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Monday, Monday: Thoughts on the Day

daffodilsWell, the month of April was a busy and exciting one, and for me. Mother Nature’s been as erratic as ever and May doesn’t look to be a whole lot quieter. In essence the weatherman is calling for twelve straight days of rain. I know we need it, but couldn’t she spread it out a little? How about rain at night and sun during the day. That would work. But seriously, my arthritis and I would appreciate some consistency in the temperature. I’ll even welcome the pollen if I can have temperatures over 70F!

So with the A to Z blog, what’s next for me? I have a few fun events coming up this month–a Mother-Daughter banquet on Thursday, a Comedy Show Saturday, a visit to Toronto Sunday to see my middle son in the country for a week, a surprise 65th birthday party and Lobsterfest–my only chance to eat fresh lobster this year. This will be a busy month for me socially. Hey, everyone has to be with people sooner or later.

Sworn to ProtectAs far as writing goes, I  have my Kindle Scout campaign to worry about for Sworn to Protect. I’m really not good at tooting my own horn. Here’s the link if you haven’t nominated it yet. Don’t forget. You can nominate three different book.

Here’s the rest of the last scene  in the Scout preview. 

Nancy picked up the menu, but the words danced before her eyes. “He called today,” she said, even though she’d intended to keep that bit of information to herself.

Meredith sat up straight and put down her menu. “And?”

“And, nothing.” Nancy shrugged. “He left a message on the machine saying he wanted to talk to me. I didn’t return his call.”

“Why not? No matter what you say, I know you’re still in love with him, and I’m pretty sure he loves you, too.”

Nancy sipped her drink and stared into the frothy pink liquid as if it held the answer to all the mysteries of life.

“Sometimes love isn’t enough, Meredith,” she admitted, unable to squelch the sorrow in her voice. “I’ll love Neil Copeland for the rest of my life, but some things can’t be reconciled. His job has a death grip on him which’ll never go away, and I can’t be second—not again. That may sound selfish, but it is what it is.”

Meredith frowned. “It isn’t that simple, and you know it. There were extenuating circumstances.”

“That may be, but I can’t get passed it. I never wanted to fall for a man like my father who put work first, but that’s exactly what I did.”

“Sugar, you’ve got this all wrong.” Meredith reached across the table and touched Nancy’s hand. “You aren’t being fair to Neil. That man would put you first if the choice was his, but as a U.S. marshal, it rarely is. People won’t testify against the mob, drug dealers, and other assorted dirt bags unless they know they and their families can be protected.”

“I know, but I want a full-time husband, not a part-time hero. When I needed him most, he chose the job over me, and you know it. The kid who hit us will spend the next fifteen years in jail, as if that can somehow make up for what I’ve lost. Well, I’ve been in a prison of my own long enough. If I don’t return Neil’s call, he’ll stop calling.”

“You’re wrong, and deep down you know it. The Neil Copeland I know won’t quit unless it’s his decision. You two were made for each other. Love’s too precious to throw away.”

Nancy shook her head. “I didn’t throw it away. He did.”

Meredith frowned, and Nancy expected her to keep arguing, but she didn’t.

“I had a quick look at your friend’s case this afternoon after I got back,” Nancy said, changing the topic.

“I knew I could count on you.” Meredith grinned. “Did you find anything?”

“There’s something there, but I can’t put my finger on it. Those books are too neat and tidy. My guess is that Paxton’s been playing a shell game, moving things here and there until they disappear. There’s a meeting with Pratt and his client on Tuesday. By the way, why didn’t you tell me the man’s lawyer was Pratt? I would’ve agreed to do this for free.”

“You don’t have a job, remember? You can’t afford to give away freebies, although I’ll sue OJM for you the minute you say so. I’d forgotten you knew Benjamin James Pratt. He’s the kind of man that has me agreeing with Shakespeare’s King Henry VI when he says, ‘Let’s kill all the lawyers,’ and I’m one of them. If I thought I was the least little bit like him, I’d give up practicing law and get a job serving coffee in a donut shop.”

“Forget suing. Getting out of there will be good for me. One of these days, that slime ball will get exactly what’s coming to him, and karma’s a bitch. As far as giving up law, that would be a little drastic, don’t you think? You would drink more coffee than you would serve, and the donuts wouldn’t stand a chance either.”

Meredith laughed. “You know me too well. I’d probably end up as wide as I’m tall. I love my java and sweets.”

“You’re a great lawyer, Merry,” Nancy said and smiled. “Don’t even think of putting yourself in the same category as Pratt. There are slime balls in every profession. Clive Connors came to mind once more. “I know a few accountants I don’t trust. When it comes to lawyers, Pratt happens to be one of the worse. The law needs people willing to protect the innocent and see that justice is served. People like you who actually care and want to see people treated fairly even in a divorce settlement.”

Nancy sipped her margarita. Another reason she’d chosen Lucifer’s for their dinner out was because it had been where Neil had proposed—a fitting place for the end of everything.

“I’m going to ask Larry to get a Duces Tecum subpoena on Monday and go to Baltimore to have a look at the paper trail and attend that meeting Tuesday. By the time I’m finished, I’ll know where to find every last dime Paxton has or doesn’t have. Have you heard of Claymore Investments?”

“No,” Meredith said. “Why? Are you thinking of moving stuff around?”

“Uh-uh, not that I have much to move even if I wanted to, but Paxton’s seems to have a lot of his eggs in that basket—never a good idea in this kind of economy. The name’s familiar. I’ve seen it recently. There must’ve been clients at OJM with investments there. I’ll have a closer look at the documents Larry sent me tomorrow. For now, let’s eat, drink, and be merry. Who knows what the future will bring? Hopefully good things for all of us.”

But she didn’t believe it for a minute.

Hope you’ll take the time to nominate it and spread the word. As the song says, “I’ll get by with a little help from my friends!





Finally retired after more than 30 years as a teacher! Now, I get to spend my time gardening, enjoying my grandchildren, and writing. I finally completed the number one item in my bucket list and Crimson Romance published my first novel, Fire Angel, in April 2013. Since then I have published 24 manuscripts to date and don't plan to quit writing for a long time yet.

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