he’d never seen her again. Later in the day, he’d learned her family had left just after six, two hours before he started work, and three hours sooner than Twyla had said. He shook his head. She’d even lied about that.

He grabbed his jacket from the hook on the back of the door and locked up. He needed a drink. With these memories rolling around inside his head, he wasn’t getting any sleep tonight. Maybe he should go with Lydia and confront her, ask her why she’d done it, why she’d played that cruel joke on him. He’d loved her damn it, and she’d claimed to love him, but to her, he’d been nothing but one last summer fling. It had hurt like hell back then and still did.

That’s it for this week! Don’t forget to check out all the other posts on  Tuesday Tales.

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8 thoughts on “Tuesday Tales: From the Word Truck

  1. Oh, wow. My heart breaks for Michael. Such a loving guy to be led wrong. I can’t wait until everything is rectified but something tells me there will be fireworks first!

  2. Ahhhh….big sighs over here. Such misunderstandings from so many years ago. My money’s on them fixing it up…eventually. LOVE your book within a book idea! That will be fun to read.

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