Midweek Tease: A Little Bit of Christmas Cheer from Come Home For Christmas

MWTease15Hello again. Well, we’re officially 11 days from Christmas and I’m almost ready! The biggest part of the gifts are wrapped and I’m waiting on deliveries from the online world to finish up. Let’s just hope they get here on time!

Welcome to this week’s edition of the Midweek Tease brought to you by the lovely and talented Angelica Dawson. Here, each week a group of talented authors share a snippet of their work with you. Many write far steamier books than I do, and that’s the wonder of this blog. There’s something for everyone.

This week, I thought I’d share a scene from Come Home For Christmas. The event is based on something that really happened to me!

come-home-for-christmas“What kind of pizza do you like? I like Hawaiian.”

The quick change of topic had Krista’s brain scrambling to catch up.

“I do, too,” although in reality the idea of pineapple swimming in grease and cheese made her queasy.


After placing two large frozen Hawaiian pizzas in the basket, Leah led her around to the meat aisle.

The overhead sign clearly proclaimed the location of the turkey. Krista rolled her eyes.

Why do they always place them in deep freezers?

Hopefully, she’d be able to get one close to the top. Krista looked into the bin and realized it was almost empty. There were only three turkeys left, each one about the same size as the child beside her, reminding her of a scene from A Christmas Carol. Oh well, Ethan would have left over turkey until Easter.

“Get a big one,” Leah said. “Everybody comes to dinner on Christmas.”

Of course they do.

Some things, like Mama’s crèche and fudge, didn’t change. Seven Oaks had always been the holiday hub. Mom had hosted the parties, and she’d been gone before the next Christmas. Had Krista stayed at Seven Oaks, she’d have been the official holiday hostess. Now, would she get the job by default?

Who says God doesn’t have a strange sense of humor?

Bending into the freezer, Krista reached for the icy cold but not frozen bird in the bottom. Stretching a little harder, up on her tip toes, she still couldn’t reach it. Leveraging herself on the edge of the chest, she managed to get her hands around the bird, and then it happened. The heaviness of the bird shifted her weight, and she was stuck half-in, half-out of the freezer, ass in the air.

Lord, kill me now.

Letting go of the bird, she tried to push herself off the lip of the freezer, but the button on her coat seemed to be caught on something.

This is just frigging wonderful.

“Leah, go get your daddy. I’m stuck.” She groaned, bent her knees, and kicked frantically, trying to get some momentum to pull herself up.

“Daddy, come quickly,” Leah yelled at the top of her voice, making sure everyone in the store, and anyone walking by outside, could hear her. “Krista fell into the freezer.”

The sound of several pairs of running feet added to her mortification.

“Need a lift?” Ethan asked.

She grabbed the bird just as he put his arms around her waist, pulling her upright, turkey and all.

“Thank you,” she said with all the dignity she could muster, praying no one had used a cellphone to take a picture of the crazy lady head first in the turkey freezer. Of course, it was her face not her ass that was famous, so she might get away with it.

Hope you had a good laugh!

Want to read more about Krista’s adventures?

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