Tuesday Tales: From the Word LOVE

badge-for-tt-very-small-1Hello. Welcome to this week’s Tuesday Tales based on a word worthy of tomorrow’s Valentine’s Day. Isn’t it amazing how we use the word love in so many different ways and for so many different things?

This morning,  I’m continuing with the wedding scene from Wedding Bell Blues. Hope you enjoy it.

MJ leaned into Paul as they moved as one across the dance floor. She loved the way he held her as if she were made of crystal and yet so firmly she knew he wouldn’t let her go. But this was the last dance. Like Cinderella, for her the party was over, and it was time to get back to reality. Prince Charming might still be around, and she didn’t have a smashed pumpkin coach to worry about, but there would be a Lucifer of sorts to deal with tomorrow … She wouldn’t think of that alley cat now. Snuggling into Paul’s shoulder, she drifted around the room on the romantic melody.

God, she couldn’t wait to take off her shoes and collapse onto the bed. This might not have been the wedding reception she’d planned for herself, but the night had been magical and so much better than anything she could’ve wanted–except for the aching feet. Why was it women insisted on wearing shoes to dance in that were actually meant to look good and not feel good? These spiky, spindly heels hadn’t been her choice, but Carla was right. They looked damn good. If only they still felt like they had six hours ago.

wedding-cakeThere had been unexpected wedding gifts—vouchers for just about anything a new couple would need—provided by Louis’s corporate sponsors and the network. As far as the meal had gone, it was perfect as if Mama had planned it herself since it included all of MJ’s favorites. When they’d arrived, servers had been walking around offering hors d’oeuvres, which included spanakopita, dolmades, bruschetta, and crab meat Charissa. In the center of the dance floor, a table had been set up with a selection of traditional and exotic fruits and variety of cheeses, surrounding a beautiful pale blue iced wedding cake decorated with seashells to commemorate the location.

During that time, she and Paul had shaken hands with the guests and listened to Mama as she’d explained everything that had happened to her in the past twenty-four hours. MJ might well bemoan what she and Paul had done, but she would never regret seeing the happiness and excitement on her mother’s face.

Once the appetizers were done, they’d all sat down to the main meal: yogurt with honey and almonds, Greek salad, fresh rolls, and a choice of stuffed leg of lamb and chicken or vegetarian souvlaki. Along with the main course came rice, Greek potatoes and roasted vegetables. Dessert was a selection of Greek pastries including loukoumades, the Greek donuts she loved, baklava, and traditional wedding cake which they’d cut before the camera crew had departed.

There’d been a different wine served with each course and champagne for toasting. She’d tried to keep track of the number of glasses of fine wine she consumed, but that was hard to do since the glass never emptied. She’d take a sip or two and one of the servers would refill it right away.

Of course, each toast had been accompanied by toe-curling kisses, shorter than the one they’d exchanged after the ceremony but moving and exciting. She’d given up believing this was all a sham. There was no way Paul could kiss her like that, hold her the way he did now, without feeling something more than friendship for her.

The music stopped. Paul released her and stepped back. She missed the feel of his body against hers.

“The shows over, Mrs. Davis. Time to bid the last of our guests goodnight.”

His voice was smooth with a hint of sadness in it, his eyes mere slits testifying to the fact he’d lost track of the amount of champagne he’d had as well. Mama and Louis had left about an hour ago, since they would be heading back to Martinique at first light, and from there to New York.

“I don’t expect we’ll be seeing you two before noon,” Lindsay said, coming to stand next to them, Noel just a step behind her. “I know I intend to sleep in at least until ten.” She yawned. “It was an absolutely wonderful wedding and as my gift, I’ll make an album for you from all of the photographs I’ve taken.”

MJ reached over to hug her friend. “I know I’ll love it. Thank you.”

Lindsay smiled. “I know you two have a few wrinkles to iron out, but my gut tells me things will work out just the way they should. You’ve got chemistry, and well, when you look at one another, it’s magical.” She shook her head. “What time are we meeting with Antoine Leroux, the treasure hunter?”

“Two-thirty or three,” Paul answered, looking a little uncomfortable with Lindsay’s comments.

“Since there’s a boat expected in at noon, the staff needs to get them registered and sorted before the man gives the general information. We’ll sit down with him after that.”

MJ swallowed, suddenly feeling as sober as a judge. She might want to forget about Mark and Melena, but they would be arriving on that boat. God alone knew how long it would be before he saw her and all hell would break loose.

She shivered.

“Cold?” Paul asked, putting his arm around her.

“No, just really tired. I want to get to bed.”

Noel laughed. “Of course you do. It’s your wedding night. Come on, Lindsay, let’s leave the lovebirds to their thing.”

Lindsay chuckled. “We’ll see you tomorrow.”

MJ felt her cheeks heat. Would Paul want a wedding night now that they were legally married?

“Shall we?” Paul asked, breaking into her thoughts.

“Shall we what?”

“Go,” he laughed. “The room’s empty. The staff need to clean up.”

Feeling her cheeks heat even more, MJ smiled. “Of course.”

Paul frowned and turned to her. “MJ, you aren’t afraid to be alone with me, are you? I know things tonight haven’t been what either of us expected, but I did promise to keep my distance. I will behave myself, so if you’re worried about me trying to claim conjugal rights, relax. We’re just two friends on an adventure. Now, let me scoop you up and get you to bed.”

MJ nodded, knowing she should be happy he was going to keep his word, but heart-sore and disappointed nonetheless.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this week’s post. Don’t forget to check out all the other on  Tuesday Tales.

Have a wonderful, romantic, and loving Valentine’s Day.


6 thoughts on “Tuesday Tales: From the Word LOVE

  1. Beautiful scene. How wonderful they are drifting across the dance floor. I love all of it, including how she’s coming over to the realization that she wants it to be real. Her mama and all the delicacies are great additions.

  2. It is a beautiful scene but I’m disappointed right along with MJ?? Why isn’t he seducing her? Why isn’t she telling him, hey, it’s okay –let’s forget that stuff and claim conjugal rights?? Geez, the waiting is killing me! Love this couple and the way they come together.

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