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New midweek tease imageWelcome back to this week’s Midweek tease. Life has been hectic around here, but it may be settling down. No promises. It’s all about the adventure, right?

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Here’s more from All For Love

To overcome your fear, you must first face it.
Someone is out to destroy Greg Robertson and everyone he has ever loved. After an accident leaves his teenage daughter depressed and distraught, Greg will do anything to make her happy again, including hiring a bodyguard to protect her.

Olivia Cummings lost both her fiance and her cousin in a deadly avalanche. She has vowed never to set foot on a ski hill again. But now, working as a bodyguard with Marshall Security, Olivia must face her greatest fears to save Greg and his daughter.

Something about Olivia’s determination strikes a chord in Greg, but will she be the salvation he needs, or will he be her destruction?


Here is this week’s tease.

“If it’s not political, then what? Why blow up your car?” Jack asked.

Greg sighed heavily. “Payback—revenge for something I may have done, something I don’t remember. But I’m beginning to think it could be about money. Greed, pure and simple. If I’d been in the car, as I was supposed to be, and had been killed on Russian soil, the publicity would have been tremendous. As it is, since my connection to Nadia—not the real relationship, just speculation we might have been dating—was made public, my book sales have tripled. Luckily, we managed to keep Sheena’s presence in the car out of the press.”

Jack whistled. “Considering the book’s been on the New York best seller list for over a year, that’s a lot of money.”

Greg ran his hand through his hair. “It is, and the press has had a field day speculating about terrorists. The movie has attracted a lot of new investors, and the Hollywood gossip is that it’ll be a box office success. A lot of people stand to get rich if I die without an heir—even richer if I die in some flamboyant way. Imagine the possibilities from the film’s revenue alone.”

“What do you mean?” Veronica and Vicki spoke in unison once more.

“It’s clear someone knows who I really am and knows the truth about Nadia and Sheena. If I die without an heir, while most of my fortune will revert to the family, all of my revenue directly related to my writing goes to my agent and publisher.”

Jack frowned and grunted. “Do you think it’s someone in the family looking for a bigger share?”

“No, I don’t. Besides, the police have checked that aspect and found nothing. If money is the goal, it has to be someone who stands to profit from my death who isn’t getting much from me alive. That’s the only thing that makes sense. With an heir, forty percent of my literary gains go to my publisher and agent. Without an heir, all revenue from the movie and all of my books reverts to them.”

Jack shook his head. “That’s the problem with you celebrities. Someone always wants to get a piece of your pie. You might as well have painted a target on your back. You’re too attractive dead.”

Greg grimaced. “Unfortunately, that’s true, but painting a target on George Stanton’s back is one thing, painting it on my daughter is quite a different story.”

“So, what do you want from us?” Jack’s voice was determined, showing Greg whatever it was he wanted, it was his for the asking.

Greg relaxed. “I need you to help me keep my daughter safe.”


“Sheena’s a world class skier, but she was badly injured in the accident. While she’s recovered well, there’ve been a lot of changes for her.  I want to give her the opportunity to ski competitively again, meet new people, and make new friendships. I want to give her back her dream, and this is where I need your help, but with a maniac after me, it will be dangerous.”

Lord, if you’d like to give me the words to convince them to help me, it would be grand. The prayer would probably fall on deaf ears, but he couldn’t help uttering it. He wasn’t asking for himself. Sheena was just a child, and wasn’t God partial to helping children?

He took a deep breath and renewed his pacing. “I want to send her to ski trials in late January in Vermont—give her a chance to train with others. Her injuries have given her a new face, but she’ll need a false identity and an undercover bodyguard who can ski. I know I’m asking a lot, and you may not know someone who can handle that challenge, but that’s not all.”

“Go on.” Jack prodded.

Greg glanced at Tim who nodded.

“Although my daughter hates me at the moment, I won’t let her go anywhere without me. Tim is going to let me use one of his former identities … that is if you agree.” He looked pointedly at Vicki who scowled, and Greg read the uncertainty on her face.

Veronica stood up, seemingly oblivious to her twin’s inner agony.  She clapped her hands and turned to her husband. “And I know exactly who can help. Livy’s perfect for this job, and you know it.”

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