Midweek Tease: Paranormal Adventures

MWTease15Good morning, welcome to this week’s Midweek Tease, a place where I share my writing with a number of gifted authors. The blog hop is administered by the lovely Angelica  Dawson. If you are into erotic vampires, she’s your go-to author.

Since it’s October, I thought I would focus my teases for the rest of this month on the paranormal moments in my novel Echoes of the Past. 

Here’s today’s tease:

echoesebookfinalNaked, she lies on her back inside the green, leafy grotto, which meshes seamlessly into the landscape. It’s late morning, and after last night’s storm, everything smells clean and fresh. She stares up at the man she loves, but darkness and his long, honey-brown hair shadow his face. Her body hums in anticipation of his touch. Her nipples harden. His large, calloused hands caress her, and where they touch, her flesh burns with desire.

He runs the fingers of one hand through her unbraided hair. His lips capture hers in a searing kiss, branding her his. She reaches up to him. She opens her mouth, and a deep moan escapes her as his lips meet hers.

The scene changes. He runs along the edge of the forest across the lake. Run, my love, she screams silently as all around her the women urge their men to hurry, pointing at him, screaming instructions. He stops, and once she knows he’s seen her, she turns away. They’ll catch him, and she can’t bear to watch him be killed. She pulls her marriage blanket tightly around her shoulders. Everyone thinks she’s made it for another. Sobbing, she hurries away from the beach…


Michelle Thomas awoke in tears as she had so many nights since arriving in Thunder Bay. Bathed in sweat, she shivered with need and a bone-deep cold invaded her body. The strange birthmark on her right ankle throbbed as it often did after the dreams. The nightmares, usually terrifying, realistic visions of her watery death, exhausted her. Recently, the dreams which had plagued her most of her life had changed, and these new ones in which she was both participant and witness, frustrated and grieved her. She preferred those old night terrors to these out of body erotic fantasies with a man whose face she never saw, but loved with every ounce of her being. Tonight, the thought of his capture and death made the pain of loss worse than ever. How could she go on like this?

Her wild weeping slowed to sobbing. She got out of bed and padded into the motel room’s washroom. She turned on the light and gasped at the mirror’s reflection. The face of a woman who closely resembled her—the Mohawk woman in braids she’d been seeing off and on for weeks now—glared accusingly at her.

“What do you want from me?” she yelled at the face in the mirror, her anguish clear in her tear-filled voice.

“You’re dead. He’s dead. I don’t have any answers for you. Go away. Leave me in peace.”

Echoes of the Past is available from any Amazon retailer for less than a USD this month.

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#MidWeekTease October 19, 2016

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