Tuesday Tales: Picture Prompt Time

badge-for-tt-very-small-1Welcome to this week’s edition of Tuesday Tales. Usually we post an excerpt based on a word. This week, we have a picture and a 300 word limit. I was going to start something new, but I’ll post a couple more from Wedding Bell Blues and begin a new book after my camping holiday in July. It’s a good time to start something fresh!

So, here is the image I chose:


And here’s this week’s Tuesday Tale.

Paul led MJ into the bar, remodeled to resemble the interior of an old ship. A rough wooden plank replaced the smooth granite top.

“I heard about your miracle,” Lucette said, her eyes aglow, placing a glass of scotch on the bar for Paul. The bottle slipped from her hand, and lay on its side, drops of liquor saturating the wood.

Excusez-moi,” the bartender added, handing MJ a glass of juice. “I have never met anyone who has seen la sirène.”

MJ’s fingers traced the uneven grain of the dark wood. She frowned. “What’s a sirène?” She mangled the word in her attempt to say it.

“A mermaid, like Manman Dlo. I can’t wait to hear about her. Only a handful of people have seen one, and most of them are dead now. My grandfather’s father was rescued by a blue one. Those who see them are blessed.”

MJ licked her lips. “Not sure I feel blessed, more like scared to death now, but the creature I saw didn’t look like the statue. She had dark hair down to her waist, and these incredible purple scales and a marvelous tail—all shiny and reflective. She didn’t speak, just held up her hand and when I touched it, I was suddenly in the water, breathing under it. I saw Paul swimming to me and she left. When she did, I couldn’t breathe and my mouth filled with water …”

“I saw a purple shadow under you,” he admitted, his forehead creased more deeply than ever. “When it vanished, and the water entered your mouth … I never want to see anything like that again.”

MJ’s cheeks heated at the intensity of his gaze.

Before she could comment, Lucette spoke. “What did she give you?”

“Nothing, why?”

“But there must be a gift.”

That’s it for this week! Don’t forget to check out all the other posts on  Tuesday Tales.



6 thoughts on “Tuesday Tales: Picture Prompt Time

  1. Oh, no! CLIFFHANGER! Now I need to know what the gift was. Although it seems to me that Paul is gift enough for her. I love how much he adores her. This is such a great story!

  2. I love that they are having this conversation after Paul tried to push it aside a little earlier. I can’t wait to see what the gift is!!

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