2017 A to Z Challenge Blog I is for Imagination

2017 BadgeGood morning. Welcome to today’s A to Z blog post. Thanks so much for dropping by.  The winner of yesterday’s PDF copy of Elle Marlow’s book, Horses From Heaven is Sharon Himsl. You can check out her blogs at https://shells-tales-sails.blogspot.ca/

Today’s letter is the letter I. There are many I words that matter in life, but I believe the one that makes the greatest impact on anyway is  imagination. crocus After the longest, weirdest, most unpredictable winter I can remember, I looked out in my front garden and saw these little sweeties. Now, I can pretend that the lousy weather is over and spring and summer are finally here. Reality and the weatherman predict 9 out 14 rainy days in the next two weeks, but with my imagination, I can see the tulips, daffodils, lilacs, green grass, and warm, sunny days ahead.

I is for Imagination

IThe single most wonderful quality young children have is the ability to use their imagination to travel to wild and wonderful places. A cardboard box can be a sailing vessel, a rocket ship,or a secret hideout. Colored objects can be any shade of the rainbow. They have imaginary friends and playmates, talk to stuffed animals and dolls, and never once do they feel embarrassed by their wild imaginings. Angie's family Christmas 2016The man in the red suit who shows up at your house a few days before Christmas is always the real Santa, and there is a tooth fairy who pays for baby teeth and turns them into pearls. Of course, there are the “bad” imaginings too– the sandman, monsters under the bed, and for my first grandson, the Big Dark. Usually, a hug and a kiss and the occasional cuddle in bed solved all the “bad” stuff.

Syria Worst AtrocitiesSadly, for many children that time of wonder and magic passes all too quickly. A number discover the monsters in this word are real, one of the horrors in this world I truly will never understand.  (http://www.kentucky.com/opinion/op-ed/article143763779.html)

For others, as they grow up, they learn that Santa is just some guy in a red suit, a box is just a box, and everything has to be a specific color. But there are a few who rebel, and to them, to those who maintain their tight grip on their right to an imagination as they grow up, I saw, well done.

Who are they? They are the artists who create painting, statues and designs to beautify the world. My favorite scene in the movie Mary Poppins is when they visit the chalk drawings–fleeting beauty easily washed away, like the magnificent sand castles people build at the beach. Here today, gone tomorrow.  Check out these incredible specimens.

The 20 Awesomest 3D Sidewalk Chalk Drawings


Tell me you wouldn’t be looking down and standing at the edge, too.

Some artists create works that last millennia like the pyramids, others have works that defy the centuries, like Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel ceiling or Da Vinci’s, Mona Lisa. For some, imagine leads them to create structures to defy the ages, like the Sphinx, or define a Nation, Like NYC’s Freedom Tower that replaced the Twin Towers destroyed in 9 11.

Other artists use words to share their imagination–songwriters, poets, and of course novelists. Everything starts in the imagination. Don’t keep it inside. Share so everyone can enjoy the imagined worlds and beauty you can create.

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14 thoughts on “2017 A to Z Challenge Blog I is for Imagination

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  1. Without imagination, our existence would be dull and colourless. That’s as bad as being humourless. Art in all its forms is vital to our well-being, in my opinion. People who don’t appreciate it have something lacking in their lives. That’s a fabulous street painting!

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