Summer Ramblings “Softball Season Is Over!”

20170705_204508Good morning. When I was a kid, I used to view the end of July with more than a little dismay. To me, it marked the halfway point of summer and the fact that we were now on a down turn back to school. For the record, I actually liked school, but I enjoyed those days when I could amuse myself and read whatever the library had to offer.

I hope this summer is living up to your expectations. I realize many of you are facing impossibly hot temperatures and wildfires, and my heart goes out to anyone who has lost even the slightest thing because of it. In Eastern Ontario, this is definitely the greenest year in history with record rainfall. Water levels in local rivers and canals are at an all-time high, and with this week’s rain, the authorities were forced to close sections of the historic Rideau Canal system. Boaters found themselves stranded between locks, unable to go up or down the system. It still isn’t open, and for some, I’m sure they expected to be home by now. I can’t imagine the emotional toil th8is could be taking. We were there only last week and everything was running smoothly. How quickly things change!. If you follow my Tuesday Tales, you’ll know my current wip is set along that famous waterway.

As always, Higley Flow, the NY State Park we visit for our annual camping trip, lived up to expectations. We set up our compound, as John calls it, over a two-day period since the grandkids didn’t arrive until the weekend, and we started our vacation on Wednesday with a couple of nights with old friends–the real Rob and Faye who inspired the couple in  The White Carnation. Our friendship is one of those rare ones. We’ve known one another most of our lives and while we can go months, at times years without seeing one another, when we do get together it’s as if the last time we did were yesterday. I can’t say enough about the benefits of tarping the tent. We had a couple of bad storms, but stayed dry. Not everyone was as lucky as we were.

We took some alone time while our daughter used the site and visited Chaffe’s Locks on the Rideau, Ste Anne de Bellevue on the St. Lawrence, and of course, Lake Placid, NY, on our return to the campground. After everyone else packed up, John and I enjoyed another two glorious days and nights before returning to work.

That weekend was marked by another annual event, the closing softball tournament for the grandkids. Mother Nature couldn’t have given them a more perfect day. While the team coached by our daughter and her significant other, on which play Eleni, Georgia, Tonio, and Jordy did poorly, our oldest grandson Nico’s team won the Peewee-Bantam championship. He even got to pitch an inning. That’s a pretty big deal for an eleven-year-old playing with much older kids. He hit well as did Tonio, his pitching was superb, as was Eleni’s, but in the end, his team brought home the hardware, not theirs. One more soccer Monday and, for the first time since mid-May, we have our week nights back–not that I don’t enjoy seeing them play, but a woman can only eat so many hot dogs and French fries for dinner!

This summer has been an interesting and exciting one for me as an author as well. I’m not sure if it’s a sign of old age creeping up or just that I’ve become more demanding of myself, but I’ve only published two books: Sworn to Protect, which was released in June under my Indie label, and No Good Deed, which comes out Monday from Crimson Romance and Simon and Schuster. Both books have gotten outstanding reviews from the Reading Cafe’s Georgianna Simpson. Have a look.

Georgianna’s words humble me and leave me speechless. Praying the books do well. In the meantime, I’m on e final edits for Wedding Bell Blues, and plan to send it off to an editor in the near future.

What’s next? We have Ribfest tonight, an overnight visit at my sister’s riverside home tomorrow, the Glengarry Highland Games next Friday, Rocking the Bay in Alexandria Bay in late August and an anniversary dinner at St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church in Kingston followed by a two-night stay at the Opinicon in September. That will round off my summer nicely.–Oh, there’s a birthday or five tossed in that mix, but what’s age other than a state of mind?

Enjoy the rest of your summer!

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