Midweek Tease: A Taste of Something Yet to Come.

New midweek tease imageWelcome to this week’s midweek tease brought to you courtesy of Angelica Dawson. Each week a group of talented authors allow me to join them in posting a section from a book–be it published or a work in progress. This week, I decided to share a scene from my current w-i-p. Most of you are familiar with my work as a suspense/thriller writer. This week, I’m going to show you another side of my abilities.

Amidst all the chaos in the world right now, I’m hoping this scene will make you snicker. Wedding Bell Blues is set primarily in the Caribbean, not near where Irma has wrought such destruction, but on an imaginary island off the coast of Martinique, which I’ve named Paradise Island.

The premise:

What happens when the fiance turns out to be a lying, cheating bastard, and the bride decides to go on the honeymoon by herself, intent on getting something out of the debacle, only to discover the jerk canceled her reservation, forcing her to turn to the only one there to save her–her brother’s best friend, the man who broke her girlish heart fifteen years ago, who see her as his kid sister?

Here’s your tease. Please take a minute to comment. I’m looking forward to your feedback on this.

Paul slowed his pace so she could catch up and walk beside him.

“I’m sorry if I offended you,” he said sheepishly, and from the red on his face, she knew he was sincere. “I didn’t mean to. I’m kind of glad you’re here, even if you aren’t. The guy who sold me the vacation package didn’t tell me this was a couples’ resort. It’ll be nice to have someone around I know.” He frowned. “When Carla said you were single, I should’ve realized you would have a boyfriend or fiancé.”

Before she could think of anything to say, the path veered left, and she yelped.

“Holy shit! What the hell is that? Is that a dragon? They have dragons here?” she screeched, trying to climb up on Paul’s shoulders and join the backpack.

Paul laughed. “Calm down, Kid. It’s not a dragon, it’s just an iguana. It won’t hurt you. It eats nothing but plants and leaves. Even the bugs are safe. These are quite domesticated. See, it’s even got a collar.”

“What difference does a frigging collar make?” she asked, moving behind him, using him as a shield against the monster. “I’ve seen iguanas, and they’re green, not grayish like that one, and they definitely are not that big.”

“This is a green iguana, but its color fades to a greenish gray as it ages. I’ll admit it’s larger than most specimens you’ve seen, but it’s harmless. Right now, that poor little guy is as warm as you are, and that’s why he’s so pale. He’s heading into the undergrowth to cool off. If you see him tonight, he’ll be much darker in color.”

Little guy? Are you frigging nuts? If I meet that thing alone tonight, I’ll have a coronary,” she said, offended by the smirk he tried to hide. “What is it with you and overgrown animals? You’ve got a horse-sized dog and now this, this … dinosaur. That sucker’s at least four feet long and has to weight fifty pounds, and you expect me to believe it eats plants?”

“Twenty tops,” he said, his shoulders shaking.

He was laughing at her. If she weren’t so upset she might see the humor in the situation.

“His ancestors ate plants and look at the size of those.” Paul used his foot to nudge the reptile out of the way and send him back into the trees. The animal disappeared into the bushes.

MJ eyed the brush suspiciously, not convinced the monstrosity was gone, but unwilling to go looking for the lizard—if that’s what it really was. She realized Paul had started walking again and hurried to catch up to him.

“Some of his ancestors were meat-eaters, and who’s to say he won’t morph into an omnivore when salad isn’t enough to fill him up? I didn’t realize this island would be like the Galapagos Islands—they left that out of the literature.”

Paul burst out laughing. “Welcome to Paradise, Kid. I forgot how much fun you could be. Having you around for a few days will be great.” He turned and walked on.

MJ shook her head. “Comic relief,” she mumbled. “Great, just frigging great.” She hurried to catch up to him.

That’s it. I’ll be away next week, but I’ll be back on the 27th.

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#MidWeekTease September 13, 2017

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