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Thursday Thoughts: End of the World–Again?

St Lawrence and USAGood morning, at least I hope it’s been or going to be a good day for you. I intend to make it a productive, good day for me, unlike yesterday when I let current events and doomsday prediction steal my creativity from me. Today, I’m trusting that God and cool heads will prevail.

I took this photograph standing on the Canadian shore looking across to New York State. That’s how close I am to the United States of America, and essentially, what happens there, affects what happens here. Whether or not I believe Mr. Trump to be the right person to lead that nation is a moot point, but the decisions he makes impact my country, too.

Take his rhetoric on immigrants. Last winter, people died out on the prairies, trying to cross into Canada from the US. I’m talking men, women, and children. Why would a parent endanger their own child like that? At the moment, there’s an influx of Haitian immigrants crossing into Quebec, only a couple of hundred miles from here. These people aren’t coming from Haiti itself–no, they escaped that place and went to Florida, but now, for reasons I actually find confusing, they are seeking asylum in Canada. And not just a few of them, either. By my count, based on last night’s news, we’re looking at hundreds. Why? It makes no sense to me.

Like many, I’ve been caught up in the news, and most of it isn’t good. Mother Nature seems to have gone crazy with animals — birds and fish — behaving uncharacteristically. Some are blaming it on the upcoming solar eclipse on August 21st, but


I don’t buy that. We’ve had eclipses before during my lifetime. Others are looking once more at doomsday prophecies. The latest one has the world coming to an end on Septem

ber 19th.  That tune’s been overdone.  The ones I remember best were the end of the world caused by Y2K in 2000, and of course ,the Mayan prophecy of 2012. Guess what? We’re still here. My husband and I often watch disaster movies, something we started doing years ago with The Towering Inferno, Earthquake, Volcano, Armageddon, The Day After, Sinkhole — the list goes on. Most of the movies deal with some natural phenomena, often from outer space, or a man-made disaster because we’ve failed to take good care of the planet. Strangely, the sinkhole swallowing some of Florida has me remembering one of those movies.  While it’s true Florida is prone to sinkholes, I don’t ever remember one of the size and destructive ability of the one they have now. Seven homes lost according to the news on August 7th.


But as bad as those things are, they aren’t what’s keeping me awake at night. My problem is that I’m stuck again in an old mindtrap, the one that terrified me in the early sixties. Screen-shot-2015-09-04-at-1.11.43-PMDo you remember the sirens? the drills? the crawling under your desk, your heart pounding a mile a minute in case this was the real one? I do, and sadly, those terrors of my early teens have come back to haunt me. But the sirens that were to warn us against imminent dangers were all taken down in the 1970s by the Department of Defense — they were old and rusty, becoming eyesores — and we no longer needed them.


Back in the fifties and sixties, my parents were in the army reserves  and were part of the EMO, the Emergency Measures Organization.  Our greatest fear? An atomic bomb  from the USSR–The United Soviet Socialist Republic. Cornwall wasn’t considered a target per se in the early fifties. We were a receiving center, but after the dam was built and the St. Lawrence Seaway opened, that changed. Our dam provides power primarily to the Eastern Seaboard of the US. Knock out our dam, and millions of Canadians and Americans are without power. And, once one part of the grid goes down, it can take out the rest of it–a domino effect. We’ve seen that happen a couple of times before.

fp_20170517_nk_missile_rangeThese past few weeks, the news has been full of doomsday predictions thanks to North Korean dictator, Kim Jong-un flexing his muscles against the US. I’m hearing rumors and reading real news reports — not those pesky fake ones — that tell me that this threat may be more real than anyone wants to believe.  But we aren’t looking at an atomic bomb. Kim has a nuclear arsenal and he’s been testing his delivery system, claiming it can now reach the US and if it can reach them, it can reach us.  So, trapped in the sixties again, what do I do? Build a bomb shelter? Stock up on bottled water?

Yesterday, I spent the day worrying about the threat of war and what that would mean for my children and grandchildren, and I realized that there is absolutely nothing I can do to stop this if it’s going to happen. Ever since 9-11, we’ve been under one threat or another — the Taliban, ISIS, lone wolf terrorist, people with guns shooting up schools, workplaces, you name it. This isn’t like trying to save the environment, cutting back of fatty foods, getting more exercise, or spending quality time with family. This danger is out of my hands, and if I let it get to me, I’ll destroy my peace of mind and whatever good life has left for me. We’re all here for a finite number of days. When our time’s up, it’s over, but until my time is up, I have to look away from the negative and find the positive. I’ll put my faith in the Lord and hope cool heads prevail.

What about you? Will you let the news and doomsday prophecies ruin whatever time you have left?




Finally retired after more than 30 years as a teacher! Now, I get to spend my time gardening, enjoying my grandchildren, and writing. I finally completed the number one item in my bucket list and Crimson Romance published my first novel, Fire Angel, in April 2013. Since then I have published 24 manuscripts to date and don't plan to quit writing for a long time yet.

One thought on “Thursday Thoughts: End of the World–Again?

  1. Nope.Not me. That’s why I rarely watch any news. (Of course, sticking my head in the sand isn’t always a good thing either lol) Little little snippets I catch on FB and yahoo when certain headlines catch my attention when I stop it for email – and your blog today – are enough for me. I could easily turn into a full blown worry wart. Without trying I can easily make proverbial mountains out of molehills, so I try to consciously turn away from a lot of the worry causing issues that proliferate.
    And you’re right – we can’t do anything about many of the concerns. I think some of it relates to the ‘pick your battles’ theory. If there’s something that I can do by getting involved, I’ll get involved. And if there isn’t, for my own peace of mind and health, I’ll try to remain optimistic and banish my worries. That’s my two cents. (Just because, since I can’t use cliches in my writing, by golly, I’ll pepper them all over your blog comments lol)

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