Tuesday Tales: From a Picture

badge-for-tt-very-small-1Hello and welcome to this week’s Tuesday Tales. I wasn’t sure I’d have a post this week, but as things have turned out, here it is. As is our custom, once a month we work from a picture and limit our post to 300 words.

Today, I continue with Wedding Bell Blues. Here’s the picture I chose. I’m sure I used something similar back in the fall, but…



MJ rolled over and opened her eyes. The bed beside her was empty, but the indentation in the pillow proved Paul had spent some of the night there. Reaching for her glasses on the bedside table, she noted the time on the clock.

Yikes! It was almost noon. Getting up quickly, she hurried into the bathroom to shower and take care of her morning needs, the first of which were a couple of analgesics for the slight pounding in her head although she wasn’t nauseated as she’d been yesterday.

It had taken her ten minutes last night to convince him to share the bed. After all, they’d done so the previous night, and everything had been fine. He’d kissed her on the forehead and offered her the use of the bathroom first. Feeling like a pampered child rather than a new bride, she’d gone into the bathroom, determined to make him see her as a woman, but as soon as her head hit the pillow, she’d fallen asleep. So much for any alcohol induced femme fatale urges. So where was her gentleman bridegroom now?

A knock on the bathroom door startled her.

“MJ, it’s me. I heard you get up and I didn’t want to scare you. Brunch will be here in half an hour. I’ll be out of the deck when you’re done. Do you want tea or coffee?”

“Tea, please,” she answered, hoping she sounded as relaxed as he did.

Fifteen minutes later, dressed in yellow capris and a black and yellow gingham sleeveless blouse, she stepped out onto the deck. Paul sat in one of the loungers.

“Thanks for letting me sleep in,” she said, nervous about her role now. She was his wife, the old ball and chain. Did he feel trapped yet?

I hope you’ve enjoyed this week’s post. Don’t forget to check out all the other on  Tuesday Tales.



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