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Day Three October Frights Blog Hop

There are two blogs this morning. If you’re looking for the Midweek tease. it’s the one after this one. 


Good morning. Welcome back. We’ve reached the midway point of our blog week and today, I’d like to talk about angels. We all have our own set of beliefs surrounding these heavenly beings. At one time, I never missed an episode of Highway to Heaven or Touched by an Angel. And then, of course there were movies featuring angels including Michael, and Heaven Can Wait.


I had a poster identical to this one on the wall in my bedroom when I was a child.

Today’s fixation with angels seems more heavily geared towards demons as can be seen in the popularity of such television shows as Lucifer and Supernatural.  I’d like to believe good triumphs over evil, but I know that isn’t always the case.


I’m dabbling with writing a novel involving both angels and demons. I haven’t got much done on it, but here’s a scene you might enjoy.

Steve maneuvered the car onto the side of the road across from the garage where the body had been found. He opened the car door and stood, surveying the area, sensing the air for signs of supernatural activity. As a hybrid, part human, part fay, he knew that the demons Max had spoken of and Cassidy refused to believe in were all too real and deadly. He had his own ideas about this latest case, and if he were correct, this could explain a lot of what had been happening in the area. It also meant that he had a vigilante to worry about since he was supposed to be the only demon killer in the region. Sensing nothing unusual, he turned to his junior partner who had made her way out of the car and was waiting for him.

Cassidy stood staring at the garage, and asked, “Okay, here we are. It’s pretty deserted. What do you think we’ll find?”

Fighting the need to take her in his arms, Steve walked up to her and smiled. She was so damn beautiful that she took his breath away. Her shoulder length flame-red hair was a mass of curls and gave her that tousled look he found so sexy. Her clear green eyes reminded him of the lakes of his home world. She had fair skin, the kind of skin that burned in the shade on a summer’s day, and her nose was sprinkled with freckles. She had a full, generous mouth, perfect for kissing when it wasn’t making some smart-aleck remark or arguing with him. At 19, her body was honed to perfection, and he very much wanted to feel it pressed against his.

“Earth to Williams; hello?”

“Sorry, the M.E. mentioned dirt, so I thought we might look for a grave; if the guy’s supposed to have been dead for a year, he had to be buried somewhere.”

“A grave, eh? Makes sense,” she said. “That is of course if you buy the load the Doc was shoveling. I’ll agree that he certainly looked dead – long dead. Where do you want to start looking? The forensic team would have done an outside sweep of the building and didn’t notice anything, no holes or pits; they’d have reported those. How about we start out back? Maybe over on the other side of that cattle fence?  You know, you haven’t said anything about Dr. Landry’s so-called theory. What are you thinking?”

They walked across the road and moved around the garage to the yard where cars and car parts littered the ground. It had probably been a thriving business before the construction of the interstate; now, it was a decaying reminder that nothing lasts forever. Cassidy walked in front of him, looking for signs that the earth had been disturbed.

Steve was about to answer her question when he sensed it; there was something evil nearby, not a demon or vampire, but a revenant, a zombie-like creature similar to the one lying in the morgue. Before he could shout a warning, the creature emerged from the earth just ahead of Cassidy and lunged. She screamed at the sight of a fetid living corpse reaching out for her and veered out of its path.

Suddenly, a silver sword flashed in Steve’s hand. In one swift move, he jumped in front of Cassidy, close to the attacker. This was a young one, newly made, disoriented and hungry. As could his kind, he’d slithered up through the rocky soil at the possibility of food. In one swift blow Steve severed the assailant’s head from its body and the rest of the cadaver dropped to the ground mere inches from Cassidy’s feet, blood gushing from the artery and pooling around the body.

Where Cassidy had been frozen on the spot, she started to shake, unable to stop the tremors that were so strong they threatened to tear her apart. Ignoring the monster at her feet, Steve pulled her farther away from it and engulfed her in his arms. Terrified that he could have lost her so easily, he held her tight, the fear he had felt when he had seen the revenant attack her momentarily driving any thought of care and caution from his mind. The only thing that drove him now was need – need for her. He bent his head and captured her trembling lips in a hungry kiss.

The heat of Cassidy’s mouth on his pushed him over the edge. Her instant response fueled his desire. The need to feel alive, to make her forget the horror that she had just seen, urged him to deepen the kiss with all of the need and longing he had tried to suppress. She opened her mouth, and he accepted her invitation to plunder its depths; a dual of tongues ignited a need that scorched them both from the inside out.

Steve pulled away while he could still form a logical thought. This was not the place for this behind a ratty old garage next to the putrefying corpse of a creature that was the worst of the supernatural beings. He rested his forehead against hers, his breath coming in pants, his heart beating so fast he thought it might leap out of his chest.

“Sweetheart, much as I would love to continue this, it isn’t the time or the place. Let’s get you back to the car while I take care of the mess.” He looked down at the corpse that seemed to be aging and rotting right before their eyes. “I’ll get you home; we need to talk.”

I’m not sure exactly where I’ll go with this, but…

Now, as on previous days, highlight the link to visit the other bloggers.

See you tomorrow.




Finally retired after more than 30 years as a teacher! Now, I get to spend my time gardening, enjoying my grandchildren, and writing. I finally completed the number one item in my bucket list and Crimson Romance published my first novel, Fire Angel, in April 2013. Since then I have published 24 manuscripts to date and don't plan to quit writing for a long time yet.

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  1. Angels are one of my favourite tropes. The next book in Meadowsweet is called Angelicus and it’s really fascinating researching all the myths, legends and theology surrounding them – a great post, thanks for sharing. Have a great Blog Hop Day 3.

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