Midweek Tease: Elle Marlow, Horses From Heaven

mwtease15It’s my great pleasure this morning to step aside as a writer and cede my spot on the Midweek Tease to author Elle Marlow. Many thanks to Angelica Dawson who maintains this platform for this weekly blog stop.

Elle Marlow is Arizona born and bred. Many of her novels reflect her Irish-Native American background. Married to a ‘real-life’ cowboy and having horses of her own, her western stories have the authenticity that pulls the reader right into them.

I had the opportunity to read Horses From Heaven this past weekend, and if I were to recommend one western novel to you, it would be this one. The book contains both sweet and salty scenes, and I fell in love with the hero and heroine.


After a tragic rodeo wreck leaves her a widow, Kendall barely has time to grieve. Instead, she finds herself standing between the horse and her father in-law’s rifle. He wants to even the score for the death of his son.

Her decision to protect Diablo exiles her from living at Rooster’s ranch, and makes her the target of gossip in their small town. Kendall has no choice but to take her son and Diablo to the only man who will rent her a home and work with Diablo; former bull-riding champion, Charlie Walters.

Charlie’s career made him a legend, and then gave him a body held together with nuts and bolts. The only reason he hasn’t caved into self-pity is the herd of wild horses that wandered onto his recently acquired ranch. Heaven Ranch felt more like hell until they showed up and demanded his attention. Add that to the sudden appearance of the beautiful widow, Kendall Stanley and her young son, and he finally feels a purpose again.

Tending to Diablo, and standing up to Rooster Stanley’s threats is easy. Convincing Kendall that being a cowboy isn’t a death sentence and a sin, is hard. It’s going to take a herd of wild horses to get her to change her heart and her mind, because he’s fallen in love and wants to give her more than the world, he wants to give her Heaven.

Your tease:

Horses From Heaven“I don’t know what tomorrow brings, but please don’t sell your ranch,” she told him.

“I won’t sell. I’ll face Rooster as many times as I have to, if that’s what it takes.”

“Been there, done that already. How much longer am I supposed to give a damn about a man who never gave a damn about me? Answer me that, Charlie. How much longer am I supposed to feel sad, miserable and alone?”

“You’re not alone,” he insisted, as he pulled back and then placed his finger under her chin to lift her face to meet his gaze.

“Or maybe you don’t want the same things I do,” she realized, admiring the brown speckles that dotted along the edge of his blue eyes. She licked her lips, her core tightening like a drum to have him so close.

“I think I do,” he said, sweeping a warm gaze over her face.

“Then how much longer do I have to wait?”

“Not one more minute.”

Horses From Heaven is available from Amazon https://www.amazon.com/Horses-Heaven-Elle-Marlow-ebook/dp/B06Y3L3VQX

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MidWeek Tease April 19, 2017

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