Tuesday Tales: Picture Prompt

badge-for-tt-very-small-1Hello everyone. Thanks for joining me for another Tuesday Tales. Each week a group of talented authors share a snippet from their current work with you. Once a month, we limit our offerings to 300 words based on a picture, It’s autumn here now–the temperature as I type is 36 degrees Fahrenheit. BRRR! I miss the summer heat, but I can console myself with my current wip set where it’s still hot and toasty.

This week, we are using picture prompts. I’ve selected this one and pick up Wedding Bell Blues where I left off last week. Here’s the prompt:



“But we can’t.” MJ dropped back onto the bed. “We don’t have residency…” She fought to remember what Paul had told her about French matrimonial laws.

“We can, but it won’t be legally binding, but it’ll seem that way to the audience,” he admitted, shrugging his shoulders and sitting beside her.

Before he could touch her, she jumped up, panic sending her flying into the bathroom, where she lost whatever she’d consumed last night. Feeling more wretched than ever, she rested her head against the toilet seat.

“I can see the thought of marrying me doesn’t thrill you,” he said, his voice filled with sorrow. “If you think about it, it doesn’t change anything. We’ll sign the paper this morning, go through with the farce tonight, and then get on with our original plans.”

“But Mama…”

“That won’t change either,” he continued. “I’ll go through with the Thanksgiving wedding. I know it’s not quite the way we planned, but we can make it work. Look at the bright side. It’ll solve any problems with the diocese. Now, wash your face while I get you something to settle your stomach.” He helped her stand. “If you really want out of this, say the word. I’ll get you to Saint Pierre and wait until you can get a flight home.”

MJ nodded and watched Paul leave the room. She washed her face, brushed her teeth,but instead of her image in the mirror, she saw Paul’s dejected face.

If getting even with Mark meant this much to him, then she should see it through. Her heart told her to stay while her head begged her to make a run for it. The only thing waiting for her when this was over was more heartache.

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