Midweek Tease:Romance in New England and The White Carnation

Good day. Welcome to this week’s Midweek tease.Thanks again to Angelica Dawson for keeping this blog hop going week after week. There are extremely varied and talented novelists who participate each week, so when you finish reading my post, hop over to check out theirs. Some of them are a little racy, but all are well-written.

Today, I bring you a tease from the latest bundle put out by Simon and Schuster and the Crimson Romance e-book imprint, Romance in New England. My book in the bundle is The White Carnation, book 1 of the Harvester Saga. My book is a romance suspense novel.


Love blooms along the picturesque New England coastline in these seven romantic tales. From small-town sweetness to fast-paced action, this value-priced digital bundle offers swoon-worthy seductions for every reader.

Always My Hero: Ryan Pettridge left Scallop Shores, Maine, a hometown hero with a full scholarship to UCLA and an NFL destiny. But a freak accident stole his dreams, and the all-star athlete returned home to take over the family hardware store. When he comes face to face with his former flame, Bree Adams, it’s clear they still can’t resist each other. But will their difficult past be too much to overcome, or can Bree prove to Ryan once and for all that he has always been a hero in her eyes?

One Day’s Loving: Mae Alden likes her quiet life—she’s certainly not cut out to defy convention like her sisters. But everything changes when Boston attorney James Collins reads her father’s will and Mae must choose between who she is and the marriage everyone expects. Could James himself offer the answer to both?

The White Carnation: The last person disgraced Boston Examiner reporter Faye Lewis wants back in her life is Detective Rob Halliday, the man she blames for ruining her career and breaking her heart. But when an old friend is murdered, he’s assigned the case. Can they set their troubled past aside and work together, or will the Harvester serial killer and his cult followers reap another prize?

The Way You Love Me: When self-confident surgeon Melanie Sweet volunteers her skills in war-torn Kazakhstan, ex-Navy SEAL and security expert Jake McCabe is secretly assigned to protect her. Their attraction is intense as they team up to rescue an orphaned child and escape back to Boston. But Melanie has her own past that’s about to threaten their relationship, too. Will secrets and lies prove stronger than their chance at love?

Love Is in the Air: When Royal Canadian Mounted Police Sergeant Jim Cromwell and airline pilot Captain Sophie Berg are hurt in a drive-by shooting, their bond is palpable, even though he suspects she’s the head of the Maine drug smuggling ring he’s sworn to bring down. Then she’s kidnapped, and Jim must decide whether to believe his head or his heart.

The Bride’s Curse: In Bar Harbor, Maine, three brides in a row return a gorgeous vintage wedding dress to Kelly Andrews’s Wedding Bliss store, claiming it’s cursed. Kelly thinks it’s nonsense, but these returns are bad for business, so she’d better get to the bottom of the problem. Researching the gown, she meets Brett Atwell, the handsome nephew of the dress’s original owner, and a mischievous spirit sends the two of them on a goose chase for a groom who went missing decades ago. Will love get its due at long last?

The Rebel’s Own: In high school, a cruel prank left shy Kennedy Bailey pregnant and alone. Now grown-up and gorgeous, she won’t let anything stop her from saving her five-year-old son’s life when he’s diagnosed with leukemia. Even if it means confronting his father, Boston Rebels quarterback Ryan Carville, who just wants a second chance to show he’s a man worth loving.

Sensuality Level: Sensual

 This week’s tease:

“Tom,” Rob yelled across the bullpen as he ended the call. “Forget supper and grab a candy bar. Let’s go. We’ve got a possible homicide in Beacon Hill.”

He lifted the phone handset on his desk and pushed two buttons. “It’s Halliday, badge number two three seven six. I need a bus at seventeen thirty-seven Marlborough. Send a black and white and a forensic team as well. The crime scene’s on the third floor. There’s a witness there, Faye Lewis. She found the body.” He hung up.

He grabbed his Sig Sauer from the bottom drawer, placed it in his shoulder holster, and picked up his trench coat from the back of his chair. “Faye. Christ, how much worse can this week get? Thank God it’s Friday.”

“I heard that.” Tom Adams approached the desk, dragging on his coat. “How long’s it been?”

“Since I’ve seen her? Fourteen months, three weeks, and six days—but who’s counting?”

He glared at his partner, daring him to comment, but the man was smart enough to keep his mouth shut. Rob tossed him the keys. “You drive.”

“You must be rattled,” Tom said, pressing the button for the garage on the elevator panel. “The last time you let me drive, you had the flu and couldn’t keep your eyes open. So what gives? I find it hard to believe the prospect of seeing the lovely Ms. Lewis is the only thing to blame.”

“It’s Pierce and the Harvester. I don’t get it. The three of us have been working our asses off on that case for over a year now, and we’ve gotten nowhere. Pierce thinks maybe the Harvester moved on or found a better method of disposal—hell of a thing if he has. While you were in court today, I’ve been staring at those pictures again, and there’s something about them—something that’s important, but I just can’t see it. It’s as if my brain refuses to cooperate.”

“If the Harvester’s moved on, he’ll be Pierce’s problem and not necessarily ours. We’ve got a backlog of cases to investigate. The Harvester isn’t the only sick son of a bitch in Boston. We did our job just fine before Pierce came along. I don’t like him. You can’t trust a man who doesn’t know how to iron a shirt,” Tom stated blandly as the elevator doors opened.

Rob laughed at his partner and punched his arm. “That maxim probably includes us, tough guy. Fiona irons yours, and I have mine laundered. I’ll admit the guy’s strange and won’t make the cover of GQ, but he gets the job done.”

“I know. I don’t have to like him, I just have to work with him, but there’s something about him that rubs me the wrong way. He’s a cocky bastard. So who are we going to see?”

“Lucy Green. She was Faye’s friend’s mother. The woman was as nice as they come. I met her at our engagement party. She lived in one of the brownstones on Marlborough—not high society, but close. This is the last thing I need on my plate.”

“Like my father used to say, you’re in it up to your eyeballs, and then someone dumps another load of shit on you.”

“Do all of your dad’s sayings revolve around crap?”

“Probably.” Tom chuckled. “My old man worked on Boston’s sewage system. What do you expect?”

Rob shook his head. The blaring siren did nothing to stop his mind from going into overdrive. The last time he’d seen Faye, they’d had a hell of an argument, and she’d thrown her diamond ring in his face. He fingered the small scar on his chin where the stone had cut him.

Want to read more? You can get The White Carnation and the other six novels in this series for less than a US dollar.

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